People Break Down Their Most Inconvenient Personality Traits


I've been guilty of procrastinating before and I work hard to get into better habits. I know I'm not alone in this regard.

You might be intelligent, charming, and loved and appreciated by your friends and family, but there's still that one little personality flaw that nags and keeps you up at night. Believe it or not, this is is so common and yet so many of us can't muster up the courage to speak openly about our problems.

After Redditor apples11234 asked the online community, "What's the most inconvenient trait about yourself?" people decided to bare it all.

"I'm very..."

I'm very indecisive. When they are too many choices, I get overwhelmed and give up.


"Actually right now..."

I get distracted really easily. Actually right now I'm taking a 5 minute break from my schoolwork that's now a 30 minute break.


"My existence..."

Lazy, so very lazy. And I overeat constantly it's so hard to stop. Also there's very little self-esteem and a tendency to people please, depression, self isolation. My existence is inconvenient really.


"I have a hard time..."

I have a hard time asking for help and just do too much on my own... because that way I'm sure it gets done and done correctly.


"I know others..."


I know others have their own lives. I know people are just worried about themselves, and that doesn't mean they hate me. Yet I always find a way to think that I did something wrong or that I made someone upset. I get lost in my vicious circle of overthinking and often find myself tearing up because I'm afraid that I'm hated.

Luckily, a combination of medication and remembering all of the kind and loving things that are said to me is helping me. It's not completely gone, so it's still annoying as hell, but I'm getting better.


"I'm an introvert..."

I'm an introvert and prefer to not talk but I learned that people assume I'm arrogant or mean. Particularly coworkers. So I force myself to chat even though I hate it.


"Anyone who thinks otherwise..."

I hate, loathe, despise and detest myself. Anyone who thinks otherwise I'm immediately suspicious of and treat accordingly.


"Sometimes I know what I want to say..."

Sometimes I know what I want to say but when I go to say it it all comes out at once and I end up talking absolute sh!t, which then makes me anxious and talk faster. Really f***ed up some job interviews because of it.


"I get big ideas..."

I get big ideas and start working on them, then quit 10 minutes in.

Also I'm only smart when I don't really need to be.


"I'm so hard-headed..."

I'm so hard-headed that I rarely listen to anyone's advice (including my own) and I'm extremely rash. Rushing into things is my forte.


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