People Describe The Most Evil Person They've Ever Met
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Evil walks among us.

That is a difficult fact of life.

Not everybody is a good person.

I'm trying to not be one of those people on the news who "never would've thought!"

But now and again, we're gonna end up surprised and sad.

So let's discuss the people who shooketh us.

Redditor rentinghappiness wanted to know about times we've all faced down darkness. They asked:

"Who is the most evil person you’ve ever met?"

I have met too many evil people in my days.


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"My 3 cousins went to a dentist that they found really unsettling but couldn’t pinpoint why."

"Fast forward a while, my older cousin of the three was working as an ER receptionist a few years back when a patient was rushed in very close to death after a dental appointment. My cousin found out quickly he’d come in from their old dentist for a standard tooth removal, i think 2 teeth, that should’ve taken 30 mins."

"He was in the back for TWO HOURS with his wife constantly checking in before she demanded to go back and found the dentist had completely snapped and removed ALL OF HIS TEETH and he was very near death after being under way longer than he should have. Still scares me to this day."


Daddy Issues

"Not sure about the most but my father is definitely up there spent my childhood with me my mother and older brother being beaten. Then when my brother got older and he was too big for my father to hit he started putting my brother down making him feel worthless which led to him leaving at age sixteen."

"Then my mother and I started getting the brunt of his moods and there was nothing I could do about it because he was bigger than me. But then one day when I was seventeen I realised that I was now bigger than him. I didn't hit him but being able to finally shove him away from my mother made me feel like a horrible darkness had subsided."


Good for You

"My mum had an awful ex boyfriend after she divorced my dad. He used to hit her and once he came round our house where we (me and my four brothers and sisters - all very little at the time) lived and threw a brick through our window. After she left him, he used to stare out the window at me when I walked to school and shout really gross things at me."

"I’d never done anything to this man ever. One time I was in town after school with my friends, and he saw me and shouted ‘sl*t’ at me. I flipped him the finger and walked off. He called my school and told them I’d given him the finger whilst I was in my uniform. I got called into the heads office the next day."

"She was known to be very strict and formidable and really scary. I told her what happened and how he was constantly harassing me and this stern, super posh old lady said ‘good for you, If he comes near you again let me know and we’ll call the police together’. I was stunned because I was terrified of her."


Leave me Alone...

"My sister's recent ex-boyfriend is a huge narcissist and after stabbing himself in the leg as a manipulation tactic, my sister left him and filed a restraining order. Somehow he managed to steal ALL of my sisters stuff including our deceased Grandpa's sweatshirt that got given to my sister and took her dogs ashes as well. He managed to do all this avoiding even going to her house because he paid somebody else to (showed up on the ring camera)."

"He did this to avoid any evidence. He keeps texting and calling my sister in hopes to have her talk to him which would then void the restraining order. He got in with somebody at her work and had him tell her that 'He's closer than you think.' All of this has made my sister genuinely fear for her life so she moved back in with our parents."


Die Slowly

"My ex-step father. Put my family through hell. Abusive in every manner. A total piece of sh*t. He managed to flee the country before he was arrested. To this day he is the only person I've ever met where I truly hope he dies a slow agonizing painful death. And that's all I'm going to say about it."


We are truly living amongst demons. Good Lord.

The Leader

"One of our regular customers at the grocery store where I used to work. Really cold guy. Never smiled. You'd try to engage in small talk with him at the checkout and you'd get nothing back. It turned out later he'd turned his family into a kind of cult."

"He had multiple kids with his own daughters and nieces. When the cops came to his house to take his kids away from him, he barricaded himself inside and killed nine of his kids. Just an absolutely evil man."



"Jonathon Bruce. He killed 2 kids with a pitchfork in Merced California back in the early 2000s. I went to high school with his little sister, and shared a room with him at a big church event my freshman year."



Finally he left...

"I spent a long time working with young offenders, I've also spent 4 years working in a children's home. All in I think I've worked with about 10 children who went on to commit murder. Only 2 would I say were truly evil. One lad I worked with in a children's home took a real disliking to me. Was always making threats to kill me. Not that unusual in this line of work and something I would normally shrug off."

"But this lad I believed he meant it. Thankfully he was moved on quite quickly. A few years later this teenage girl went missing, turns out she was his girlfriend at the time. As soon as I heard this I knew he had killed her. Turns out he did some pretty horrific stuff to her before murdering her. I won't go in to detail."


