The term "fan" is believed to be derived from "fanatic" or "fanatical.

Meaning "a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal".

Indeed, some fans simply can't hide their excitement for their favorite franchises, sports teams, recording artists, or political figures, no matter how hard they try.

Resulting in the birth of such monikers as "Trekkies", "Beliebers", or "Cumberb*tches."

And while these passionate, some might say obsessive, fan bases often find compatriots at conventions, premieres and meet-ups, those unfamiliar with the apples of their respective eyes might be confused by their level of fandom, if not down right annoyed.

Redditor Nuclear_diarrhrea was curious to hear the fan bases which others feel needed to take it down a notch (or more!), leading them to ask:
"What is the most annoying fan base?"

Crime Enthusiasts

"This will probably get buried, but back in 2012-2015 I was in the Creepypasta Fandom."

"The people in that Fandom were psychotic, it was crazy."- ElenoaL

"Serial killer fans."- xcxaxsxpxexr

Bring On The Clap-Backs...

"The fanbase of Rupauls Drag Race is pretty notorious for sending death threats to the hard working talented people they’re supposed to be a fan of."- rubenblom

Rupauls Drag Race Reaction GIFGiphy

All Of Them. Literally, ALL OF THEM!

"Any fan base if you go deep enough."

"Just go to one of those subs for a small Netflix show you’ve binged in a day."- qwerty12qwerty

"Evil Is Out There"... It's The Fans!

"Coming from a genuine fan of the show, I think that the Supernatural fanbase needs to pipe the f*ck down."- AaryanKearns

My Favorite Group Is Better Than Yours!!!

"Kpop fans who take things a bit too far."

"I had friends who'd have fights over who is 'worthy' to be called the wife of one of the kpop idols, no they weren't joking."- Caprisal

K Pop Reaction GIFGiphy

Hence The State Of American Politics...

"Politicians' fan base."- NikinhoRobo

It's A Hedgehog Guys...

"Sonic fans are always a gamble."

"They can be so god damn wholesome and nice but then you got the f*cking weirdos."

"I don’t mean the kids who make fan characters."

"I personally don’t know why they are hated I find it to be wholesome seeing kids make art based of their interests."

"Im talking about the people who rage over any criticism towards the games, comics, developers, etc."- CaptainCringeOng

You Know They've Gone Too Far When They Name Themselves...

"I'm put off by any fanbase that has a collective name."

"'The B-Hive' and so forth."

"In almost every case it feels really forced."

"Football (soccer) Twitter is full of d*ckheads too.'

'The further away from the team's home ground they live, the worse they get.'

Euro 2016 England GIF by SporzaGiphy

Techno Wars

"Playstation VS Xbox ."

'iPhone vs Android."

"Those people."- L33HDX

There's nothing wrong being a fan of someone or something, no matter how fanatical you get.

Though it would be in everyone's best interest to learn how to temper those feelings around others, as not everyone will share your passionate feelings.

Just ask any Yankees fan who's dared to wear their team's cap in Boston...

There is nothing people hate more than when a major turning point in their favorite TV show is spoiled for them.

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The anger of these devoted viewers becomes more and more ironic with each passing year, as they eagerly rewatch these shows on a semi-regular basis.

Despite knowing every possible twist, turn, surprise kiss, or unexpected death.

This time, however, they don't care, as the mark of a good show is one that creates a world we just want to reenter over and over again.

Perhaps the lack of any possible "spoilers" only increases our enjoyment.

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