People Share The Most Desperately Lonely Thing They've Ever Done


No one's here to judge.

No one's going to say, "You should feel bad for what you've just done." A quick glance around reveals these are not ideal circumstances we're living in, and if there's something you need to do to feel just that much more alive no one's going to say, "No. Stop." Sometimes the loneliness is just too much, rolling over you like a sickness. And like a sickness, it needs to be treated.

Reddit user, u/Oreo1123, wanted to hear you bare your soul when they asked:

What is the most desperately lonely thing you have ever done?

Drifting Off With Your Best Partner

Held my own hand while going to sleep


The Big Sin Of The Internet

I would probably say replying to my own post.


They Actually Have These Readily Available

Hug my pillow and pretend it's a woman.


I hugged my pillow and pretended it was my boyfriend, which doesn't exist, your not alone.


Switching Up The Day

Asking my doctor to tell my work I can only work certain hours because of my depression, when that's only half true. When I get home everyone is asleep and I'm very lonely so by the way of my doctor forcing my job to give me the schedule I want so I can get home when my family is still awake and I won't be so lonely.


The Best Gift You Can Get Yourself

buy something for myself and ask for it to be gift-wrapped


oof that is too real


A Human Transaction

I paid a prostitute 800 dollars for 45 minutes of spooning.


May I ask, why so much!?


Desperation is a sad cologne


Follow The Numbers

I am in no way creative but was super bored when my shift hours went down by 100 hours a month that I started painting - painting by numbers.


I've played that game once. It is quite satisfying to play but I It was too tedius for me and I got bored of it quickly. I would prefer to play it if it had sort of puzzle element to it.

proceeds to play 100s of hours of picross touch


Who's Speaking?

Talk to myself. I seem to do it all the time. Perhaps I'm mental. I don't know, I wish I had friends. Haha idiot no one likes you. Yes I know. I'll just keep talking to myself then.


Same here. Sometimes I just want to have a really deep, intense conversation about something that's on my mind or something I'm curious about, but I don't want to have it with anyone around me because I don't think they'll understand, so I just have it... with myself. I think it's due to boredom.


Purchasing Friends

I went to the grocery store so [that] I could hear someone talk to me when I was being rung up


I used to work in a pharmacy and a lot of the older people that would come in would stand at talk for ages, even when I was done with their purchase/advice. A lot of the time they lived alone and it was the only interaction they would have in the week. Broke my heart and I loved chatting to them and knowing how happy it made them. I hope you're less lonely now :)


Pepperoni Love

Ordering pizza and ask them to write "I love you" inside the box. "For my Girlfriend".

I Iive alone after my fiancee left me for another guy a few years ago. I just wanted to read those words in another handwriting than my own again.


It's The Thought That Count

I sent myself flowers once, complete with a "secret admirer" card.

Sure, if I want flowers, I can just buy flowers. But there's a difference between just buying flowers and receiving flowers.


Try To Avoid Slipping Back Down The Slope

Got back together with my EX.

I only ever did that once though.


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