People Describe The Most Unnerving Thing To Ever Happen To Them


You could be enjoying a perfectly normal and quiet night at home until a strange sound startles you out of your comfort. You could be walking down the street and minding your business only to have a chance encounter with someone who chills you to the bone. You could feel perfectly fine... until you realize you're being followed.

After Redditor Jackcrossems asked the online community, "What is the most creepy/unnerving experience that's ever happened to you?" people shared their stories. We recommend you keep the lights on while reading some of these.

Warning: Some sensitive material ahead.

"I'm schizophrenic..."

I'm schizophrenic and the thing that was most creepy and unnerving was when I was smoking a cigarette outside at night and the neighbors house started moving like it was breathing. Then I was suddenly enveloped with fear and couldn't find what was causing it but it seemed as if something was there.


"Waking up in the middle of the night..."

Waking up in the middle of the night to tornado sirens, then having the power go out before you can turn on the TV or computer to check the weather and see where it is. It was around 5AM and a tornado had ripped through my town and did tons of damage. Luckily nobody died.


"One time..."

One time when I was back from school in NY and staying at my mom's for the summer, I had taken the train home in broad daylight back to mama's place. I was right in front of my house on a busy street most days (but today there was no one in sight) when a dinky two-door sedan pulls up right next to me. He gets out and tells me to get in his car. He says he's new in town and wants a tour. I said that I'm just going home and had prior engagements. He repeats the same "get in my car" line. He wasn't taking no for an answer. I started backing away, he took a step forward. I then sprint full speed into my neighbors' yard who I never talk to, vault over their brick wall, and hop into their yard. I peek and wait for him to leave.

As soon as he goes I jump back over and run full speed into my house and my mom is sitting there knitting. I say nothing except "Can you help me pay for car insurance while I'm back in town for a while?" She says sure.

I couldn't stop thinking about how that guy generally knows where I live for like the entire summer. Luckily my mom let me use her car for a while so the amount I was outside between my mom's and the car was reduced.


"My mom has been into heroin..."

My mom has been into heroin most of my life, and when I was 6 I was put into state custody. In my state there is a soft restraining order put onto parents when their children are taken from them. She used to wait outside my school and when I would walk home she would follow me and try to talk to me from across the street through the neighborhood. I was always scared to talk to her because I thought she would get into trouble if I acknowledged her. She wanted me to get in her car and run to a different state with her. This went on for weeks. I was always scared and didn't know what to do. Still scarred to this day 20 years later.


"I was hiking..."

I was hiking in the PNW.

Got water from a stream when someone starts throwing rocks. Not really at me but over my head. A shot across the bow. I thought it was someone being a dick and yelled for them to stop.

Next thing I know a huge rock comes flying out at me, almost hitting me. Must've been at least 200 lbs. I tried to pick it up (I was going to throw it back) and couldn't even budge it, I had spent that summer hauling 75 lb bags of cement so I wasn't no weakling.

People always tell me it was an avalanche but no way. Came from flat ground and the trajectory was all wrong.

I hauled it out of there.


"The owner's son..."

When I was a teenager I worked as a cashier. The owner's son also worked there and always gave me a bad feeling. He was probably 40s and was the type who only worked there because he was the owner's son. One night before closing he let all the other employees leave and had me check out the last few customers. I realized that it was just me and him left and every part of me was screaming get out. I actually considered asking the last person I was checking out to stay with me, but figured that would be weird.

After they left this guy locks the door and asks me to take the cash drawer to the back room, which had blacked out windows meaning no one else would even know I was in there. At this point I was freaking out and get out was even louder in my head so I told him I was sorry, but I was late for a dinner party at my parents and they were expecting me. I grabbed my purse and got out of there as quickly as possible. I used to keep my purse in the back room until this other woman I worked with showed me how to hide it under the register. I'm thankful for her to this day and have always wondered what would've happened if my purse was back there. I quit soon after because I never felt comfortable working there again.


"He later admitted..."

I fell asleep on the sofa and my other half headed upstairs. I woke up to an eerie feeling, and I saw blurs of people (no shadows, nothing solid) around my head and felt really claustrophobic/struggled to breathe properly (I don't have a fear of small spaces). Asked my other half in the morning if he'd been down to check on me/go to the toilet in the night. Nope.

He later admitted to having felt the house have an odd feel at times. Neither of us believe in that sort of thing but there are times where we can't shake it.


"I was cutting shrubs..."

Unnerving? I was cutting shrubs and deadwood maybe 250 yards downhill from my house, in the woods. I had a hardhat with ear protectors on when I was stung on the back of my head. I made a big mistake and pulled the hardhat from my head and realized I was being swarmed by yellow jackets. I panicked and took off running uphill to my house. I got to the edge of the woods, tripped and fell down. I was still being stung so I got back up and began running again. Another fifty yards and fell down again. They were still there. Almost made it to the house and fell again. I'm 74 years old and was in full panic mode.

I made it into the entry, closed the door and waited. Nothing. Whew! Went into the house and two of the bastards were suddenly there. I ran into the bathroom and another appeared. I shut the door and ran upstairs to my bedroom. Two more god damned yellow jackets. I went to another room and finally was safe. except now i realized my chainsaw and hardhat were in the woods and so were my only eye glasses, worth $700 . Third try I found them with binoculars. I have never felt true panic in my life till then. Yes I was unnerved.


"I woke up terrified..."

My first ever sleep paralysis experience. I think I was about 13. I recall waking up, seeing my mum at the end of my bed, and I just said 'i'll be up soon'.

Laid back down, fell asleep, but didn't at the same time. I tried to move, but I couldn't. I heard a ringing in my ears. It kept getting louder, and louder, and louder, until a child that had empty eye sockets with blood flowing out of them appeared in my vision and the ringing turned to screaming. This was just a shape as I could only see the back of my eyelids.

I woke up pretty terrified nevertheless.


"When I was a kid..."

When I was a kid, I could hear WW2-style air raid sirens coming from somewhere near my house at random times on random days. I eventually got used to them, figured they were testing them or something. This was in the late 90's and I lived in London, UK. Have no idea why they would even still have those old sirens.


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