The Most Cringeworthy Types Of Tattoos People Always Get

The Most Cringeworthy Types Of Tattoos People Always Get
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Tattoos are a personal choice.

As a result, many people choose tattoos which have a special meaning to them, such as the name of their beloved, or an image or symbol sacred to them

It's also easy for people to judge what others choose to have inked on their body.

With certain types of tattoos almost instantly resulting in the immediate cringes of others.

Redditor saxonn_88 was eager to learn which tattoos people find to be the most insufferable, leading them to ask:
"Which type of tattoo makes you cringe the most?"

Leave Calvin Alone!

"Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes peeing on stuff."

"Except the one from Hot Rod with one stream of urine going on the TV set and one going on the FM radio with an AM radio safely dry in the middle on a magic carpet."- alanladdismydad

What Does That Say About Them...

"A defendant in the courtroom I clerked in during law school had 'homicide' tattooed on his face, over his eyebrow."

"Not a great look."- Silidon

Love At First Sight... One Hopes!

"Couple tattoos like portraits or names."

"Mostly when they proudly tell you it’s because they’ve been together for 5 months and just know they stay together forever."- Gingeraffe25

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Quickly Outdated...

"Knew of a guy once who had 'DUBSTEP' tattooed on his chest in VERY VERY large letters."

"He also insisted that dubstep was the future of music and was here to stay."- Shadesmctuba

Choose Your Words Carefully...

"Tattoos that are gifts from you to someone else."

"For example 'for your birthday, I got your birth date tattooed on me!'"

"And tattoos with spelling errors."

"Example 'were you really there if you think you were their?'"- AlexatRF21

Easy To Make Assumptions

"Nothing says 'I've been to prison for cooking Meth in my trailer' like a Joker neck or face tattoo."- Celer_Umbra

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To Infinity And Beyond...

"Former tattoo artist here, and it has to be infinity symbols."

"ESPECIALLY when they want them to be 'uNiQuE', so they have you spend three hours drawing up different ways of cramming little McKayzleigh and Brackxston’s names, birthdates, birth weights, blood types, and favorite ice cream flavors in there."

"Fine, I’ll find a way."

"I can work for my money."

'"Oh, and can it also have a thin blue line in there for my husband?'"

"Sure, lady."

“And maybe some birds breaking off of it, cause my meemaw loves birds!”

"Sighhhh. Yeah, okay."

“'And can you do it on the side of my finger in white ink?'”

"F*ck you, get out."

"Bonus points on these if they walk in holding a monogrammed Yeti tumbler full of the alcohol they’re trying to smuggle in."- rumpertumpskins

​Hickey's Are So Passé

"Lips on the neck."

"I get it, you're a gangster with an attitude problem and probably want to fight."- LooseLeaf24

No One Has Time To Read Anymore

"Sayings, especially ones that span multiple limbs/areas."

"I was in the Army with a guy from Texas that thought he was hard as woodpecker lips."

"Had ‘Cowboy The F*ck Up’ tattooed across his forearms."

"Ostensibly so if he put his fists up to fight you, you would read it and, I don’t know, be scared or something?"

"He never got in any fights that I know of."

" But due to the size he wanted it and sh*tty planning, one arm said COWBOY THE and the other arm simply read F*CK UP."

"And he immediately became known as Cowboy, the f*ck-up."- RistaRicky

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