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People Share Their Most Controversial Star Wars Takes

People Share Their Most Controversial Star Wars Takes
Daniel K Cheung on Unsplash

Ever since Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope opened on May 25, 1977, a devoted fanbase developed.

And that fanbase has opinions.

Lots and lots of opinions.

Redditor Ebo8000 wanted to know:

"What is your most controversial take on Star Wars?"



- SlamVanDamn

"But if you get past the door and close it behind you and you don’t want anyone to follow you through it…"

"…you shoot the bloody door panel!"

- treeonwheels


"Also, f*cking hell, we're in the future (or in the past), whatever, and people have better technology."

"Why put the door control RIGHT NEXT to the door? Put the door control system in a breaker box."

"Build every door so in case of malfunction they all shut closed (after all, they're in space and you don't want to lose air in decompression, do you?)"

"Shoot the breaker box, now the whole floor is closed until someone can figure out what happened."

"Almost look like those doors just exist as dramatic elements..."

- smegma_yogurt

The Past

"I’d like a film about when the Republic was at its height. 1,000 generations is 25,000 years and we’ve had 9 movies about the last 60."

- Musickat18


The Future

"Not sure if controversial but they need to take the franchise and yeet it 200 years in the future."

"I'm tired of the Empire era where they need to justify why more than 2 Jedi and 2 Sith exist at one moment alongside knowing everything is pointless until Luke leaves the farm."

- Alandrus_sun

Design Fail? No!

"The Death Stars weren't badly designed they were just badly managed."

"Yes, designing them assuming large scale assaults was stupid given the political state of the galaxy but the second Death Star wasn't even finished so that doesn't count, it's all Palpatine's fault. As for the first one that was finished, the Alliance made three runs on the exhaust port."

"The first was called off before they made it to the trench, the second failed and the third was carried out by space Jesus which isn't exactly fair."

"All in all it sounds like a fairly effective defence when you consider the design philosophy."

- Engeneus


Cool Factor

"The entire universe has a cool factor that outweighs the atrocious storytelling."

- Ozty

"Bro imagine the following movies, but if they were in Star Wars universe."

"Magnificent 7 - A Jedi, Bounty Hunter, Ex-Imperial, Pilot, Wookie, a Droid, and Lawman team up to defend a town against pirates"


"Dredd - Two Jedi climb up an apartment block to confront a new dark side user who has mental control of the entire apartment block"

"Supernatural (T.V. Show) - A Jedi and their apprentice go around and solve and defeat Dark Side Force spots—where the Force consolidates from emotions and creates foul creatures to fight"

"Top Gun - But it's you know, Wedge or something"

"Ford versus Ferrari - But it's podracing or swoop racing"

- BoutsofInsanity



"Something about the ships in the original series always felt more like real ships than in any of the later movies, despite the objectively better effects of the later films."

"Some of this is probably the use of models (i.e. actual three dimensional objects), but I think there is some critical difference in the design that makes them feel more real (probably because they were designed to be things that would actually work as models)."

"Whatever it is, I LOVED the ships in the original series and never really liked any of the new ones."

- UnspecificGravity

"The original trilogy changed the world by showing a universe in space that was dirty and lived in. The special effects from the later movies did not recognize this."

- Reddit


Boba who?

"Boba Fett is an oddly overrated background character, and even after watching The Book of Boba Fett, I don’t really care about him."

- imidoesonlyfans


"He was never a character. He was a cool helmet."

- JimPlaysGames

"He was a cool jetpack too."

- RipperFromYT


Time for the weather...

"Han is actually older than Obi-Wan due to Time Dilation."

- Snowbofreak

"Time dilation in a universe where every planet and moon has the same gravity and atmosphere?"

- suman_issei

"And just 1 biome."

- DogShampoop


"That way they only need one Weather Channel per planet."

- The_Most_Superb

"And over to Klaatu for the Tatooine weather report. Klaatu?"

"It's still sunny."

- Budsygus


These are the droids we're looking for.

"Star Wars is actually the life story of C-3PO—think about it."

- jonguy77

"I disagree. I think its R2-D2's story. He had a much greater presence in Episode 1, 2 and 3, and got the same amount of screen time as C-3PO in 4, 5 and 6."

‐ MacGregor_Rose



"Star Wars was never 'good' from a movie criticism standpoint."

"It's not meant to be super in depth, and it relies on cool visuals and action, which is completely OK."

"Like Harrison Ford said, 'it's not that kind of movie', and it shouldn't have to be."

‐ CMT-Dibbler


"When I watched 'Star Wars: A New Hope',I thought the acting was pretty bad and the writing wasn't great."

"It's the action and special effects that saved the movie. The next two were much better acted."

- Duluthian2

"To be fair, none of the actors were seasoned at that point. Carrie and Harrison had done one film each and a bunch of small TV spots. It was Mark's first film."

"Alec Guiness and Peter Cushing were the most seasoned actors, and I know the former hated being there."

"Plus I think that Lucas is really bad at getting good performances out of his actors. The best acting was always in the two that he didn't direct (Empire and Jedi)."

‐ emueller5251


Jedi Luke

"Return of the Jedi is my favorite SW film. Whenever someone says the words Star Wars my mind immediately goes to any particular scene in that movie.

"People say the movie is disjointed but every scene is memorable at the very least."

- SovietWalrus1

"I always think Luke in the Iconic black outfit with the green lightsaber."

- washyourhands--


"That whole act oozes bada**ery.

"Show up in a hood like a Jedi but dressed in black like you got some dark side too, force choke a couple guards, try to deal with Jabba, kill a rancor, make Jabba an offer he can't refuse, and just as he's about to kill you, we immediately realize this was all to plan just a second before finally getting the f'king Jedi sh*t we've been waiting three movies to see."

- PromptCritical725


Droid Emancipation

"It is shown on multiple occasions that droids are very much alive with their own personality (C3PO, R2D2, L3, K-2SO, and more)."

"It's clear robots are as alive in the Star Wars universe as any other alien race, yet they are treated worse than slaves by both the good and bad sides. C3PO and R2D2's memory being erased like its nothing, given away like slaves."

"It's quite hypocritical from the good side to treat droids like slaves yet be all goody two shoes about helping the flesh bodied creatures of the universe."

- wulfnstein85


The Big Score

"John Williams is more responsible for the success of Star Wars than George Lucas."

- BigYonsan


Fan is short for fanatic.

"Fans ruined the whole franchise."

- SeaworthinessNo5209


So, did your controversial Star Wars opinion make the list?

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