People Share Their Most Excruciating 'Oh S***' Moment They've Ever Experienced


It's just a regular day. You get up, you go about your business.

All of a sudden, something happens that changes your course abruptly, sending your heart rate into overdrive.

Whether it's sending the wrong text to the wrong person or leaving important company belongings in a public place, people were quick to share their stories after Redditor Juicyrug asked the online community, "People of Reddit, what was your biggest 'Oh s***' moment?"

"Copy/pasted some..."

Copy/pasted some, very, very descriptive dialogue from some erotica I had been writing into the group chat with all my in-laws instead of a link to a meme.


"I walked out of the kitchen..."

My wife was out of state at a funeral, leaving me with our 1 year old daughter.

I walked out of the kitchen on Sunday morning to find the baby drinking a bottle of infant Tylenol. I have no idea how she got it, or how she got the "child proof" cap off. A child size dose is only 3 ml.

Cue me calling poison control with an E.R. nurse on hold, frantically trying to put my shoes on.


"A few years ago..."

A few years ago when I was at a pretty severe low with OCD, I had this epiphany that trying to solve the thoughts and feelings never accomplished anything for me. At that moment I clearly realized that if I could just let those things spin freely separate from what I choose to think about and do, then I'd be free.

It's taken a lot of work but those principles have helped me to live the life I want.


"I got it back..."


Realizing after getting home from my first week at a new job at corporate headquarters that I left my wallet with my new company credit card, license, personal credit card, and $100 cash in the back of the seat on the airplane.

I got it back but it took a month. I had to tell my new boss that I already lost the company card, which had around a $30k limit.

Good times.


"When I was..."

When my husband was driving me to the hospital to give birth. It was such a mind f*** moment, realizing that it was the last time with just me and my husband. And the next time I would go home I would have a baby with me.


"Started panicking..."

Am a Pre-K (three year old) teacher. Started panicking because I only counted seven children following me instead of the usual 8. Thought I was going to jail and everything.

I was holding the eighth child in my arms. Mornings are fun


"I had a thyroid nodule biopsy..."

I had a thyroid nodule biopsy at the end of 2017. They said if the result was benign, they would email me.

Six days later, they called me.

(Cancer-free for 2 years on Saturday though!)


"Hot water came gushing out..."

The time I was taking a shower and the shower control broke off as I was adjusting the temperature - not just the handle, but the mechanism it controlled.

Hot water came gushing out of the wall, and there was no shut-off valve for it. The only way to stop the water was to turn off the main valve for the whole house.


"When I was..."

When I was driving home at night, I'd had Indian food for lunch and I started to feel a sudden onset of the rumbles really really bad, so I pulled over at a McDonald's, tried to get in to use the toilet, and the door was locked, even though the sign on the door said the dining area was open until 10 and it was 9:55. There was no way to get to another toilet in time.


"I was running..."

I was running laps around the football (soccer) field, and looked down for a second. The blur of my moving feet looked kinda cool, and so I stayed looking down watching it for a few bit. In retrospect, not a good idea. As I moved my head to look up, I caught a split second glimpse of the goal post before running into it face first. Went to the hospital and had a black eye for a few months.


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