These Are The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2018—And Things Have Taken A Turn For The Weird
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BabyCenter just released their 2018 report of popular baby names and there are some bizarre trends.

Many parents chose to christen their children with calm names amidst the tumult of what has been 2018.

Girls' names like Peace, Harmony, Rainbow, and Hope increased in popularity by as much as 66%.

Boys' names like Ocean and Sky painted a more visual picture of serenity and increased by about 30% each.

Unsurprisingly, in today's celebrity-obsessed era, names inspired by the Kardashians were up. They included Kylie Jenner's daughter's name, Stormi (up by a whopping 63%), Kim and Kanye's son, Saint (up 42%), and Kourtney's son, Reign (up 27%).

Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines also had quite the impact on baby-naming this year. Four of their children's names inspired parents this year — Emmie (13% higher than last year), Ella (8%), Drake (23%), and Crew (4%). Their business, Magnolia, also inspired baby names, increasing the name 21% from last year.

More curious and slightly disturbing, however, was the trend in fruits and vegetables. Yes, fruits and vegetables. Perhaps the names were inspired by the trendy rise in veganism, but that doesn't make it any less weird.

The healthy girls of 2018 include Kale (25% jump from last year), Kiwi (40%), Maple (32%) and Clementine (15%).

Essential oils might have also had some influence with herbaceous names like Saffron (15%) and Rosemary (20%) for girls and Sage (15%) for boys.

The internet is not so sure about this tasty trend.

As if fruits and veggies weren't weird enough, the overnight gaming sensation Fortnite also inspired baby names this year.

Beloved characters Ramirez, Leviathan, Bunny, and Rogue jumped up on the charts at 57%, 46%, 30%, and 47%/21% respectively. The name "Rogue" is being used for both boys and girls, but is more popular amongst the parents of baby girls.

The internet can't handle it.

Whether its Fortnite, healthy veggies, or celebrity-inspired baby names, people are over 2018's absurdities.

The number one girl's name is still Sophia (for its 9th consecutive year) and the top boy's name remains Jackson (at its 6th consecutive year).

H/T: Buzzfeed, USA Today

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