People Break Down The Most Unexplainable Thing That's Ever Happened To Them


I'm stunned. No words.

Sometimes there are no words that exist to fully explain the things we've witnessed with out own eyes. Life is a gambit of mystery and intrigue and all of the things we cannot define. Maybe there are somethings we're just not meant to define. Maybe sometimes, the mystery is the lesson, and inability to explain is the gift. Either way, these moments always make one heck of a tale for parties.

Redditor u/snarkasm_0228 wanted everyone to fess about the ways life has left them stunned by asking....

What is the most mysterious, unexplainable thing that's ever happened to you?

In the Dark.


One night, I went out on my porch in my rural neighborhood. I looked out towards the street and there was a black, black perfectly round object. The street was well lit, but this had no detail; it looked like a wastebasket on its side with the opening towards me, if that makes sense. Perfectly smooth and round and dark.

I went to get a flashlight and when I came back it was gone. I've seen raccoons before but never around there. Pandelerium11

"oh, that's crazy" 

I was in a grocery store, I was maybe 18/19. There was a woman who looked exactly like my great grandmother, but about 30 years younger. I was in awe, shamelessly staring trying to figure out if she's a true doppelgänger. Well, she eventually saw me staring and we both spent a quick minute in shock. She came up to me, and said I looked exactly like her daughter. I was too shy to say anything beyond "oh, that's crazy" before scuttling off. I made a strong mental note to myself to never forget that moment. WhailBiscotty

They were knocks.

Around the time I was 10 to 12 years old I used to hear knocks on my bedroom window every night at around 1 or 2am. It wasn't a "knocking sound." They were knocks. rhythmic, distinctive knocks. My bedroom is on the second floor. No way for anyone to access it. I used to wait around for them with the curtains open. Then with the glass windows open. They always came. Until they didn't! Can't remember when they stopped, but I remember noticing that I had stopped noticing them. Then, that night, I waited. Nothing. Oh well.

(edit) clarification: when I say every night for probably 2 or 3 years I mean every. night. no matter the weather, no matter if my AC was on or off, if I had the windows open, closed, if I was in bed or looking right at it. the knocks came. less than 5 more than 2 knocks always after midnight, but always before 3am. every. night. urcatsthirdeye



When I was a kid, both my parents worked so I'd stay at my grandparents' a lot. Both were smokers and later in life my nan had lung cancer so it wasn't uncommon to hear her cough even through closed doors at night.

A couple of months after she died, I was in bed trying to get to sleep when I heard what sounded like a single, faint cough coming from the direction of the room she used to sleep in. At the time I thought nothing of it. Then a couple of years later, it casually came up that my pop who had been sitting in his chair watching TV thought he'd heard the cough too. I asked him about it and we established we were probably talking about the same night.

To this day I don't know just what we heard. The house next door was unoccupied at the time and the block on the other side of the house had been vacant for 5 years, so it's not like we heard somebody else in a neighboring house. Plus my pop was one of those stubborn people who was practically deaf but refused to get hearing aids. My hearing being good enough to pick up somebody coughing far away I could understand but him also hearing it there's no chance. SquiffyRae

I drive home.

3am. Stoner days. Stopped at a stop sign at a T-intersection near my home.

When, enter stage left: a white rabbit hops casually into view from the perpendicular street and heads off into the night. Exit: stage right.

I'm confused. "Did I really just see that?"

A minute later: two security guards run up the road from the left. They stop in front of my car. Illuminated by the headlight, one gestures like "where?"

I just point to the right. They nod and continue their pursuit.

I drive home. MajorMajorMajorThom

The Mummy....

When I was 6, I slept in my parent's bed cause I couldn't sleep. I was laying in between my parents who were both asleep.

Suddenly the door opened, and in walked a mummy and a tree monster. (I know now that it's not real but it was hella scary) I was so scared that I just froze on spot and I couldn't say anything. The mummy came up towards my mom, and a little bit of toilet paper or something hit her neck a bit. Meanwhile the tree started laughing while staring at me, and took this little book thingy with a clock inside.

Then they both went outside the room again and closed the door.

I obviously was terrified and didn't sleep at all. And I still remember it like it was yesterday. My mom woke up and asked me if I had ticked her neck when she slept. And the book clock thingy was gone. We never found it again-

It all just felt so real like I was wide awake. And even tho I know it was probably just a nightmare, there is still a part of me that feels that it was real. yeontanxoxo

Poop Me. 

Not really unexplainable so I'm sorry for that, It was just a delusion under stress... but maybe interesting to some nonetheless.

Walked into my deceased grandmother's room first time after she passed, saw her siting on the edge of the bed, stood frozen in place, and then with a sudden lunge she came straight at me only to pass trough, I believed I felt her pass trough me, like a thump to the chest.

And that's about it. Nearly pooped myself. YourLovelyMother

Back Angel...


I was having a bothersome back spasm at a gallery event. Out of nowhere, a man I was being introduced to grabbed my head and pulled up. He explained that he was a chiropractor, and could tell I needed an adjustment. A few seconds later, he leaves, leaving me in stunned silence.

