The Most Unrealistic Things That Happen In Movies According To Cinephiles

In real life, it’s basically impossible to get shot at 50 times and not get hit at least once. However, in movies, it happens all the time.

In real life, powerful criminals who are posing as good guys and have things to hide don’t use their pet’s name as their computer password. Again, in movies, it happens all the time.

Movies are great. They are a wonderful source of entertainment and a great way to bring talented people into the limelight. Watching a movie is a perfect activity for a date, a sleepover, or even a rainy day. However, movies are highly unrealistic.

I’m not just talking about fantasy movies, either. For example, Superman is invulnerable, so he gets a pass when he gets thrown into a building and gets right back up again. But how is it possible that the average Joe gets shot in the leg and just keeps moving? It’s not just unbelievable, but irritating too!

Redditors agree with this sentiment, as they were all too happy to share what they think are the most unrealistic -- and therefore annoying -- things that happen in movies.

The ball got rolling when a Redditor asked:

“What Unrealistic Things In Movies Annoys The Hell Out Of You?”


"Car door? Bulletproof. Dude's sword? Bulletproof. Every part of the body that isn't skin and muscle? You guessed it."

– obscureferences

No Need To Be A Hacktivist

""We gotta crack this password.""



""I'm in!""

– xilog

"This is the worst. And they always guess it after seeing a picture of a pet or something near the desk."

– PilkyOhOne

"Did you try "guest"?"

– joeysober




– Tudpool

I'm Okay!

"When the main character of an action movie can just crash a motorcycle or a car and be more or less fine to keep going."

"I’ve been in a moderate car crash and I’ve crashed off a longboard at around 45mph. The longboard crash nearly killed me and the car crash had me confused and hurting real bad."

"I know that not every crash or accident is the same and everyone gets hurt differently to an extent and adrenaline is one hell of a drug but damn, action movie protagonists are indestructible and sometimes it’s just really dumb to me"

– like5or6

Respect The Map

"Map stabbers. You know how in a fantasy or historical movie all the generals and lieutenants are in a tent hunched over a table looking at a map and making plans? Then some character makes a dramatic speech and punctuates it by stabbing his knife into the map. Like dude, that's a hand drawn map. Paper is rare in this world and that thing is expensive. Some monk who took a vow of celibacy spent months making that and you go and stab it just to make a dramatic point? D*ck move."

– alanmooresbarber

"I'd hesitate to use pins on a real map because of the damage, let alone a weapon designed to make a big hole."

– obscureferences

One Extreme Or The Other

"Action movies: car gets shot 100 time and still runs Horror movie: runs over a pebble and breaks down"

"No in-between"

– crockredit

An Accident Waiting To Happen

"In a car when the driver is looking at the passenger for way too long and there’s no consequence for not looking at the road."

– 5hrs4hrs3hrs2hrs1mor

"I always sit there screaming, "KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!!! LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING!""

– cheesy-hot-rice

A Long Stretch Of Silence

"People holding their conversation until the next scene. As if they just stay silent all the way up to wherever they are going to be next"

– TassDingo

""There's only one person who can help us...""

"*Flies from LA to Paris *"

""...Pierre Delacourt, master thief.""

""Holy fu**k dude, I've been waiting for 24 hours for this. Your silence made the flight really awkward.""

– _Steven_Seagal_

Unrealistic Engines

"Do horror movies still use the trope of the killer chasing the victim and the victim rushing into their car, only having to crank the engine 10 times before it starts? It is the 21st century, the car looks relatively new and in otherwise good shape."

– Rainbear508

"Its even that they have time to crank the car 10 times when the killer is maybe 2 meters behind them. Slowmo only exists for the killer"

– CinematicGalaxy

The Jargon

"Every person working in a remotely technical job (IT, scientists, etc) speaks in ridiculous long-winded techno-babble instead of plain English."

– MisterMarcus

"Also every person working in science knows literally everything about every field of science - from anthropology to quantum physics."

– Berserker-Hamster

Bit Of A Time Waster

"There's always time for kisses and farewell speeches."

– wai2kit

That last one is especially annoying if one of them dies. If they hadn’t taken the time to do the farewell speech and kiss each other, they might’ve had the time to, I don’t know, ensure both their survival?

But I digress. Maybe it’s better to just enjoy the fantastical.

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