People Break Down The Most Infuriating Double Standards They've Ever Come Across
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What's fair is fair.

That is a bold faced LIE!

What's unfair is fair. That moniker seems to define life more accurately.

Everyday we all face them... the double standard.

It's all crap. So let's vent...

Redditor FlameBoySWE wanted to vent about the unfairness of life. They asked:

"What is the most infuriating case of double standards you've come across?"

Will double standards ever end? Probably not, but we should at least be aware. So we can do better...


Video Games Reaction GIF Giphy

“I can’t believe you waste your time playing video games!”

"...proceeds to binge 8 hours of Netflix."


Pay Up

"My cousin has been in court for 10 years because of child support problems with his ex wife. If genders were swapped he would be in jail for these same issues. She does not pay child support, adhere to court ordered child visitation, ignores court ordered restrictions on stalking him and family members, files false suits using Facebook posts as evidence against the order, does not feed the children properly, they come home usually in the same clothing they left in because she's too cheap to wash them and sees it as his responsibility."

"She owes over $100k in fines and is still facing no real consequences other than mail notices about nonpayment. My SO's father missed ONE payment years ago, they suspended his business license and threatened a lean on his house. Her mother still owes $10k+ for drinking away the college fund and nonpayment of child support with again, no consequences."

"Fathers have NO rights in Massachusetts, the mother is always right, even as a documented drug addict. Which is yet another story along the same lines."


I’m a man

"When I worked for a supermarket in the UK that rhymes with Baitrose, I bleached my hair. I’m a man. They ordered me to cut it all off then changed my shift to be an outdoor trolley collector. And I had to wear a hat. The person who told me to do this had bleached blonde hair. They were not a man."


"I applied for Baitrose when I was 16 for a Sunday job and they wouldn't hire me because my hair was too short. It was a grade 2 all over. They must have a thing about men's hair."


Sushi Dangers

"My daughter and I have some things that have become tradition. We always go to Starbucks before school on Fridays, we like to go eat sushi for lunch on Tuesdays when she gets out of school early and we usually go just the two of us. I get all kinds of dirty looks, because people assume that a 45 year old guy who's out with a beautiful young woman (16 going on 25) is some sort of lecherous monster. It sucks, but I've been learning to brush it off."


Only the Bad

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"In work, if I am 5 mins late they will certainly let me know about it. But if I stay behind 15 mins later than my finish, not even a mention."


Oh that last one burns me. Employers love to be nasty but never kind. Great for morale!

'Oh he can’t be alone!'

Adam Devine Swag GIF by blink-182 Giphy

"When I was a school nurse I was always alone with whatever children needed assistance, even after I would ask for help."

"New male school nurse started, all the sudden three other people are available just to watch him. I felt terrible for the guy, but literally no one trusted him with the diabetic kid or the kid with the trach alone. 'Oh he can’t be alone!' But me a woman was never questioned, double standards abound."


"That's different"

"35 years ago and it still pisses me off. I got detention in high school, no biggie... I did the crime. However I was scheduled to work so I asked for detention to be delayed for one day. Request denied. I pointed out that football players routinely had theirs rescheduled to accommodate games and practice. Only answer I got was 'That's different.'"



"When I was about 16, My dad (a baptist missionary pastor) once preached a 2 hour sermon on 'the perils of pornography' and how absolutely evil it was, gotta save yourself for marriage, etc... that same night when we got home from church, he asked me to bring him his phone that he’d left in the car. I opened it to find months of daily porn-watching in his internet history LMAO."



"One of the Regional Managers goes to State Prison for over a year for DWI. If you know anything about Texas DWI laws, that means he got caught multiple times. Comes out of of Prison, immediately transferred to Corporate and made a Director. Brand new employee is rear-ended in Stop/Go traffic on the highway. No injuries, but forced to take a drug test. Fails for weed, immediately fired."


No Dads Please

Andy Samberg Ugh GIF by The Lonely Island Giphy

"If there’s any issue big or small at day care or school, they call the mom first."


Why can't everything and everyone be treated equal? It's 2022! Let's work on this please.

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