Some people seem to think that computers (and related devices) are some sort of esoteric devices which only the properly initiated can learn to use or fix. In reality, Google is tech support's best friend. An ability to follow written directions is often all that is necessary to fix most problems.

Reddit user u/spacetimematters asked:

"Tech support of Reddit, What is the most common misconception about computers?"


Oh good there are so many... I've had numerous people think you can download the site and have access even if you are offline and the data will be current.



What? You can't download the internet?



That simply dropping the company name will magically tell me what the problem is. Example:

Me: "Thank you for calling mycompany, how can I help you?"

CX: "I've got a problem with my Microsoft."

Me: "... What kind of problem are you experiencing? Is it with Microsoft Windows? Microsoft Office? Your Microsoft account?"


Me, rubbing temples: "Let me beat you with a chair rephrase the question: how is your computer misbehaving?"



Ticket title: Having a problem with my microsoft

Details: <none>

Same day
Email from tech: "Hello, can you please describe your issue in greater detail and provide a screenshot of the error?"

no reply

One day later, voicemail from tech: "Hello, this is Hackerman from IT. Just checking in to see if there's anything I can do to help with your issue. Please call back at #."

no reply

Two days later
New ticket from same user:
Still having a problem!!!!! I need to get this microsoft working PLEASE CALL URGENT URGENT!~!!!!



Once had to explain to someone when we talk about "securely erasing data"... we don't just mean empty your recycling bin as they rather smugly believed.



That you have to double click everything.



And the people who wait 2 seconds after clicking a program and get impatient, so they start hammering the mouse. Congrats Karen, you have 30 Firefox windows open now...



The fact that nobody will accept how easy it is to fix basic problems with them and let me teach them how to fix it for themselves. I learned a lot about cars from my Father In Law's motto of "I'll work for free if you get your hands dirty too" but when I tried to show him how to troubleshoot his router you'd think I asked him to kill his firstborn.


With my mom it's gotten to the point where I will refuse to help until she agrees to try to learn. To be fair, she has made huge improvements.



Tech support doesn't know everything. In fact, we Google your issue more times than not. Knowing how to Google it, and how to apply the fix, now that's where the expertise comes in.





People actually believe their monitor is the computer. Such a pain to deal with while over the phone.



I live in a small town that's basically a retirement town and I'm the unofficial IT of the town. Many of the residents refer to their monitors as "the computer" and the computer itself as "the tower". They also refuse to call them the correct things because "I think we'd know; we've been around longer than you". Like okay Lloyd, whatever you say.

Also, my favorite quote is: "I don't use the internets because I don't trust it; I only go on the Facebook and Google."



I've had to convince a lot of people that Linux is actually legal to use.


A lot of people are baffled by the idea of software being free. They equate with piracy and malware.



Updates are important. They fix problems you haven't encountered yet. They are not a conspiracy to get you to buy a new computer.

You don't need CCleaner.

Stop using internet explorer.

You don't need to google a url.

Asking you to reboot your modem is not a power trip. It serves a diagnostic purpose.

Mac users, you don't need to buy an external hard drive made for Mac. They are all the same. Format it and it will work fine.

You didn't backup your stuff? Too bad. It's gone. Your irresponsibility is not my problem.

Mom, for iTunes to share your movies to your tv, it needs to be running. I am not driving over again just to open iTunes for you.


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