People Break Down The Most F**ked Up Movies They've Ever Seen

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Horror movies aren't for everyone.

The violence and endless sense of anxiety in anticipation of jump scares are both elements of the thrilling cinematic genre that certain demographic of audiences can't get enough of.

But even these adrenaline junkies have their hard limits when it comes to their favorite movie category.

Curious to hear from horror cinephiles who have been pushed to the limit, Redditor GW2RNGR asked:

"What is the most f**ked up movie you've ever seen?"

There was blood. Lots of it.

List Of Gore

"A Serbian film is super gorey but theres this layer of juvenile edgelordiness and bad dialogue that kind of took a lot of the sting off it and I was just straight up laughing at times"

"Men behind the sun is probably the most stomach churning movie ive seen and I wouldnt recommend it to anyone."

"Irreversible and Come and See messed me up the most but are also genuinely incredible films that are so much more than just messed up."

– charles-dickens24

Spotlight On A Serial Killer

"Henry-Portrait of a Serial Killer. I wish I could unsee that movie."

– Anti-Fanny


"This is the one for me. It’s not horror by any stretch of the imagination, but what transpires in the movie is very upsetting."

– Hanyabull

Even dark comedies can be downright disturbing.

How Divine

"Pink Flamingos"

"EDIT - This is a John Waters cult classic from 1972. Based on the responses being of contemporary films, the production value of Pink Flamingos makes the film even more jarring."

– couscous-moose

Not Your Typical John Waters Film

"Went to see this recently for an anniversary reissue thinking 'I’ve heard this is a cult classic and John Waters made Hairspray which was kinda great in a quirky but fun way so what could possibly go wrong?' and oh my god, even having heard about the final scene, I was not prepared for the level of gleeful depravity I witnessed."

– nastyfriday

Haunting To This Day

"It's been like 20 year since a friend who was a film student made me watch that.... The steak bit still haunts me..."

"And that friend made me watch some weird sh*t. We went to a theater to see puppet porn. And yet, Pink Flamingos was still the thing that crossed the line."

– DoctorCaptainSpacey

Obsessed With A Walrus


– Odd_Adhesiveness4804

"I can't look at walruses the same after seeing it."

– Ziggy_Stardust567

The Gruesome Experiment

"Human centipede."

– Mbrown0525

Foreign horror films are on another level.

The One With The Piano String


– yrjooe

"Is that the film where the guy holds auditions but is looking for a wife? The one where she says tickytickyticky with the wire?"

– legendweaver

South Korean Masterpiece About Vengeance

"Old Boy."

– frontporchshitter

"Most horrific twist I’ve ever seen."

– CrypiticBalcony

Funny Games, based on the original Austrian home invasion movie was downright disturbing and most definitely deserved the title for the most effed-up movie.

It wasn't just about the implied violence that was haunting. It was a social commentary on how horror fans like myself are entertained by Hollywood violence.

The unsettling moment comes when one of the attackers breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience as a nod that they're getting exactly what they came to look for at the movies.


And that is just one moment from a series of nightmare-inducing scenes of the homeowners being relentlessly pursued for absolutely no reason.

So, yeah, check it out.

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