The pain disappeared. But who does that? A chiropractic guardian angel? silverlakekaren

You're It.... I'll run! 

When I was about 8-9, my mum took me and my sister to hang out at a friend's house. (The friend was my mum's age, and lived alone.) I was in the kitchen when my sister tagged me and ran away. Ran after her trying to catch and tag her, but she was very fast and kept escaping around corners before I could get her. Ran past the front window and saw her out there with my mum and the friend. Out of breath, I go out to tell her she'd won tag. Says she hadn't been inside, both adults confirmed she'd been out there the whole time. I apparently was playing tag with a ghost. zombrael

Constant Dial. 

​Five years ago the night before my fiancé passed away agree being in a coma for a week I received over 30 calls from a number I didn't recognize. When I would answer it there was only silence and all voice mails were just silence as well. Turns out some woman's phone just kept dialing my number all night while she slept. The last call was at 6am in the morning. He passed soon after that. DevilishTalise



My husband and I went to bed one night, on our normal every single night respective sides of the bed. For no reason, we both woke up at almost the exact same time in the middle of the night, and we were on each other's side of the bed. We have no recollection of switching sides, either of us getting up in the night or anything. Still a mystery to us what happened. gurdy-u

Confused to this day....

Me and a friend were at my house in the kitchen making mac and cheese. My stovetop was in the middle of my kitchen attached to bar seating, so as we were waiting for the water to boil, we were sitting at the bar chatting. Out of nowhere a marble drops from the ceiling between us, hits the counter and rolls onto the floor. There's nowhere this marble could have come from. The ceiling is white plaster, no crevices, or vents.

Still confuses me to this day. Where TF did a whole marble come from?? dawrina

Into the Dark. 

Long drive, in hour 8 of 9 or so, starting to get dark. Driving behind a guy, not too close but probably 70mph or so, get a super weird feeling all of a sudden and drift back a bit. Within 10 seconds guy hits a deer, it goes flying in the air, I drive between the deer in the air and other car, no damage to my car. Never felt something like that again. TXflybye



Slept on my buddies bedroom floor, he had a really high ceiling, like 15ft. Woke up with the fan light bulbs and fixtures completely smashed On the floor next to me. Neither my buddy, myself or his parents heard the crash. Kermitsfinger

Continent Hopping. 

Context: I have multiple nationalities and have family members living in Sydney, Hong Kong and Macau.

When I was a kid, I had a red toy car about the size of my palm. It mysteriously disappeared from my apartment in Hong Kong and I thought I lost it. A few months later, I went to Sydney and my grandparents said that I have left the red toy car with them.

However, I only got the toy car AFTER I left Sydney. Regardless, I took the toy car with me back to Hong Kong and a few weeks later it disappeared again. Guess what, the next time I was in Sydney, I found the toy car under the sofa. bustead

"leave. Get out of this room." 

I think I was maybe 8 or 9 at the time. I had suddenly shot awake at some point during the night and could hear a faint 'whisper'. I looked up and above my bed and my sisters bed (we shared a room at this time) were these plaster venetian masks that were gifted to us by an aunt from Venice.

Well mine was whispering. At first I couldn't understand what it was saying but I distinctly remember the only thing I did understand which was it telling me "leave. Get out of this room." Naturally I bolted to my parents room and told them I refused to sleep in my bedroom until that mask and my sisters one was gone.

I now have a fear of venetian masks permanently. MissInsidious

"glitch in the matrix"


I was on a megabus pre covid going from Philly to NYC. I was messing around on my phone zoned out and I heard people start gasping and chattering and gesturing out the window. There was a huge passenger plane, very low and pretty close to the bus, as we were passing by an airport but it was seemingly completely frozen in mid air. Birds were passing it and it was dead locked in the sky, like a balloon frozen in place.

It went from a silent bus to everyone being like "WHAT THE HECK, DO YOU SEE THAT?!" I'm assuming it had something to do with our angle or wind or something possibly but for the 45 seconds or so before we drove out of site it was the most "glitch in the matrix" thing I've ever witnessed. bendanger

The Glowers. 

When I was 5 or 6 I shared a room with my twin brother. The beds were parallel to each other yet his was closer to the door. Anyways one night I woke up in the middle of the night and looked around as one might do, I look on my brothers bed to see 2 glowing green figures sitting on his bed almost appearing to having a conversation i was paralyzed with fear. Then they looked right at me then realized I had no choice but to run to my parents room. I took a moment gained up the courage threw off my comforter and ran like the wind down the hall. trevorda92

So Familiar. 

I met someone for the first time, but the experience was one of instant recognition. We both agreed that there was an intense feeling of familiarity and comfort. We met at a restaurant, and even the waiter was visibly surprised by the weird energy between us. It just felt very distinctly that I had known this person longer- and perhaps more thoroughly- than literally anyone. Haven't experienced anything like it before or since. chimeglow

In the Moment.


When a grandmother passed away, I received a call at work with the news- before cellphones. I had just moved into the new building and new office. I hadn't shared the number with anyone-- I didn't even know it!

I get home that night and my kitchen clock stopped at the moment of her death. cliffy348801


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