Yo, people are rude AF.

Like maybe they don't mean to be. We hope they don't mean to be. Be it rooted in curiosity, an inability to empathize, or a wicked case of mouth-moves-faster-than-brain, we've all been asked a question or two that made us cringe.

You know the questions I mean. The ones that make you lock eyes with the other people around you like "wait, you heard that too right?" or whip out your phone to text your best friend like "you're never going to believe this"

Except they will believe it because, like we said earlier, people are rude AF and nothing is even that shocking anymore. Anderson Cooper straight up asked Lady Gaga what genitals she has. People straight up ask for a play-by-play rundown of what sex with you is like if you're into anything other than hetero missionary for the purposes of conception.

Speaking of conception, my partner and I lost an advanced pregnancy in mid-October of 2018. By Halloween we had people asking us when we were trying again. I hadn't even been home from the hospital for 48 hours when the first person gave us an actual real-life wink, wink, elbow nudge and asked if we were excited that we get to do "the fun part" of having kids all over again.

Who TF asks that!?!

To honor the spirit of camaraderie (and WTF-ness) let's all hop over to this Reddit thread where people are sharing the most insensitive, wtf, glare-inducing, personal, way over the line, intrusive questions people have asked them.

Ever roll your eyes so hard you give yourself a headache? Well, you're about to. Brace yourself. You're about to enter a world where people think encouraging suicide, asking about children's remains, and questioning if someone's cancer diagnosis was just them being "melodramatic" are all totally normal.

They're very not.

Robbed At Gunpoint

"Why did you give him the money" my managers response to me telling her I got robbed at gun point in our store.

- omg_daisy

In Your Situation

I broke my back when I was a teenager and am paralyzed from the waist down. A girl from school asked me, "Are you planning on killing yourself?"

Me: What? No. Why would I kill myself?

Her: It's just... if I was in your situation...

- manualpropulsion

Double Whammy

When sitting my dad and step mom down to tell them I had cancer. "Are you sure? You're always over dramatic like your mother. She watched too many soap operas"

Then the following months after treatment and a major surgery they told people I didn't have cancer and I faked it. They were they there for the major surgery and the treatments...... So I get asked by family " did you really fake cancer?" Wtf.

- just-another-cat

The Receptionist

As a kid I got into a pretty serious accident that meant daily physical therapy for hours on end for over a year and a lot of time in a wheelchair.

I wasn't of driving age yet (and honestly, probably wouldn't / couldn't have driven myself even if I could).

One day my mum was late to picking me up so I was waiting in the lobby and the receptionist basically said, "Do you even say thank you? Your parents have to deal with a lot because of you, driving you in and out of here every day. Do you even show them you're grateful?"

Like yes, I do. But also, who the hell are you?

- RuleBrifranzia

Mama Bear Mode


"Oh, so you want a Twithx?"

I'm 30 now, but grew up with a lisp. Was in speech therapy for years. When I was about 8 yrs old or so, I went up to a concession stand at my brother's little league game. Asked to buy a Twix.

The teenage guy behind the counter, trying to impress his lady coworker, decided to repeat my words back to me. Made me cry. One of the only times in my life I've ever seen my mom go full Momma Bear. She asked me why I was upset, and when I told her, she marched up to that dinky little stand and tore the guy a new one.

But yeah, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw this question. Weird how little things like that stick with you. Some people fcking suck, but then you get to see the ones who don't. Like my mom. Defender of the little people. Love her.

- KLGAviation

A Daughter's Murder

They asked how my daughter was murdered. I said a knife. They then said "but i mean how? You found her tell me how. What did she look like. Was she tortured?"

This was not a member of law enforcement. They don't ask questions like that. This was a stranger who saw our story on the news and came up to me in a crowded public place when I was with my older daughter and newborn grandson.

I did not react with violence. I was still in shock and numb it was a surreal experience. I responded very loudly that her questions were inappropriate. She came up to me talking super loud that she had saw us on the news so she got everyone's attention.

I figured I'd speak loud enough for everyone to hear in case any of them didn't know it was rude to ask things like that they'd learn that day. She then walked away.

Took a picture (heard her camera go off as she pointed it at us) then called someone and proceeded to loudly tell them she talked to us. I wish I could say this was the only inconsiderate person we've dealt with sadly I cant. But I will say we have had more positive interactions with strangers then negative.

