People Describe The Most Delusional Person They've Ever Met


There are far too many people out there who live in their heads. Think about it: You've met quite a few people who seem to believe every delusional thought in their heads. They seem to exist in their own reality. How does this happen?

After Redditor CrazyCreeper asked the online community, "Who is the most delusional person you have met?" people shared their stories about the resident um... characters they've run into over the course of their lives.

"This guy that a friend of mine..."

This guy that a friend of mine tried bringing into the group. He always had to be right. You could be showing him hard evidence of something but he would say "I don't trust ____". Basically everything was an argument. Finally my friend realized they sucked and I haven't had to deal with him.


"I knew an old gentleman..."

I knew an old gentleman who believed everything he read. Everything. Of course he didn't read indiscriminately -- he had a world view -- but if you called him on something (an idea he'd gotten from his reading) he'd erupt in anger and say "BUT IT'S IN THE BOOK!"


"I once met someone..."

A REALLY rich woman who never worked a day in her life. Married for $. This was said by her not jokingly. She never joked. As we are driving thru the city...

"The problem with the homeless is they just don't know how to budget."

Her purse was probably worth more money than the homeless see in a year. She was completely disconnected from reality and living in her own little mega rich world.


"My brother believes..."


My brother believes that he should never have a GF because they always get old and only wants to be with teenagers. He is almost 40.


"There was a kid I knew..."

There was a kid I knew back when I went to high school in the US. Guy was a 5'5" (to be generous) as a junior, chubby and uncoordinated. He was also 100% sure he was going to make it to the NBA and there was no way you could reason with him on that. Never mind the fact that he got cut from the JV team, he was so sure it was going to happen that he didn't make any other fall back plans.


"One of my wife's best friends..."

One of my wife's best friends from childhood got pregnant their senior year of college in 2013 (I'll call her Jane). Jane lived with her boyfriend after the baby was born; they did both have jobs, but were living in a dicey area, on government assistance, receiving food stamps, etc.--no judgment, just painting a picture.

About a year after baby was born (2014), Jane breaks up with her boyfriend and immediately moves back in with her parents. She has continued to live there (rent-free) for the past 5-6 years.

Last year, Jane's younger sister unexpectedly got pregnant, at almost the exact same age Jane was 7 years ago--and Jane freaked out. Between social media posts and actual conversations I've heard, it's a constant barrage of: "What kind of person gets pregnant when they aren't mature enough to be a parent?!" "How are you going to afford this baby?!" "My sister is TERRIBLE with money, and she can't live with us forever!" Etc.

I should also note that Jane considers herself a "#bossbabe" (and therefore more mature than her sister, I guess) largely because of her participation in a multi-level marketing scheme that has earned her no money--but she posts almost daily on social media about her busy life as a "small business owner."


"Cops are called..."

Cops are called for a woman sitting out front of a grocery store making noise and refusing to leave. While they are talking to her, she casually pulls out a meth pipe and takes a hit.

"Are you seriously going to do that right in front of us?"

"Sure, President Lyndon Johnson gave me permission so stop bothering me."

Yeah, off she went to the State Hospital. She hadn't even been born when LBJ was president.


"I have no idea..."

My mother abused the absolute hell out me and my sister. Physically, emotionally, you name it. Life with her was non stop torture. CPS finally took our complaints seriously and we were removed from the home when we were around 15. I have been no contact since I was 16 but my sister tried to keep things civil between them until last year. One day my sister called me out of the blue in absolute hysterics. My mother apparently is completely convinced none of the abuse happened and that my sister is evil and has somehow turned me against her. She had been gaslighting my sister so badly that she had to call me just to reconfirm all the abuse had actually taken place. Silver lining: this was the event that finally convinced her to go no contact.

I have no idea how someone can do such horrendous things for such a long period of time and just have no memory of it. She has a very extreme case of BPD and we suspect also bipolar 2 because it runs in her family and she certainly displayed symptoms. She was abusing her adderall (which is a big no-no for most people with bipolar disorder) and Xanax prescription by the end of it when the abuse got really bad but that doesn't really excuse her forgetting over a decade of awful.

The craziest part is, she is extremely intelligent. She has a PhD and is well-respected amongst her peers. I check her LinkedIn occasionally, just to keep up on where she's living, and she is currently working in cancer research. No idea how she manages to pull it off.


"When I broke up..."

I dated a guy for four days, he told me he loved me, would talk complete nonsense, and told me that a painting of an angel on his wall was a sign that I was gonna come and fix his life.

When I broke up with him, he tried using our zodiac signs to explain why we shouldn't break up, except got my zodiac sign wrong.


"I knew a guy..."

I knew a guy who was a pathological liar. Constantly lying about everything to make himself look better.

Case in point; he had self-published a book. He also claimed that the New York Times called him "the voice of his generation." For that book.

Utterly insane human.


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