Speak Up

"A woman I used to know was complaining that when she went to a child's funeral the mother was crying too much and too loudly and it was 'embarrassing.' Said the mother didn't deserve to cry because she (only loosely connected to the family) was not scheduled to give a speech during the funeral."


The Bill Collector

"Was a bill collector for a department store. Called on an overdue account, well-dressed guy and lovely lady came and paid cash. A few days later I saw his photo in the newspaper. He killed his wife and kids by burning down the house. Woman who came in with to pay the debt was not his wife. Later found out he was a serial killer but was amazed at how cool and attractive he was. Why he paid that bill was a mystery."


He was super brutal...

"An old friend of mine got into drug dealing as a teen and steadily grew in power into adulthood. I had heard he was behind some deaths and beatings, at times personally doing it and other times ordering it. Dude could turn from cool to enraged in an instant, and he never regretted anything he did. He was super brutal."

"Around me he would essentially revert to himself when we were best friends from the ages of 9 to 11. I remember once I ran into him at a local bar/restaurant and he lit up, asked me to go to the arcade nearby to play games on him, so I obliged. I'll never forget a couple of his goons joining us just standing around as we played games, and one of them came over with some news and my old friend turned red and shouted 'I don't care, handle it, I am playing f**king games!!'"

"Dude could turn a whole room cold and make everyone stop laughing with a glare, was spooky, especially having known him before he became that person. He was shot to death with an uzi by a guy on a motorcycle passing by at a local bar, they never found the shooter and it was a suspected professional hit."


Sorry Mom

"Harold Shipman was my mother’s family doctor for a while. I met him once when he made a house visit to check on her after a minor operation. He was very friendly and polite but I still wonder to this day what would have happened if I hadn’t been there. Luckily my mother moved to another area shortly afterwards."



"I worked for a guy that worked as a subcontractor for a company that rhymed with Ballihurton. We rented land from a 90 year old farmer that still raised bulls to sell. We'd dump oilfield waste on that property and ended up noticing the cows getting sick and dying. Was more expensive to properly dispose of it. They'd step over a dollar to save a dime."

"The business was a shell of a shell company, if anything happened "OH NOT BALLIHURTON, HOW DARE YOU X EXCAVATION SERVICES" Nah we cleaned up oilfield waste and disposed it in the absolute cheapest way possible. My boss was the most ruthless person I'd ever met willing to do literally anything to make/save a single dollar."


She's Gone

"My old boss. She came into our store and bullied three people out of their jobs (including me) so she could hire her friends. It was maybe 5 years ago and I still think of it sometimes and get angry, because you really can't do anything, or at least I couldn't. She got a promotion afterwards and runs the flagship in LA + the Hawaii branch. Sad to see so many people lost their jobs because she doesn't care about how her actions affect other people."


Stay in Prison

"My daughter's ex-boyfriend that tried killing her when their baby (who was in the room) was 6 weeks old. He strangled her and the ER said she was second away from dying. He's currently serving his 3rd prison sentence for domestic violence. He hurts another women every time he gets out of prison."


Back Off

"Drew Peterson. Yes, the serial killer. I was waiting for a friend of my parent's and the sleezeball wouldn't quit hitting on me. He quit when my parent's friend (a fellow cop) walked in and we had dinner."


“drop off”

"I used to know a pimp who bragged to me about beating two murder charges, offered me money for my girlfriend, and explained how he would 'drop off' his girls in the woods when they didn’t want to work anymore. It was heavily implied that they were no longer alive when he dropped them off. He later went on to kill his cousin, one of my best friends, in the exact same way he had committed the first two murders."

"Currently he’s in county jail, but not for any murder charges. Worst part is I don’t think he’s the most evil person I’ve been around, he was just the most open about it. He was cold as hell and charismatic as f**k. Almost a perfect psychopath if he hadn’t been such a severe addict."



"Used to work for a chained grocery store on the East Coast. The stores would always ask for donations to some cancer charity. The donation money never went to the charity and ended up going to one of the executives to buy himself a new swimming pool at his mansion. Nothing was ever done about it and the guy ended up passing away from some rare disease - amyloidosis. Seems rather evil to trick people like that."


Well that is all disturbing. Evil never dies.

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