People Break Down The Most Important Things They Want To Remind Society About
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There is far too much important knowledge that humans refuse to retain.

Knowledge is power and information is key to survival.

So why do we keep taking it all for granted?

Society has to keep up or be left behind.

So that is why constant reminders are necessary.

RedditorMzThreshwanted everyone to listen up and not forget a few things. They asked:

"What is something you want to remind society?"

USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL!! Please and thank you.

Class dismissed.

Last Wishes

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"Life is short. You won’t be lying on your death bed saying 'I wish I had worked more.' Spend time with your kids, with your parents. Take that trip you’ve always wanted to."


Don't Waste!

"Don’t waste your time with people who make you feel miserable."


"My ex constantly made me feel like crap. Like insecure, unloved, and unwanted. I felt bad about myself after 90% of our dates. Why in the sweet f**k did I waste nearly 2 years on her? She literally stood me up on our 3rd hangout. Never again. If someone even treats me evenly remotely that bad, I’m gone. No explanation, no contact, no second chance. Done. I’ll die bitter and alone before I let a woman mistreat me ever again."


The System

"Not only does the US foster care system fail many children while they are growing up. When a foster child turns 18 they are aged out from the foster care system. This means they're suddenly on their own, responsible to find a place to live, manage their money, their shopping, their clothing, their food and try to continue their education, all when most of their peers still get help from mom and dad."


No One-Upping!

"There are no winners in the Trauma Olympics. Everyone's feelings are valid. Just because someone's struggle seems insignificant to you, doesn't mean it's not hard for them. There's no need to one-up each other or belittle someone just because you had it tougher at some point."


The Grey

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"That the world is grey and everybody thinks they’re the good guys."


Everybody has a side and refusing to listen gets us nowhere.


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"It costs you nothing to be kind."


In the Field

"Medical testing is not done by doctors, nurses, or robots. There is an entire field of clinical laboratory scientists. We are highly trained professionals and we have been bearing the brunt of millions of Covid tests on top of all the other medical testing generated by Covid patients stressing our healthcare system to the max. We are almost never acknowledged and our field is critically understaffed due to lack of people entering it."



"Blood may be thicker than water but mud is thicker than blood. Just because someone is family doesn’t necessarily mean they want the best for you."


"True, the most toxic people in my life are my family. They somehow have a talent of making you insecure, making every achievement seems like nothing and still rub it in your nose when someone else achieves something that you haven’t YET because I’m just not in that stage of life yet 🤦🏻♀️."



"You don't have to be textbook 'Perfect' to be accepted or loved. Enjoy life always. If you're 18 or over and don't have your license yet, don't let societal pressure or family/friends bog you down work towards it, enjoy the moment. If you are still single, have never been in a relationship, never had intercourse, not married by now REJOICE you are still winning."

"If you have no friends right now REJOICE, it's better than fake ones that take your energy. If you are lacking money work on it but also DANCE/SING! If you are alive you are winning. No matter how bad or how good life gets, never forsake this life of yours and never stop being grateful. You won't ever have the exact moment you are in right now again."



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"We need everyone for society to function. I hate when people look down on others for having a low wage or 'unskilled' job. There’s a challenge to every job and some days just getting to work is a victory. And someone has to do those jobs, so say thank you often and appreciate that we all need each other."


It all sounds simple. Why is it not?

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