People Who Moved Out Of Their Parents' Home Before Turning 30 Share Their Experiences
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After having grown up inside the protective environment that was your childhood home, the inevitable time to leave and carve out your own path without a safety net can be terrifying.

Emotions can vary–with some people itching to leave their trappings while others terrified of adulting in the real world.

Curious to hear experiences from strangers online, Redditor WallStreetDoesntBet asked:

"People who moved out of the parent’s house before 30, how?"

Most people can't afford to live on their own.

Roommate Is Key

"yeah this exactly. I've never lived by myself, was roommates until I got a serious girlfriend and now fiance. There's exactly 0% chance of me being in the same position I'm in financially if I had been paying full rent all those years."

– lick_me_where_I_fart

Not A Care In The World

"I was 17, we had 4 of us in a ghetto 2bd apt (bunkbeds) we had a beer bong on a lanyard screwed to the ceiling. We'd have keggers, party's every weekend and always had randoms crashing on the floor. Could barely afford to feed myself and pay bills but still not a worry in the world and it was the best time of my life."

– ApprehensiveAd6006

One inconvenience shared by many was the sacrifice of a good, home-cooked meal.

Change Of Scenery

"Just needed a little R&R."

"Roommates and Ramen."

– SudoPuff

The "Wild" Years

"This, lol. I was kicked out at 16 and after couch-surfing for a few months I moved into a studio apartment with 4 other people."

"When I say we were poor, I mean poor - most of us didn’t have jobs. I lived off the worst of the worst food. Knockoff ramen. Dollar store canned veg. Rice and terrible year old pasta."

"It was a wild few years."

– Vetiversailles

Rice For Life

"Or rice. I lived off rice for a full year. Fancied it up by adding some salsa, and then extra fancy by also adding ranch dressing."

"Those were hard times."

– Ok_Opinion_

Having work definitely makes things easier.

Saving Up To Leave

"Started working while I was in school. Got out as soon as I could."

– ReallyIdleBones

Not Much Fanfare

"Yep, moved out for college in 2006. Came back for the summer in 2007, but thereafter I got an internship so I just stayed in the city. Got a job at the same place after I graduated."

"It was never some big moment for me (my parents are fine, just annoying), just a natural progression for me."

– Zerole00

Building A Life

"At 18. Worked in construction. Lived on a couch with 6 buddies in one house paying for college. Bought cheap land during the recession. Then built my own house."

– ReubenZWeiner

Not moving out by choice seemed to be a common shared experience.

High Turnover Rate

"Got kicked out at 14. Finished high school sleeping on friends couches while serving tables. Had a ton of roommates for the next 10 years. At any given time I was living with like 3 or 4 people, it was never boring haha"

– herriotact

Different Parenting

"I am hearing that so many people are actually kicked out in the really young age is well."

"But i am not getting that why parents are so tough because in my country they try to keep them under their wings."

– wowoao

Tough Love

"My friends parents were going to kick him out immediately after he graduated high school simply because 'That's what their parents did when they were his age.' His Dad fully expected him to go out at 18 and buy a house because 'he was able to.'"

"Then his Dad got pissed when my friend did not buy a house and went to live with his uncle instead. Even after his uncle broke down the whole 'Your mortgage is $2200/month with taxes and you expect your son, who works part time at $7.25 an hour to afford a mortgage? With no credit history?'"

"Some parents do it out of tough love. Some parents do it because they shouldn't have had children. Some parents still think the world is the same as it was in the 70s-80s and think minimum wage part time employees can thrive."

– bangersnmash13

Placed Expectations

"My parents didn't kick me out, but there was definitely an expectation for me to be moved out and financially independent at 18. My mother walked into a job as a radio DJ at the age of 18 and then became a journalist with only a high school education a few years later (early 1970s), so she had this expectation that I could do the same. The thought of me being able to do anything like that in the 2000s was laughable."

– pie12345678

I moved out of my parents' house because I booked my first professional gig on a cruise ship.

It couldn't have worked out better. I was paid to perform on board in the shows while my rent was already taken care of since I lived and worked on the ship.

I packed one suitcase and traveled the world doing what I loved for about two years. It was the best way to transition into an exciting new chapter in my adolescent life.

What's your moving out story?

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