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A boss can make or break a job.

Working a job with limited growth, hard hours, or a difficult clientele? A good boss can turn it all around and make showing up worthwhile. Likewise, it doesn't matter how much a job pays or what kind of benefits they might offer, if a boss is terrible at what they do then it can make every day feel like an eternal nightmare around the water cooler.

Worse still, is when a bad boss asks you to get in on their badness, forcing you to choose between the moral high-ground and a paycheck.

Kind of like what happened with these people.

Reddit user, SethmAR15, wanted to know what your employer tried to get away with when they asked:

"What’s the most unethical thing a boss has ever asked you to do?"

Sometimes it's small, but inexcusable. Nothing like a boss asking you to do more work than what's required of you, is there?

Always A Good Thing When The Boss Says, "Don't Ask Questions."

"I had a boss ask to me take a bunch of stock from the warehouse to his personal storage unit, and not to ask any questions …"


"You did it huh"


"Turns out he’s been taking ‘damaged’ goods and keeping them in a storage unit and selling them online. I let the owner of the company know (his head office happens to be at my branch) my boss didn’t last too much longer after that, I got a decent raise 6 months later… if he’d cut me in then maybe it would have been a different story."


In-Person Tutoring Is A Separate Charge

"First job after I graduated college, boss called me into his office and had me sit next to his daughter while she took an online exam, told me to make sure she passed it."

"She definitely wouldn’t have passed if I wasn’t in the room."


People's Lives Ruined

"I worked for the largest property management in San Francisco and frequently the Manager would ask us to shred checks that came to us so they could file for eviction on tenants. I quit immediately."


Sounds Like A Harassment Suit Waiting To Happen​

"Branch Manager (Banking) asked me to pose in a picture, showing a lot of cleavage, to use on his construction loan website for his builders. He wanted them to ‘see’ who they would be working with in a daily basis so he could get more business."


Murder shouldn't really be a thing involved on job applications, but someone probably should have told employers like these.

I Guess Murder Is Asking For A Lot

"My old boss at dollar tree would make me drive her to the bank in my car every night. And she would have me park like 10 feet back from the ATM while she walked up to it. She told me that if someone ever tried to run up on her while she was depositing the money I had to run them over. She said if they were too close to her to just hit her as well. She was incredibly adamant that I absolutely HAD to do this and very serious."


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Chemicals Or No Chemicals, You Keep Working

"Keep people at work when there was a chemical leak from the car painting shop next door, and people were getting sick."

"The boss wasn't on site (almost never was), I tried calling him and got no answer, and I was the most senior worker on site so I sent everyone home."

"When I was almost home (1h+ commute) he called me back. He had gotten my voicemail where I explained the situation and he was not happy. Apparently we should have waited it out or I should have arranged for everyone to work from home (not possible)."

"The guy was a d-ckhead but this one still makes me angry when I think about it."


Keep It Under 40 Hours

"Also at Dollar Tree, most of my cashiers were teenagers or dipsh-ts that never showed up for work so this older Korean woman kept getting called in to work the register. She was pretty much getting 40+ hours every week and open season for benefits was getting ready to start. My district manager called me and told me I had to convince her to not get any benefits or else. I told him that else better be him doing that sh-t himself because I'm not about to do his dirty work."


And then there's these stories. Bosses who make you wonder, "Is that what it takes to be in charge?" Because, wow, talk about flat out terrible people.

Lives Are Never Worth Profit

"Many, many years ago I was working as a part-time mechanic for a guy selling "restored cars". He called me in for an emergency brake repair on a TR-4. One of the rear wheel cylinders had failed and he needed it fixed ASAP. He had a buyer lined up with cash."

"Instead of having me hone and rebuild the cylinder properly (I had the tools and the kit to do so) he wanted me to cut the pipe to the rear brakes and just crimp it over onto itself, enough to stop the leak. He was in a hurry and wanted it fixed before the customer saw anything."

"I fixed it properly anyway, so that no one would die, and then rolled my toolbox out of there that very night."


Crossing A Serious Personal Line

"When I was 16 I worked at Spencer's in the mall. The store manager was a middle aged female who found out she was being demoted. She made the decision to instead quit. Her last day I happened to be closing the store with her. Nothing wierd, we had done it many times before. After everything was closed and locked up we were punching out in the back room. I went to open the door that led back into the store and she physically put her hand over it and closed it like a scene from a movie."

"Then she said "you know I make schedules right" I said "yea I understand that". She said "Do you think it's a coincidence that you and I are closing my last day? This is your opportunity to do anything that you want with me." I was so uncomfortable and I didn't know what to do, so I gave her a hug and she said really that's it.. All the while her husband and 2 kids were waiting in the car outside the mall to pick her up to pick her up."


Lesson Learned: Never Let A Boss Push You Around

"I had a manager that tried to get me to falsify reports to the feds (financial stuff). I flat out refused. Soon after I had to leave the company for I would have been fired for made up bullsh-t on his part. To this day I will never regret standing my ground."


Work for the kind of people you want to work for. Nobody says you can't just go and get a job elsewhere.

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