Like it or not, we've all met a liar or two. Some lies aren't so obvious either, and if the individual has a habit of lying regularly, then that's a sign that they could have a larger problem. Some lies are more innocent––we know those as "little white lies"––and typically don't harm anyone.

And some lies are just obvious and absurd––even entertaining. Why do people say these things? In truth (ha), the reasons might be complicated and the individual might not even be aware. We heard all about them after Redditor Mobile_Sturgeon asked the online community,

"What was the most obvious lie you've ever heard?"

"My friend told us..."

"My friend told us he was born mid-flight, and that it was on the exact border between Scotland and the USA, so he was half American, half Scottish."


Oh, dear.

This person has never looked at a map, have they?

"He then showed me..."

"My regular job is as a club promoter, I just work here [crappy retail franchise] for fun money." He then showed me a generic picture of a Ferrari and said that was his car.

Bonus lie, he told everyone he was 28 when he was clearly in his mid to late 40s."


"I stopped believing it..."

"My grandma got me to eat bread crusts when I was a toddler by telling me they're made of broccoli and cauliflower. I stopped believing it in a few months but it worked."


Ha! The creative little white lies that grandparents make up!

"My husband forgot..."

"My husband forgot to wake me up after promising me that he would. When I woke and realised that I may get late, I was pissed and asked him why he didn't wake me up as he'd promised, he told me that I was looking so cute, sleeping, that he didn't want to disturb me.

Well, after six years of togetherness, that is so obvious a cover-up for having forgotten something that I broke out laughing."


Oh, they totally forgot. But it sounds like you two are very much in love, so that's great!

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"Aside from this bizarre quirk..."

"A guy at my local pub claimed to have written just about every popular song you could name, and when called out would get mad and come up with elaborate stories to explain how, for example, he had written "Stairway to Heaven" when he was 10 years old and been ripped off by Led Zeppelin.

Aside from this bizarre quirk, he seemed totally normal. Had a proper job and everything."


You meet some odd characters in pubs, but they're typically not hurting anyone, so leave it be.

"A friend of mine..."

"A friend of mine once told me a great story about something funny they did. It was hilarious.

Problem was, it was MY story. I had told it to him six months before. He told me the whole thing almost verbatim, only he had inserted himself where I had been in the story. I think that's my favorite."


"I had an employee..."

"I had an employee who was 45 minutes late to work and he told me with a straight face that he had to wait for a family of ducks to cross the road, and that's why he was late."


You have to admire his chutzpah, don't you? I cracked up at this.

"A friend I had in high school..."

"A friend I had in high school wanted me to come with her to Texas to visit her brother. Presumably, he was in a gang and had a million guns and robbed banks all the time. As if I've never seen a Western before.

Also she's adopted. She has a foster sister, a foster mom, and a pet dog named Snowball. I've been to her house. She has no brother."


"A girl I went to high school with..."

"A girl I went to high school with was neurotic about grades and rankings, etc. During the college application process, she was rejected from a school that accepted one of my close friends. We were discussing the school after class one day and this girl said 'Yeah, they rejected me but sent a letter saying they did it because I should go somewhere better given how strong my scores and grades are.'

That was very nice of them!"


Very nice of them, indeed! You'd think they'd be tripping all over themselves to have her!

"The more he spoke..."

"A security guard that works at a grocery store I once worked at said that he had been in Iceland. I asked him about the penguins he saw. He blabbed on about species of penguins that he created on the spot and that he was stationed there for military purposes. The more he spoke, the more the lie snowballed."


Pathological liars can benefit from psychotherapy, which can pose its own challenges because the liar isn't in control of their lying and could begin lying to their therapist.

"Treatment will depend on what the person needs and what they respond to during therapy sessions," as noted by WebMD. "Finding a qualified, experienced therapist who can work with someone over the long term is the key to managing the condition.

If you or a loved one needs help, seek help today.

Have stories of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below.

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