People Divulge The Most Illegal Thing They Ever Did As A Teenager
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I'm assuming most of us have indulged in being naughty in our teen years.

We test the waters of society and our parent's patience.

Sometimes it's a blast, other times... you're in jail.

You gotta roll the dice.

RedditorBruh-momento10101wanted to hear the stories about the regrettable choices some of us have made in our younger years. So they asked:

"What’s the most illegal thing you’ve (allegedly) done as a teenager?"

I was such a "good" kid. I wish I had been more mischievous.


Cartoon Spinning GIFGiphy

"13 year old me was convinced I was going to get in trouble for downloading Pokemon ROM hacks."


"Uhh I’m calling Nintendo…"


Don't Point

"We would point at cops and run. When you do this, they chase you. If they catch you, they’re pissed."


"We would walk out into the street when they were coming, stop like a deer in the headlights and then run in the opposite direction. Lights, sirens and backup usually while we hide in bushes. Huge adrenaline rush at a young age."



"Broke into Old Trafford when we were 15. We had a football in a bag and intended to score a goal at the Stretford end. We got to the pitch but the joke was on us. The goals weren't up and we got taken home by the police. Didn't see the outside for a couple of weeks after that one!"


The Homepage...

"Accidentally used inspect element on the google homepage at age 9, thought I deleted google and was going to get arrested. I was waiting for the sirens to show up."


"My 5th grade son isn't allowed to use computers at school because of this. Well, that and because he was 'hacking' into other kid's profiles (weak passwords/kids are stupid and don't protect them) and changing their avatars to hamsters."



Soldering Mechanical Engineering GIF by AirspeederGiphy

"We might or might have not soldered every door lock of our school shut during summer closing time."


I never would of thought of half of these things. I missed out.

The 22nd Floor

Happy Fun GIF by gunnarollaGiphy

"Walked into a huge hotel like we owned the place, took the elevator to the top and then forced a door to find a way to the roof, sat on top of the edge of a 22 floor hotel tasting the view having drinks and food with friends. It was great."


“teenage bravery”

"My buddies and I lit a bush on fire near someone’s house. We didn’t know there was dry brush and somehow when it caught fire it ran upside the house to a dead tree and lit the house on fire. There was no one home, but all 5 of us broke into it and ran inside to check and called the 911 to tell them we broke into the house because we saw it was on fire and tried to save anyone who may have been inside."

"People who got house burned got a nice check from their insurance and a brand new home, and we got our names in small local newspaper for 'teenage bravery.' Oh man."


Under the Lights

"Me and a couple friends (back at like 11-13, all girls) played a game of truth or dare that ended up with us doing something like this. I guess it was technically illegal, too; it WAS past curfew. We were all in skimpy costumes from playing dress up, and someone got dared to throw a tampon in the window of a passing car on the main road half a block from my friend's house. Missed, and a couple rounds later I got dared to go get it back from the road and put it up my nose?"

"Now imagine three scantily clad tween girls standing under a street lamp on a corner peering out into the street when a cop drives by. Flipped on his lights and flipped a U-turn while we BOOKED it back to her house and hid behind the car in the driveway while the cop went up and down the street with his spotlight. 🤣"


Fill in the Blanks...

"When I was 6 or 7, my friends and I saw a whole slew of blank lottery forms sitting by the entry way to a store (the kind you had to use a Pencil to select your numbers so the machine could read it). We grabbed them and ran away thinking we had absconded with thousands of free lottery tickets we could sell or use. Yeah, not so much."


37 different viruses...

"Besides getting music illegally while also giving the home computer 37 different viruses? I once broke into a water park with a bunch of friends during the winter months. For those that don't know, water parks drain all the water to prevent ice from forming in the pipes. We infiltrated the park in long sleeves and long pants to prevent fiberglass burns while going down the slides."



No Way Smh GIF by Atlanta FalconsGiphy

"Used telecast, pictures, descriptions and accounts of the game without the NFL's express written consent."


Being 8

"When we were 8-9... then we would go around to the houses on the east side of town that had really nice gardens out front and pick flowers out of their front yard. Then go over to the west side of town and sell bouquets of flowers door to door for $5 each. Those old ladies ate that shit up and funded my arcade and pizza all summer long."



"When I was in my late 20s I met with a childhood friend whom while catching up on life, confessed to me that while our family were away on a camping trip, him and another friend broke into the back garage of our house when they were about 11 or 12, basically crawled under the alarm laser sensor (which they knew about on the entry way)."

"Like f**king mission impossible and stole beers out of my dads bar fridge. I actually distinctly remember my dad a bit pissed mentioning that his friend who he asked to come in to water the plants while we were away, was free to help himself to a few drinks, but not clean out his whole beer inventory."


We were dumb

"There was a rail road crossing where if you had any speed you could catch air... I launched my jeep from that xing more times than I care to admit.... actually breaking my rear leaf springs too. Looking back on it I could have very easily killed myself or someone else... and this was before the time of social media where people did crap for likes... we did crap because we were dumb."



Phone Call Hello GIF by Shalita GrantGiphy

"Me and my friends would go to a pay phone and call some call girl and the friend with the deepest voice did the talking because we were 13 at the time ...Lmao not really illegal but we felt like absolute gangsters."


On the Roof

"A store in our area had giant fiberglass mascots on the roof. one of them had a big cigar. I climbed up on the roof and unbolted the cigar. (made of wood and had a threaded bolt going through the head) A few months later they replaced it. not nearly as well made, a cut off baseball bat that had been painted and glued in place, took 30 seconds to get that one. about a year later the tried again. Didn't last. soon after that the chain made the character a non smoker."



"When I was younger my friends and I thought it would be funny to jump out from behind a building and shoot our cap guns off at a police car. Never ran harder in my life than the moment after when the police thought we were actually shooting them and came after us."


Robin is Here

"A local drug dealer got sent to prison when I was 10, me and my friends knew he had a load of stolen goods in the house. We broke in, scored 8 new PS2s, I had a serious lack of enterprise and gave them out to local kids like some sort of digital robin hood. I also fed his goldfish whilst I was in there."


Zoo Time

San Diego Lol GIF by San Diego Zoo Wildlife AllianceGiphy

"We regularly jumped the fence at our local zoo when we were high or drunk. Not to vandalize anything, just a fun place to be at night when you were shitfaced. Once we jumped the wrong fence at wound up in the ostrich area. Holy crap are they big. Never ran so fast in my life."


Oh the secrets our pasts hold. We really are dumb at a young age.

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