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Is there anyone who loved high school?

High school is a disaster. That is true for like... 95% of us.

it's like being branded. "I survived high school because of this!!"

The past is never really past, is it? What did you see?

Redditor HelloProxima wanted to go back and visit the teenage years, by asking:

"What is the most f**ked up thing that happened in your high school?"

I'm on the fence about high school. I want to hate it, but nostalgia haunts me. I saw a lot of violence, there is that.

We were on CNN.

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"They started charging us for ketchup in the cafeteria. Most of the school boycotted cafeteria lunch and brought all manner of condiments from home. We were on CNN. They eventually caved." ~ Ash3Monti

No one liked him.

"I was big into drama club and musical theatre when I was in high school. There was a girl in the drama club in her freshmen or sophomore year who was super nice and everyone loved her. Her older brother on the the other hand, was a complete and total douchebag. No one liked him."

"He always made inappropriate comments or jokes and no one liked to be around him. One night, he was driving him and his sister back from school when he took a steep curve going around 100 mph. He lost control and hit a telephone pole. His sister died instantly and he was in a coma for a few weeks but ultimately survived."

"Myself and my friends in the drama club were devastated. She was one of the sweetest girls you'll ever met and we all loved her. A year or two later, the brother messages my sister and tries to use his sister's death as leverage to get laid. F**k you, you piece of crap." ~ FearTheKeflex


"Guidance counselor was taking bribes to change grades (Both money and sexual favors). Invited one male student over to his house. Had the student tie him up and hang him by chains in his basement "dungeon." Student was homophobic and while the counselor was tied up, bludgeoned him to death." ~ monthos

H2O Issues...

"This is not that extreme, but it's still disgusting. We have drinking water taps instead of fountains. One parent was suspicious of whether they were cleaning the tanks or not. So they made an announcement that the tank was being cleaned every single day."

"A lot of us didn't believe it, so a group of boys decided to see for themselves if it was true or not. So they put a dead frog in the tank when there was no one around. I don't even know where they found the frog but they swear they didn't kill it. Anyway the frog was there for a few weeks. And obviously the water started tasting weird."

"After the teachers got multiple complaints, they opened the tank and found the frog. The boys were punished, but they fired back with the fact that they lied about cleaning the tanks. They were still punished, because they proved it in a disgusting way. They could've put literally anything in the tank, but they chose a dead frog." ~ R00mTemperature

The Quad

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"A worker doing stuff on the roof. He fell off. Landed in the 'quad' at lunch. A large piece of machinery fell and squished his head. Like a cartoon, only funny. Like 150 Kids saw this." ~ LordInventus


"The Latin kings gang threatened my cousin and his friends and they had 10 squad cars guarding the whole school and dismissed us the same day early." ~ Terrykrinkle

“it’s gonna blow”

"I had just moved in from Egypt to the states in my senior year of high school. A teacher thought it would be funny to fold a bunch of papers and wrap them in duck tape to make it look like a bomb and threw it my direction and went under his desk saying 'it’s gonna blow.' Everybody started laughing and I was so clueless then I just laughed along. It infuriates me to this day that I didn’t call him out on it or report him." ~ ezzabousaif

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Go Fish

"Someone somehow made a bomb threat on a Swedish fish candy. Like one single piece. I don’t know how it happened but he got arrested." ~ ts_13_


"A couple weeks before graduation, this kid hacked into the school system and put a Hitler quote and a Boston bomber reference in the senior quotes for the yearbook. One of the affected parties was a trans girl, and we're still not sure if it was a targeted act because of that."

"Administration didn't find out until the entire senior class had received their books. Some people turned theirs in to get their pages replaced, but some kept it because it was a 'limited edition item' or some stupid sh*t like that. Kid got arrested and charged with cybercrime, since he hacked everyone in our school system's school passwords."

"He was so close to graduating too, but got expelled like two weeks before he could. Looked like a rat too. It was all over the news, and everyone in the state of CT basically knows about this now. Got out on bail for $5000." ~ kocorpsie

Good God!

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"We had a huge fight happen in the girls bathroom."

"Apparently one student brought drugs to school and was selling it to her friends. A completely unrelated student caught on and stole the drugs while everyone else was in class. She was caught snorting the drugs in the bathroom by the group selling the drugs and got the crap beat out of her."

"We also had a recently graduated student murder his parents for insurance money . He hid the bodies in a chicken coop and told everybody they were on vacation. It wasn't until 7 months later the bodies were found by the landlord because the rent was late." ~ randomgenericcow

The Gardener

"A guy a couple years above me got expelled for growing weed on school grounds and selling it. From what I heard he got away with it for months without being caught. Not sure how he went so long without the gardener noticing." ~ tifrybfwnsmb

"That guy needs a statue erected in his name." ~ Feeling-Recording669


"At my high school one of the math teachers who was weirdly manipulative to certain students (including me, which is why I revel in this story so much), was busted for stealing student's graphing calculators & selling them on eBay. They caught him by setting up a sting with a decoy calculator, which I find hilarious."

"Also, at the same high school a group of boys broke into a home and killed a mother and wounded her daughter with a machete. I believe it was a random home invasion. Super messed up and extra creepy bc allegedly they were bragging about it at school the next day, and someone reported it. wiki about event." ~ secondaryantagonist

Bird Launch

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"Someone started a food fight and I found a dead seagull and used it as ammunition." ~ gymaye


"One of my friends, unbeknownst to most of us was big into Ham Radio. He was also big in ripping people off and not paying people for parts. So one day guy he did business with online sent him a pipe bomb. Killed him and his mom almost lost her head from shrapnel. Otherwise just a detention/in-school suspension aid handing out sexual favors like lollypops, distilling 151 rum in chemistry, sex in the A/V room. Bomb threats. All circa ‘96-‘00." ~ SirWEM

Those who survived...

"This happened a couple years after I graduated but there was an active shooter on campus at my high school who shot a couple kids and killed a teacher. The shooter wasn’t even a student, but was young enough to pass off as one to get into the building. Cops came and he bolted into the woods right behind the gymnasium and they shot him. Don’t know if he survived or not." ~ Electronic-Canary971

People Suck

"There was this kid that was bullied for years. He has huge anger management issues. Stabbed Someone with scissors. Eventually he got expelled, but was allowed to come back in high school. He bad no friends, despite being much nicer. He even bought my class pizza one day. One day he got run over by a car and died. It’s insane how many people claimed to be his friend. Now I realize how much everyone from my high school is a POS." ~ TheCoach_TyLue

'senior week'

"For 'senior week' we had themed dress up days. One of the themes was “black and white day.” The idea was to dress in all black and white, but all the white seniors showed up wearing bandanas, saggy clothes, and fake grills. That was the last black and white day." ~ looterscooterpooter


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"A guy in my high school dipped his testicles in the headmaster's cup of tea when he went out of the room. Legend." ~ cmacEFC

The F Lady

"A teacher decided not to show up for work ever again and took all her student’s coursework with her. Rather than do something reasonable like grade based on previous work the school instead gave every student an F. The truth didn’t come out until years later." ~ OverlyEpicFrog

Enjoy high school, at least try too. Maybe if more kids do that, it wouldn't be so insane.

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