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Bullies suck! Why so you have to be cruel? What do you gain from it? At any age, trying to crush another person is so wrong. And coming from someone who was relentlessly bullied, I know of which I speak. So much of the time it feels like ALL the bullies in life seem to pounce for no concrete rhyme or reason. Not that there is ever a good reason to bully, but more often than not, they leave us with a big ole "WHY?" And some inflictions seem really dumb.

Please explain...

Redditor u/likeistoleyourbike wanted to discuss the people who decided to make everyone's lives more difficult, but in odd ways, by asking:

What's the most ridiculous thing you were bullied over and what prompted the bullying?

Is it how I look? Dress? Speak? Walk? Is it my love for Madonna or that I like tuna fish? If they had just explained I would've adjusted. But then I wouldn't be me...


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"Because I was listening to music in a school break, like literally. I can't listen to music??"

- YEETpoliceman

It's Cheese!

"I got crap for eating cottage cheese. Actually, that one had followed me into adulthood. People just really, really hate the concept of cottage cheese."

"Edit: 250 updoots for my cheesy childhood struggles. In retrospect, I should have realized that my reflections about how many adults are irritated by cottage cheese would only be confirmed tenfold by commenters on the internet. I have played myself."

- cjkcinab

'poor kid'

"I was bullied in middle school because I'm the first kid in school that had 120s crayola. It was an all rich catholic school and I was known to be the 'poor kid' and they didn't like the fact my grandma could get me that much crayolas lol."

- nipp1e

"LOL I forgot what a status thing crayons were as a kid. Everyone with a big box had it proudly displayed on their desk. And kids would try and steal "unusual" colors."

- FacetuneMySoul

Weighted Down

"Got bullied for being fat AFTER I lost 16kg over the summer. At the time I was 5'4 and 59kg, definitely not fat and the kids who bullied me all weighed more than me. My classmates were dumb."

- More_Example6153

The Winder

"One time in 3rd grade I farted really loud during silent reading time. Some kid nicknamed me Fartacus, and it stuck for the rest of elementary school."

- Foreigner4ever

Who is angry at people loving music? Anger is all manifestation. But getting into the anger source of bullies will keep us here all year. Just keep reading...


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"I was bullied because my dad died. Kids can be cruel."

- cicada_faith


"Being respectful to the bully's dad. He started bullying me after that, when I stood up for myself he said 'I know I can't take you in a fight so I'll just stab you!' and showed me the knife."

- Much-Hedgehog161

"My "friend" in the 4th grade showed me his new switchblade and held it to my throat. He also taught me how to smoke e-cigarettes when they were hot crap (early 2010's). In hindshight he wasn't a very good friend."

- Slippin_Chicanery

Jumbo Jack

"My older brother was a chunky kid, didn't really do sports or activities unless forced. So around the time he was in 5th grade, he was being bullied and called "Jumbo-Jack" after the burger at Jack In The Box. His name is also Jack, so it worked. The younger kids picked on him too for it. Then when I started on the bus, they started picking on me, calling me "Jumbo Junior" even though as a kid I was skinny and athletic. Didn't matter to them."

- ManUpYaPansy


"That you can't see my upper eye lids easily when my eyes are open. They just get kinda shoved under my eyebrows and hidden out of the way. I was called a freak and a mutant. For having hooded eyes. I don't even."

- Homofabulous


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"I have a cat without a whole tail, yea they made fun of me cuz of my cat. Life can be weird."

No rhyme, no reason... there is the theme of it all. That is good to know, would've loved to known sooner. Be kind everybody, we all need it.

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