Never believe the hype, you'll often be disappointed. That is definitely a life truth I have experienced time and time again. I find it is a specific truth when it comes to movies.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen a movie after hearing people and critics go on and on about its glory, and then I walk away thinking... "Well, there's two hours of my life stolen and wasted!"

It makes you wonder if we watched the same film. I know I'm not alone on this. Right?

Redditoru/tosomalerot69wanted to hear about what movies just don't live up to the hype, by asking:

In your opinion, which movies are overrated?

There are so many Oscar winning films I've seen that I'm positive voters had to be drunk when they filled out their ballots. This past year alone... don't get me started. There were films I could only take fifteen minutes at a time.


crash GIFGiphy

"Crash. It won an Oscar for Best Picture and it's freaking terrible."

- bliceroquququq

did I really like this back then?

"The Kissing Booth All of them. They aren't even that good but so many people like them."

- pink-flamingoo

"Although I have to agree with this (since I feel like it's such a cringey movie), I think the movie targets teenagers as their viewers since it's more relatable at that stage of their lives. Just my observation as I see lots of teenagers on my feed getting giddy over it when the trailer's released. That's what I also think of To All The Boys I've Loved. It's one of those movies where you just watch one day and you think to yourself, "did I really like this back then? Lol"

- Glittering-Star-2144

I disagree... but whatever...

"The Breakfast Club. I know it's a hallmark and a product of its time, but I feel like the ending, with the romance plot point, drastically undermines the message of the movie. I believe that the theme is we're not so different when you know each of us, we all have our crap, so we could be friends despite our lots in high school society; we are more than our tropes. And yet, despite all of the character growth, they fall into very bland tropes following their heart to heart:"

  • Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson pair, so the rich girl can have her bad boy fling.
  • Emilio Estévez and Ally Sheedy pair, because make up makes someone instantly ok for a superficial fling, even though she's done crap like sprinkle dandruff on her drawing to create snow. Personality doesn't matter to make up.
  • And finally, Michael Carter Hall does all their essays for them. (I'm a little biased because I was that kid so it stung extra when they said they knew him and then used him for essays while they made out) And then they say they will never speak again."

"Personally, if I could change it, I would have cut the romance, and then inserted one last scene before Judd walks off the field with his fist in the air. I would have had a seen on Monday, with the school all there. They all pass each other, and without a word, look at each other and nod. Then we see that the message they went for actually stuck a little more than just "oh yeah no for sure we're all the same definitely" It's a great movie, I just think it's overrated, and that it undermines itself."

- Stingr22

Love Stinks

gwyneth paltrow love GIF by MIRAMAXGiphy

"Shakespeare in Love. Won best picture same year Saving Private Ryan was nominated. Biggest snub in Oscar history, since it wasn't a good movie beating a great movie, it was a TERRIBLE movie beating a great movie."

- martinpagh

Ok, there is some blasphemy here. There are classics listed that are brilliant. "The Breakfast Club?" I will die on that hill. Genius. And why such hate for Shakespeare?

Slow Down

paul walker vin deisel GIFGiphy

"Fast and furious... the first 2 movies were pretty good. But that's about it... instead of revolving around the idea of racing, they went in with the typical bold tough guy beating and shooting the crap out of all villains."

- theblueshad0w

More than enough...

"Anything Purge."

- andUCRaD

"And I fully anticipate there will be at least two more. The next will probably be "The Global Purge" and show the entire world doing a purge. And the one after that will either be "The Space Purge" cause horror series always die in space. Or "The Final Purge" which could be one last show of violence as they hunt down everyone who wants to do the purge and kill them. Or you know, they'll 'end the series' only to reboot/revive it in 8 years."

- GhostofManny13

Not the GOAT!

"Didn't Avengers: Endgame get rated as the 3rd best movie ever made or something? Can't get my head around that. Just kind of assumed that everyone was so invested in the 10 year progression that they couldn't say it was anything but one of the greatest. I liked it, but I'm not sure any superhero movie could be regarded as a GOAT movie."

- DookiDeng

Not Baby...

"Dirty Dancing. I've never understood the hype. Yes, I have watched it."

- Kyleigh88

"As a guy who likes this movie it's also a concept of the time it was released. The idea of going to a family vacation as a stuck up girl and ending up living an adventure that involves falling in love with the handsome guy, helping someone who just had an abortion, and ending up discovering that you're more than just a spoiled brat is a great redeeming arch. Today it could be misinterpreted, but this is was the feeling in the 80s. Summer love was a big big thing before the apps and covid. :)."

- auad

Stop The Rock

"Dwayne Johnson films - like people you can like this actor, he's fine but please stop recommending random action films to me that I don't care about, purely because they have some guy in them who I'm sure is quite nice but like I don't care."

- Splabooshkey

Awww, leave Dwayne alone. He's so cute and kind. Fast and Furious? I have nothing to say. Art truly is subjective. To each their own.

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