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Not everyone who goes to prison is a bad person; that should go without saying. The penal system is as complicated a world as any: We might as well get that out of the way right from the start.

There are some people out there though who commit crimes so heinous that they strain the mind, as we were reminded after Redditor Triggerdumliberals asked former prisoners, "Who was the most evil person there, and what did they do that was so bad?"

Warning: Some of the content ahead might be sensitive for some readers.

"My mom was locked up..."

My mom was locked up with Selena's murderer. And we all know what she did. Every Mexican woman wanted to kill her so they kept her away from everyone.


"Not sure about most evil..."

Not sure about most evil but interesting story. When I did time I was bunked up with a guy who had stabbed his uncle to death. Guy was insanely mean but when lockup came, he was super nice to me. He was 23 but couldn't read or write so we would dictate letters to his girlfriend and I would write them for him.


"They kidnapped and killed..."

When I was in the outbox the day before I was released I was hanging out with a bunch of guys just killing time.

One of them was part of a muti killing gang. They kidnapped and killed a bunch of people for body parts. And cut them off while the people where alive. It was a pretty gruesome case.

Anyways, he was really quiet and rather stupid. Just a simple farm boy type.


"There was a guy..."

English guy here, I spent 4 and a half months in prison in 2018. There was a guy who was really nice, seemed like a genuine guy. That was until I found out her strangled his drunk wife to death and left her there whilst he went to work the next morning.


"There was also a woman..."

I was locked up with Jodi Arias, so that was bizarre.

There was also a woman who murdered her baby and kept it in the freezer. We called her Maytag.


"He had killed a guy..."

Was in prison for 27 months. Unfortunately, your rapists and kiddie porn guys were mixed in to gen pop, so you would get all kinds like that everywhere. The worst one I heard of was when I was in military prison. Details are foggy because this was 13 years ago, but I remember there being a guy who got 99 years for murder. He had killed a guy, then killed the guys wife because she was home and would have been a witness, but not before assaulting her first. The whole facility got locked down every time they moved this guy, because they didn't even want the other inmates to see what he looked like.


"Heard from some other folks..."

Not exactly evil per se, but he sure as hell didn't comply with the CO's. Apparently he had refused to given them any information on himself, didn't use his phone call, and they couldn't seem to figure out who he was. Never spoke to anyone. Heard from some other folks he had been held for months. Not sure what he did, but no one seemed to wander within a few feet of him.


"A good friend of mine..."

A woman I was acquainted with in the facility I was in allegedly microwaved her child. Another woman killed her parents. A good friend of mine was forced, by her husband, to dispose of her sister's body after her husband had assaulted and murdered her.

You don't ask "why are you here". They'll tell you if they want you to know.


"She thought she could..."

Was in jail for a year. Girl who slept next to me smothered her infant child to death in a five guys bathroom because she thought the devil was going to come take him. She looked like a sweet woman, but was an unstable religious fanatic. She thought she could get away with an insanity plea as well.

Another one let her boyfriend kill her son, beat him to death and hung his dead body up because the little boy danced to music and the boyfriend thought he was gay.



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