People Describe The Most Annoying Things Drivers Do On The Road
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Driving can be extremely relaxing and liberating.

Being out on the open road, blasting your favorite music, ideally with a dreamy final destination.

But driving still comes with its share of stress and frustrations.

Namely other drivers, and the irritating, sometimes reckless and dangerous behavior they exhibit on the road.

Redditor xplorerex was curious to hear the things people hate most that drivers ahead of them or behind them do on the road, leading them to ask:

"What is the most annoying thing other road users do that irritates you?"

Is Anyone In That Big A Hurry?

"People that pass you and then turn in at the very next road."

"Like they couldn't wait five more seconds."- p38-lightning

We Can See You Coming From A Mile Away!

"High beams on while driving towards oncoming traffic."- AteTooMuchBoneMarrow

Slow And Steady Doesn't Always Win The Race...

"Not using the on ramp to get up to speed or close to what the traffic is going at."- yankstraveler

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Between A Rock And A Hard Place

"Being stuck behind someone doing 10 under the speed limit, AND THEN another dude ON YOUR @SS trying to get you to speed up like there ISN'T A F*CKING CAR IN FRONT OF ME!"

"Whew I guess I needed to get that one out."- sorvis

A Heads Up Would Be Nice!

"Not indicating, just pulling in front, turning etc without indicating, it's bad driving and lack of consideration."- mazdanc

Make Up Your Mind!!!

'Speed up when I'm trying to pass when just before they were going 10 under."

"Makes me hate humanity sometimes."- darkmauveshore

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Some People Shouldn't Be Behind The Wheel

"Not one thing specifically, but just overall awareness, and the willingness to BE aware."

"Stop driving like dumba**es, get off your phones, pay attention."

"It's not that hard, and it should be MUCH easier than it is to LOSE your drivers license."

"I was in a life-threatening motorcycle accident a couple years ago and you wanna know why? "

"Someone turned the WRONG WAY on a one-way street and hit me head-on."

'Did she lose her license?"

"Of course not."

"A drivers license IS NOT a right, it's a privilege, and I'm so f*cking tired of lazy drivers."- BootyfulMiami

These Rules Exist For A Reason

"Not using turn signal."

"Driving at non-passing speeds in the passing lane."

"Making right turns without getting over to the right."- ProfitsOfProphets

Always Needing To Be Top Dog...

"When I'm behind someone in the passing/acceleration lane going the same speed as the car in the right lane, and they just stay neck in neck for eternity."- meanyapickles

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Those Lanes Are There For A Reason

"Driving on the emergency lane."

"An ambulance once didn't make it in time to a man in dire need of first aid during a traffic jam."

"The emergency lane was also completely jammed because some thought they were too good to wait in traffic and went there instead."

"I genuinely hope all of them total their cars while surviving with annoying injuries."- Simplordx69

Your parents warned you to keep your "eyes on the road" for a reason.

You never know what you may encounter while driving, no matter how long or short the distance.

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