People Explain Which Unrealistic Movie Tropes Annoy Them The Most


"Temporary Suspension of Disbelief" is defined as "the intentional avoidance of critical thinking or logic in examining something surreal in order to believe it for the sake of enjoyment."

Even the not-so-surreal Hollywood movies trying to be realistic demand this of an audience. And even though we are capable of suspending for the run time of the film, in our unconscious mind we know that this is some stupid, low budget crap we're looking at.

If we call attention to these moments while watching a film, we're a fun-sucking know it all.

Thankfully, someone on Reddit carved out a safe space for us to call out the ridiculous moments in a movie that we let slide. Once banished to the back of the mind, people jumped at the chance to dredge them up and describe the mechanisms of the dumbest moments on screen.

No genre, era, or budget is safe. These people are watching Hollywood like HAWKS.

SheeshaAddict asked, "What is something unrealistic that you often see in movies that annoys the hell out of you?"

Wasn't in the Budget

"The bit in a car chase where somebody on a bike does a cool slide under something and just carries on. I've done a not cool version of that and what actually happens is your left leg is pinned between tarmac and a quarter of a ton of hot metal. You aren't walking it off and the bike is ruined because you just ripped off the gear lever."

-- Dydey

"Nice Hacking, Dude!"

"Give me a second, these firewalls are practically unbreakable... let me just.... bypass the the... aggressive typing now to just.... and I'm in!" slams the enter key and turns to the protagonist with a grin."

"I wish hacking a multi-million dollar security system was that easy."

-- mr_pablo_



"Hospital shows where they shock a flat line. It's a non-shock able rhythm. And the patients miraculously pick up a rhythm after 1-2 shocks and the patient is awake and talking." -- Carriebou73

"I also get angry when they run through 30 seconds of compressions and call it." -- CanadianTimberWolfx

The Timing Was Bad

"When hero misses the perfect opportunity to kill the villain like a hundred times. Then villain does something to the hero's family and all of a sudden the hero decides to make it his life's mission to kill the villain." -- crunchypotato3

All About the Clang, Baby

"'Sword-fighting' in movies which is just very large swings, turning around, half-swording and hitting each others' sword to make a nice 'clang.'" -- silma85

"Because it's more sensory data that puts you into a scene you would otherwise be removed from. Especially useful when the scenes change. Ever notice how often horse sounds are used in cuts where sound precedes the visuals?" -- A_Joyful_Noise

"Hey, Can We Talk About All the Other People in the Circle?"

"When 2 people walk 5 feet away from the group and have a conversation at full volume, yet somehow no one in the group can seem to hear anymore." -- bbwalkinn

"Alternately, two people in a crowded nightclub having a casual conversation without raising their voices." -- Gaeel

Catastrophes Only Come in Threes

"Every time a group of people is looking at a map/diagram/graph, the leader/scientist/genius says: 'here, here and here.' Three times. Always."

"Who does that?" -- instavio

"Alright alright alright." -- F3rgy

"(Points to list of movies)"

"'You can see examples of this here, here, and here.'" -- Billionairez

Guess Alcoholics are Different in LA...

"People being alcoholics and yet having a perfect body." -- kpillai332

"Alcoholic here. Often alcoholics will not eat for long periods of time because anything that's in your stomach detracts from the effectiveness of your alcohol. I lose a ton of weight when I'm going through long bought a of drinking." -- messyandpieceyeffect

Was in the Budget

"Massive breakfast made, and family or family member rushes out with a piece of toast." -- SparkaJoyo

"Family breakfast in general. Maybe it's just me, but I don't know anyone who wakes up, has time to get dressed, ready, kids ready, and then sit down to a massive family breakfast before their day starts unless they are up at 5:30 am." -- dashopppa

"Hey Guys, I Bought Baguettes. I Always Get Baguettes. I Love Baguettes."

"Every single person who buys groceries has a random baguette sticking out of the bag." -- babywoovie

"Honorable mention: the carrot and its leaves sticking out." -- NovaScotiaa

BOOM Roasted

"Explosions. Fireballs are from pyrotechnics and they look cool, but they look nothing like real explosions from bombs or grenades." -- Splitso

"And launch people 10 feet away for no reason." -- Sack_J_Pedicy

"I'm in school for VFX, and my dynamics teacher told us that you can make the most realistic simulation possible, that adheres to physics and natural law, and your supervisor will lean over your shoulder and go, 'Make it look cooler.'" -- IcedBanana

Imagine Entire Scenes Dedicated to Ears Ringing

"Firing a weapon and continuing with your conversation." -- Happy8Day

"That's a big one. Fire a gun inside your car and you aren't hearing for a while. I was at an indoor range firing a rifle once and, even with ear plugs and ear muffs, my ears still hurt." -- mostlygray


"I've noticed in a lot of movies they will let someone into their house but don't shut the front door." -- tdj8

"Also, no one ever EVER shuts a gate! I was raised in the country with animals. Shutting gates was drilled into me a whole lot deeper than table manners. Are these people insane?" -- durholz

"And folks answer the door when someone knocks like they were standing right beside it." -- kaapstad2018

What About the Dweebs?!

"How male scientists look like mad scientists and female scientists are all super models." -- WeebFromIIT

"Drives me nuts. Where's the unkempt ladies in pajamas with crazy hair and a wall of animal cages and stacks of paper and test tubes everywhere who yammer on about formulas and cats? I feel underrepresented." -- nezumysh

They Crunched the Numbers Off Screen

"Kinda related to the science thing: if there's something a movie can't explain it's always nano or quantum whatever ... Like because it's a 'Nanosuit that's going to explain why the protagonist can fly." -- Trinenox

Vomit is NOT Heroic

"Movies don't understand how squishy our brains are and how easily we get concussions. Like most action movies when the hero survives a fall, or iron man landing really hard, a lot of car wrecks and so on."

"In reality should have probably ended up in the protagonist being dizzy and throwing up."

-- OwenHanninen

No Respect for Rigor Mortis

"People found dead with their mouth and eyes closed, looking like they're sleeping... Yeah, that's not how it works." -- Chimnas

"Yeah, first time (only time so far) I saw someone die, we went to close their eyes, but nope. I hadn't realized it wasn't like the movies. I imagine they do it so the actors can get a break from trying not to blink while playing dead." -- Bronzefeather

"And you'd have to resuscitate if you find someone. Only a doctor can actually make a decision. And they don't just touch the Aorta for 3 seconds and announce, "He's dead, Jim.'" -- rtfmpls

Internal Bleeding Be Damned

"Fight scenes."

"Most real fights are over in 30 seconds. In movies and TV they take several kicks to the head, kidney punches, the odd chair broken over your back, maybe get choked, even get stabbed - and presto - still keep on fighting!"

"Usually they're completely unaffected and doing something that would be impossible to do just seconds after."

-- DarkPasta

Set in a Time of Efficient Bureaucracy

"How quickly the court systems work in movies, usually it takes months if not years to settle most major crimes in court."

"And how fast they can do forensics. A lot of places have things sent out to a lab or specialist and it usually takes longer than 5 minutes."

-- theblondechik06

A Nosedive Down the Poop Tubes

"Laxatives taking effect in like three seconds." -- namu24

"Maybe not 3 seconds, but I can have a cuppa joe and 5 minutes later I'll be running for the throne." -- JustAnotherLemonTree

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