People Break Down The Most Expensive Thing They've Ever Purchased
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You work hard for your money. You should be allowed to use it.

There's an idea that you shouldn't brag about the nice things you own, like somehow you're rubbing it all in the faces of people who could never afford it. While there's a modicum of truth, more closely related to don't be a boastful simpleton, there shouldn't be any shame in owning what you own.
You bought it! Relish in it. Odds are, you're going to be paying it off for the next 30 years, so, enjoy it while you can.

Reddit user, u/[deleted], wanted to know what you spent too much on when they asked:

What's the most expensive thing you've bought?

Being an adult means sometimes the most expensive thing you can buy, is something extremely practical and inoffensive.

Aw, That's Nice

"Diamond earrings for my mother. She believes that you can't buy diamonds for yourself, as a tradition, but no one has ever given her diamonds as a gift, so when I grew up and started earning money, I bought her earrings, she cried with happiness."


Should Have Kept It Small

"Small boat w/ trailer. Worst decision ever. I should've just gone with a kayak"


Go. Higher.

"Mountain bike. It cost more than any car I've ever owned"

"I only slightly regret the price because I should have gone higher. Yeti SB130 if you're wondering."


Treat Your Fingers

"An Ibanez Prestige guitar for 1500$. I've always played on normal priced guitars so wanted to try what the deal is with these higher priced guitars. The thing plays like a dream. Being new to a floyd rose bridge system, it is a pita but I'm sure I'll overcome this hurdle later. In case anyone is wondering, it is a model RG652AHM."


Need A Nice Thing To Type On

"That's debatable, I would probably have to say my car which was about $7,000. On the other hand if we're not counting cars probably my computer which was $3,500."


The most expensive thing you buy might not even be something you were expecting to spend a lot of money on. In fact, it might be something you didn't even plan on ever buying.

Whatever Makes You Happy

"An anime figure that cost $297 it was released in 2014​"


Something To Play On

"A ps4 at a third-world country."

"You think ps5 scalpers that sell the console for thousands of dollars are bad? That's cute. They ain't got shit on legit big stores that import the console legitimately and have to raise the price because of nasty import taxes."



"I bought a Gaming PC and the cost was like buying a Cheap Motorcycle in my country (Mexico)"

"Gaming in 3rd World Countries is hard , no wonder why everyone plays mobile games like Free Fire"


Do They Make Good Pets?

"I got pigeons as pets, 4 in total. My second pigeon I brought him (Pulgas) from a slaughter house cause I was looking for a mate for my first pigeon (Nieves). Well I ended up paying $20 for him and after a month he got really sick and we had to take him to the vet. After treatment and care the total cost was $550. And that's how I ended up with a $570 pigeon named Pulas, the little isopod of the house lol"


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Buying Something That Might Explode One Day

"A freeze dryer. This thing had an 80 lb vacuum pump that ran on mineral oil and it could drop the air pressure of its chamber to below 300mTorr and the temperature to below -50 F. It would take about 36-48 hours to freeze dry 7 lbs of food. It was an electricity hog and probably could have exploded or caused a fire if operated incorrectly."

"I kept it in my parent's garage."


Wait For The Markup

"Back when I first went out on my own, I had no idea how to manage my money. I ran out of money so often I learned how long it would take for certain stores to clear so I could make it safely to payday in case I needed to overdraft."

"On a few occasions, this didn't work out. In one instance, in particular, I was starving and decided to get a burger for 99 cents. I ended up with an overdraft. That 99 cent burger ended up totaling $33. I paid a 3,300% markup on a Jumbo Jack..."

"not the most expensive in total, but relative to value?"


Looking at all the entries, for the average person, the most valuable thing you own might be the very thing you're living in.

Or clothes. It could be your clothes?


"A divorce"


"But it was worth it"


"Marriage is grand. Divorce is 5 grand."


D And G!

"Besides my education and study abroad trips, $2,000 Dolce and Gabbana dress certified used on sale for a fraction of the price.​"


Make Them Offspring

"IVF cycles to have kids."

"Each cycle is a huge investment with heaps of hidden costs."

"Worth it in the end though."


Hurts Now. Pays You Back Later.

"a house"


"Yep! And then all the things you need to work on in the house..."


"The Great thing about a house, though, is that while it is extremely expensive (absolutely the most expensive thing I have ever purchased by far) it is almost guaranteed to make you money over time. Where I live, housing is at a premium. We bought our first home a year and a half ago and it's estimated value has already risen $70 k. It's an investment that you also get to live in and enjoy. That's not something you can say about all expensive purchases."


A Storage Unit Full Of Useless Nonsense

"I'm going to clarify the question by adding "useless" to the sentence. The obvious answers as the question stands are going to be those big ticket items like a house or car, luxury or not."

"So what's the most expensive, useless item I have ever purchased?"

"Well, maybe useless wasn't the best choice but I bought an RV with a payout received from a court case. Should have paid bills or something. I rarely use it."

"I once dropped $3500 on "dress clothes" at Macy's only to never wear them because the office I worked at wasn't business formal."

"I pay monthly for a storage unit full of stuff I don't need or want but can't manage to get rid of."

"When I get a windfall like a bonus or stimulus check, I like to go on AliExpress or Joom and buy $2-300 worth of useless crap."


Don't fret over what you own. Enjoy it. There's no reason no to be thankful you could afford it in the first place.

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