- justiceforosaura

Cremation Questions

Soon after I got home from cremating my child, someone asked if the cremation left chunks of bone and, if so, do they grind that down. Thankfully I saw the humor in it, largely because I could see his wife wanted to kill him.

- McHotSnakes

Arranging A Seizure

I have a seizure-like disorder: chorea-athetosis. They present themselves in these really inconvenient episodes where I lose partial control of body parts.

One time, I was on a date with a dude, and after I told him of my situation he said "Wow it'd be pretty hot to have you seize while we're doing it?. Think you could arrange that?"

Didn't bother with him after that.

- blue-eyed-bear

Hooray For A Miscarriage? 

"Well aren't you happy you had a miscarriage then...or you'd be a single mom now". Asked by my mom while trying to "comfort" me after my fiance cheated. Yeah, no actually, a late traumatic miscarriage + depression+ hormones does NOT make me happy even if he did cheat. But thanks!

- Emscifier



"How does it feel to know your mother is burning in hell?"

After telling my friends mom that my family didn't really subscribe to God or religion. She didn't miss a beat, and then tried to double down why she was right.

- Ithxero

The Perks Of Disability

As a 19 year old disabled woman, I've been asked tons of insensitive things- the most is probably a tie between someone asking me if I'm using a walker for the "perks", and if I'm faking my disability for better accommodation at university.

I cant handwrite, can barely walk without assistance, and cant stand for periods of time. What are the perks and where can I get them??

- mi_ugh

To Make Him Do It

"Why did you tell me? And what did you do to make him do it?"

Asked by a family member after I told them about the abuse I suffered from my ex husband...finally felt safe to talk about it after 6 years and that was the response.

- sweetmeggo22

Prettier When You DON'T Smile

When I was 16 I got asked by some random guy at my aunt's house if I knew that I was prettier when I wasn't smiling. I've always been self conscious of my teeth and he made it so much worse. I'm 28 now and still hate them but will at least smile in some pics.

- Hot_radish


My parents weren't in a good relationship and I was raised by my grandparents. My dad went MIA when I was very young (big shocker) Anyways in elementary school a teacher of all people asked "So you're parents didn't want you? How does that make you feel?" Which wasn't even true. My mother is a great and loving person, she just works night shifts and is scarred from her relationship with my father and couldn't take care of me.

- SMStarStudio


No question, but a statement.

My ex was a typical gaslighter who wanted to control every aspect of my life. He was against my family and friends and tried to kept me away from them. I was very unhappy and gained a lot of weight during that relationship. I had always issues with my weight and had an eating disorder in my teenage years.

After years of psychological abuse I found the strength to leave my ex (thanks to my mum and my best friend!). I've even met a wonderful, intelligent and very lovely new boyfriend. We are in a long distance relationship, but we are skyping every night. And sometimes we get... A little bit naughty during that cam sessions.

It was one of our first sessions.. After the smut.. I was naked and happy, so was he too and he told me out of the blue "I need to get used to your body volume"

Those were his exact words. It hit me like a ton of bricks, merely because my weight was never an issue before that day for him I thought. I felt sexy for him and if we have "real sex" it does never seem that my weight is bugging him at all. We are happy but the statement is still burnt in my mind..

Not as serious as most of the stories here. But that is my story.

- UsePinkFluffyCuffs


I've received plenty of rude comments from my family regarding my weight, but this one stands out.

My two sisters and I were on our hockey practice with our teammates. Our professor divided us by groups, and my oldest sister and I ended up in the same group.

One of our teammates at the time was an overweight girl, Marie, who let it slip once that she was there specifically to lose weight.

When we were in the group, my sister asked me: "Do you want to end up like Marie? Then lose weight."

This one is worse than the others because Marie was right next to us, in the other group. I hated that moment, and I'm sure Marie hated it even more. Marie quit playing hockey later in the year. It's sad, she's a really nice girl.

- notofuhkinkay

How Not To Act, Indeed

"Well have you at least learned your lesson now about how not to act around guys?" After I told an adult I trusted very much that I had been raped.

- chosen_loved

A Little Threesome To Cheer You Up

My boyfriend had taken his life 3 days prior and I was in a place of crying myself to exhaustion and someone who was meant to be my best friend phoned me asking if I wanted to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend to cheer me up now that I was single.

Safe to say we're not friends anymore.

- Deadpoolsgirl

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