People Describe The Most F**ked Up Thing They've Ever Done Or Seen

People Describe The Most F**ked Up Thing They've Ever Done Or Seen
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CW: Graphic stories and experiences.

Life is full of all kinds of events.

Events and things we can never unsee.

Or actions we can never undo.

I don't know if there is any way to be prepared to see the worst of life or to find yourself involved in such things.

It all just seems to happen.

A dark twist and turn can be just around each and every corner.

Redditor Similar_Helicopter27 wanted to see who would share about some of life's darker moments, so they asked:

"What's the most f**ked up thing you’ve ever did/saw?"

I've witnessed muggings and car accidents.

That's why I try not to leave the house.

Bounced Back

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"I saw my little brother getting hit by a car and flying a few meters through the air when he was only 6 years old. Fortunately he didn’t even break a bone but damn, I‘ll never forget this."


In a matter of seconds...

"The most f**ked up thing I’ve seen was a guy who had just been in a motorcycle accident bleeding out on the side of the freeway. He was clenching onto the hand of the girl who was the driver of the car involved. She was crying hysterically. I saw his hand turn white in a matter of seconds. I remember it whenever I see someone on a bike."


Like a Movie

"I witnessed a bad car accident once. The car launched off of an overpass as I went under it. The car flipped several times. It was like something out of a movie. I was the first person on the scene, my wife called 911. It was not a pretty sight. wasn't much left of the person's body."


That's a NYC Story

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"Found a dead body on the sidewalk in front of my building on my third day living in NYC. When I told my supervisor about it at work, hoping to process it with someone, she just kind of brushed it off like 'welcome to New York.'"


Only in New York is a dead person on the street just another ordinary day.


excuse me wtf GIF by Chicago FireGiphy

"I tripped over a dead body in tall grass working an accident trying to find the missing passenger. It was 3am and raining."


It was spiritually bad

"I worked for a horse training ranch for a month when I was a kid. Me and the dude I worked with found a cow that had been dead for a while out in the field. It was bloated and gonna' blow soon. We did not engage with the cow, we weren't prepared for a clean up that day."

"When we came back prepared for cleaning the next day it had ruptured and the smell was life changing. It was spiritually bad. Since I was basically an unpaid intern, the paid guys told me to take a hike. 14 year old me took a hike. I was a hard working kid and they knew it so let me off with that one."


Poor Baby

"The photo evidence for a child murder case that they showed in court when I worked for the department of human services. The parents wanted to retain custody of their older son which is why they were involved with CPS. I was 22. There were just countless pages we had to look at while the expert witnesses explained what we were seeing. The images are burned into my brain forever, and I’ll never forget his name as long as I live. That poor baby."


The Boy

"Saw a kid I knew get hit by a car, flip through the air, jump up and picked up one of his shoes and then collapse and got airlifted out. The rest of us were sitting on the corner eating hamburgers. Never saw him again. They said he was paralyzed."

"I brought his banged up bike and glasses and shoes back to my house but they never got picked up. My dad was on the volunteer fire department and managed the Medivac landing and was first on scene because we only lived a few doors down."



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"Watching a car traveling at about 130mph in my rear view mirror almost hit me but instead hit the base of a bridge, the crunching sound then bodies flying everywhere, then total silence."


"The instant silence after so much noise is odd it is like a second but almost feels like several minutes of pure peacefulness then bam the sound is back and everything is crazy."


Well, that is a lot of nightmares being relived.

Bless you all for sharing.

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