Movie Buffs Share Plot Holes That Can't Be Ignored

Some might be classics, but they are also classically flawed.

We all love a good story told on screen, but some films leave us screaming for answers. When savvy and eagle-eyed audiences spot an inaccuracy or a solution that can be solved simply, it ruins the illusion these films strive to create. How many of these did you spot in these plots?

One Reddit user asked: What movie has a plot hole that cant be ignored?

What's up Doc?


In his chalkboard diagram Doc says that he and Marty can't go forward in time from the alternate 1985 to get the Almanac because they would just end up in an alternate 2015, but if that's the case then how did Biff bring back the DeLorean to them in the first place after altering history himself in 1955?


This Did Not Boldly Go Over Well


In Star Trek: Generations. Picard goes into The Nexus, which allows him to leave at any point in space and time. Why not go back five days instead of five minutes? He could warn his brother and nephew about the fire, play along for the next few days, and look like a genius when he uncovers Dr. Soren's plot. Kirk doesn't need to be involved.

Before someone mentions shagging with the timeline, the star exploding already happened, all those people already died, or otherwise Picard wouldn't reach The Nexus. To save everyone, he has to make a new timeline where no one dies. If that's the case, what's two more people?


A Beast Of An Issue


How old is the Beast when he was cursed and where are his parents?

In a nutshell, the bratty prince answers the door and the witch curses him because he was totally rude to her. They explicitly say that when the prince turns 21 years old, the curse cannot be unbroken. HOWEVER, in the song "Be Our Guest," Lumiere establishes that they have been cursed for 10 years ("10 years we've been rusting / Needing so much more than dusting / Needing exercise, a chance to use our skin").

Ergo, the bratty prince in the prologue is no more than 11 years old when he was cursed!

The parents are obviously not included in the story. Where are his parents? Why did a witch bother cursing an 11-year-old when pre-teens are naturally selfish and sassy and often grow out of it when they get older? That witch needs some thicker skin if she's going to go around cursing pre-teens (who are probably orphaned?) for mouthing off or a lot of kids are going to get cursed.


A Monster Discrepancy


In Monsters Inc when Mike tells Sully "You've been jealous of my good looks since the 4th grade" but they met in college.


Shhh...Ignore The Sound Of Rationality.


The amount of electricity available in A Quiet Place.

They would need some serious generators to keep their security cameras, iPods, radio, safety lights running every day/night and generators make a lot of noise.

Also, just live by the waterfall.


This Drove Me Crazy


Silence of the Lambs.

Lector is so dangerous they have to put him in a fortified gym surrounded by the military (ironically with their guns facing out). But to watch over him day-to-day INSIDE the gym they assign two doddering geriatric security guards who he easily overpowers and kills to make his escape.


Last Jedi Got On My Last Nerve


Last Jedi. Why the light speed kamikaze lady couldn't just have told the rest of the rebels the plan is beyond common sense.


A Harry Plotter Hole


James and Lily Potter could have been their own Secret Keepers as Bill and Arthur Weasley showed us in the deathly hallows. There was no need whatsoever for Peter Pettigrew, Voldemort would have never found Harry Potter.


A World Of Plot Holes


Waterworld... Paper is the most valuable resource next to dirt. People smoking cigarettes through the entire movie.


'Die Hard' Friends


In the show Friends. Chandler and Joey love the movie Die Hard, and then Rachel starts dating Bruce Willis and they say nothing.