People Share The Most Insane 'Rich Person' Behavior They've Ever Seen

OK so there's wealthy and then there's "rich" - an honestly we aren't sure money is the deciding factor between the two. Maybe it's more of a mindset thing?

One Reddit user asked:

What's the most insane rich person behaviour you've ever seen?

Money may not be the deciding factor between the two, but we'll be honest - we don't know. We probably won't see enough money in our lives to ever dream of pulling half of these stunts so who are we to say?

C'mon peasants, lets read all about the stuff we can't afford to do lol.

Private Plane Problems

A Kuwaiti industrialist client we had years ago told us that he downgraded his private 747 to a 737 because he didn't like the way the chandeliers rattled on take off.

It's excessive but I've no doubt the plane was used for business too.

He was actually a really funny guy, out of an hour, it was 55 minutes of jokes and stories and 5 minute of shopping for him. Quite the character.

- chelsea9898

Water Off A Ducks Back

rupauls drag race GIF by RealityTVGIFsGiphy

Not me but one of my wife's colleagues had a daughter who had chosen to get married at a local venue, that about 3 months before the wedding happened to appear as a location in a very well known series of movies about a certain boy wizard.

Well about a month before the wedding they had a call from the venue asking if they'd mind moving their wedding back a month. Naturally they said no - all the invites had been sent, family were coming from various international locations & had booked flights and accommodation etc etc.

To cut a long story short they did end up moving their wedding back a month. Why? Because the person wanting their venue had a child who was besotted with said boy wizard and their Birthday happened to fall on the original wedding weekend, and wanted their birthday party to be at that location.

They agreed only after the rich person offered to pay for their wedding, but also the cost of rearranging all the flights, accommodation, florists, photographers and all the other associated costs. And the mortgage on their recently bought house. It ran to £100,000s, but to the rich people was apparently water off a duck's back.

- Sorbicol

Mattress Money

Some honeymoon clients insisted that they would not sleep on a mattress that someone else had slept on so we had to buy a new mattress for each hotel they stayed in.

But not just any mattress; a Simmons mattress.

Specifically the Beautyrest Premium Custom Royal mattress, King size version, seen on P7 of this pdf catalog. 594,000 JPY, which is around $5,680 per mattress.

(Not even the most expensive mattress they sell...)

Each mattress cost over $5000 and they stayed at 5 hotels. They used each mattress for a couple of nights only and then we had to remove the mattress from the hotel and dispose of it.

Fortunately, 'disposing of them' did not mean throwing them away but finding a new home for them. 4 we sold for a price the buyer was very happy with and one went free to one of my colleagues, who did not care that a fat Saudi prince had slept on it already.

Of course, the royal honeymoon couple had been charged for the mattresses anyway so although the whole thing was a PITA and a horrible waste of money (IMO), it all worked out in the end.

- 0---------0

Fines Aren't Punishments

My Dad (when we still had a relationship) saw fines not as punishments, but as the payment to be able to do things others can not. By "others" he meant "poor people."

- kurtis_shooter

If the only penalty for a crime is a fixed sum, its only a crime for poor people. For the rich its the cost of business.

- trainiac12

An engineering director I worked for a long time ago was like this - the company kept dumping excess phosphorus above environmental regulations into the sewer. When we had an alternate chemical solution, he weighed the cost vs. the fine, and elected to keep breaking the environmental law and go with the fine because it was cheaper.

- MordaxTenebrae

Not All Rich People 

I worked at a country club. One of my coworkers lost his apartment because of some fire. One of the members, just one, paid for a six month lease and replaced everything the coworker lost in the fire. Blew my mind.

Not all rich people are jerks.

this was easily one of my favorite jobs. I was a caddy and all the avid golf members knew me personally. Each semester of college another member would offer to pay for my books. Some asked if I needed extra work.

Others would tip me 100 dollars cash if I was having a slow week etc. Like these people really cared about the staff.

Current CEOs and boss who had to work hard and climb the ladder always tipped more and were always more friendly during interactions. They always treated me like a real person.

While the people who were born into money, who grew up in the country club, and were just given high paying positions with little viable experience outside of college ALWAYS were snotty and rude. They always treated me like "the help"

- Arra13375

What Real Options Exist

My friend's dad got a summer tennis membership at this fancy club because his kid played on the club's traveling team Jrs. Could play for basically nothing.

He got invited to play poker with the guys on a random Wednesday and they sat down and decided to order some wine. The waiter hands the list over to to one of the old guys and the guy says:

"No, show us the real wine list..."

Sure enough, there was a very bougie version that was by special request. Every since my friend told me that story, I have always wondered what special privileges exist for these people if you know to ask.

- TNI92

I Don't Think She Blinked

Was in Las Vegas and at the casino I went to, there was a portion of the high-rollers area that you could see; it was just slot machines. The slot machines were $100 a play.

I watched as an otherwise ordinary looking older lady played this slot the way my grandmother played the penny slots. In the few minutes I was watching, she dropped enough money to buy my truck and I don't think she blinked.

- drsameagle

I worked at a casino as a dealer and I had seen people lose more money than I would ever know in several lifetimes. You eventually just became numb to it and when players would try to get sympathy about them losing X amount of dollars it was impossible to feel bad because someone is always losing more.

- kittyjackk

Statements And Bills

One of the owners of the company I worked for was looking at his bank statement and saw some extra fees that he thought were excessive, so he called the bank to see what it was all about. I guess the person at the bank couldn't explain the reason for fees, was short with him, and wouldn't waive them.

So he decided to close all his accounts with that bank, which involved paying off the rest of his multi-million dollar mortgage in cash. So, he basically had enough cash sitting in his checking account to pay off his full mortgage, but preferred to take out a mortgage rather than pay for his house in cash.

When the mortgage department at the bank realized what happened and how much interest income they were going to lose out on, they tried to get him to come back and refinance, but he said no.

Same person also accidentally received a neighbors Bloomingdales bills in the mail (the store had the address wrong) didn't read the name on the bill and assumed it was his wife's, and paid that bill for years. So he ended up paying thousands of dollars of his neighbors shopping bills without knowing.

And when they figured it out, he told the neighbor to consider it their Christmas present.

- HalfAgony_HalfHope

Behind The Bentley

monsters inc pee GIFGiphy

I was at a rich guy's house to service his not one but TWO generators. I roll up to the call box to let him know I was there. He buzzes me in.

On the way down his cobblestone driveway I pass by his garage. This garage was unique in that it had a basketball and tennis court on top of it. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was basically a mini parking garage. The dude had thirteen cars in it.

A Chevy Suburban, Mini Cooper, Subaru Outback, and other grocery getters. On the SECOND LEVEL DOWN were two town cars: a Bentley and a Rolls Royce. Off to the side were a Bentley and a Lincoln stretch limo.

This guy took me through four mechanical rooms to get to his generators. We go back up to where my truck is parked. While wearing sandals and a Rolling Stones t-shirt he points to the right and says something I'll never forget.

"If you need to use the bathroom it's behind the Bentley."

Most nonchalant sh*t I've heard.

- leatherrecliner

The Helipad

I worked at a summer camp that had a lot of wealthy families children attending.

At the request of the parents, a helicopter pad was installed nearby so that they didn't have to drive the 2 hours to see their kids at the end of camp. I assume that this was paid for by one of the parents, but cant say for sure.

- hi2colin

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