People Explain Which Things Have Simultaneously Gotten Worse And More Expensive


Yes, everyone knows that inflation is a thing. Prices will inevitably rise over time as the value of the dollar drops. But why does it seem that so many things are rising to a cost far above that which inflation would account for?

A recent Reddit thread took aim at the most heinous gouging examples around. Comments spanned industries, covering retail, education, service, and even abstract inalienable rights.

Besides lamenting about the exponential price increases of their once favorite products, these Redditors elaborated on a marked decrease in quality all the while. According to these responses, a double whammy has been in the works for years, right under our noses: prices higher, quality lower.

A thread like this will not change the profit motives of corporations or achieve just pricing. But you will feel a little less crazy when you could swear that once-loved snack used to be bigger and better.

littleallred008 asked, "What has simultaneously gotten worse and more expensive?"

Declining Cups

"i swear that reese's peanut butter cups have gotten sh***ier over the years. the peanut butter seems chalkier and the chocolate tastes blander."

"plus i can't ever seem to pry them out of that little cup wrapper without leaving the bottom chocolate 'skin' stuck to it..."

"i think the push to put them in the freezer and eat them chilled is a ploy to cover the declining quality"

-- thatstupidthing

The Perks are Waning

"Cable television. More commercials, channels upon channels of crap, ridiculous bill." -- lunari_moonari

"I remember when you could watch a show on cable without any commercials. That was it's big selling point." -- happyends

"I haven't had cable since I moved into the apartment I'm in now like 4 years ago. It wasn't included, and I wasn't gonna pay for it. I went and visited my parents, and holy sh!t the amount of commercials..."

"I don't even know how you can follow the plot on a show when it goes to commercial for 2 minutes every 5 minutes. It's obnoxious." -- bguzewicz

Location, Location, Location

"as someone shopping for a house, I have to say homes."

"not only has the real estate market been ridiculously inflated (especially in NYC, my residence), I'm finding that the actual quality of a lot of these homes are absolute sh**. Due to the ability to find and source cheap materials and labor, developers are able to make huge profits off high prices and low costs."

"It's making me really rethink if I want buy a house, or just use all that money to aggressively invest."

-- orange_cuse

Fast Fashion

"Clothes, very few companies make clothes to last and fast fashion is rising while the cost of items continue to increase!" -- Longest_YeahBoi_Ever

"This is the exact reason why I'm now slowly teaching myself to make my own clothes." -- leyr_herwi

"As someone who works a lot with this industry dealing primarily with the e-commerce side fast fashion is a mess and being profitable is insanely tough."

"It makes perfect sense prices go up because making a profit really becomes harder and harder in that industry." -- msg_me_about_ure_day

Bogus Scents

"Scented candles, Yankee Candle in particular used to be the candle that was considered premium. But while they've never been cheap at least a while ago it was worth the money."

"But now they're just exorbitant in price, they don't smell like they used to, and they are not worth the money."

-- llcucf80

A Recent Consumer Landscape

"Privacy and anonymity" -- clit-eastwould

"Back in the day it was considered appropriate to keep your life and your problems private. Try doing that now and everybody seems to think there's something wrong with you." -- WCC5D1F0E

"We willingly, and in most cases, gladly gave those up in the name of convenient 'services' provided to us by our corporate overlords." -- Lagduf

Technology's Race to the Bottom

"Photo booths! Oh the old ones were so cool! Four different real photos for 1 dollar. - Now you pay $ 7 for four identical bad laser prints." -- aSadGirlsTongue

"Just wait until you try to book one for a wedding. $1500 for an iPad on a stick with a ring light and printer for 4 hours." -- Donalds_neckfat

"This is why we bought all the supplies and just made one ourselves, super easily. Literally bought a backdrop & frame, all the fancy lighting, props, tablet, tablet stand, color printer, and even the little clicker thing to press when to take the photo."

"All of that off of Amazon, for less than 1/3 the price we were quoted to rent one from a company. And now we have a photobooth lol. We can be that cool couple that can bring a whole photobooth setup anytime we're invited to our friends'weddings, parties, events, etc." -- Rachelalala


"College tuition. When I hear college used to be paid with a summer job, my eyes get watery. I'm a college student." -- MsMeself

"I didn't pay for mine on a summer job but worked nights and lived alone and could take 3 classes a semester + summer classes (and paid 1/3 rent) with the money i made" -- DpvReno

"I loved law school and the friends I made and the experiences I had, and I worked my @ss off for it and to pass the bar. I'm about 90% sure I'd give up the degree and the right to ever again be an attorney if the loans would go away." -- AtheistDuck

Coerced Dieting?

"Ice cream containers that were originally one-half gallon have been 'shrinking.'"

"They went from 64 oz. to 56 oz and now 48 oz. - but the price hasn't 'shrunk' (it's been increasing steadily) and the quality often isn't as good as it used to be when containers were a true half-gallon."

-- Back2Bach

Air Pockets

"Size of bags of chips" -- Akoni_8

"I mean the bags have gotten bigger, but suddenly they need to sell you more air as well" -- i_f***in_luv_it_mate

"The big ones used to all be at least 300 grams and nowadays they're 180-220 grams, I can go through a whole bag on my own now over the course of a single tv show which definitely wasn't the case before." -- civodar

Tips Straight From the Source

"Big Macs. That burger 'patty' is a stones throw away from being a slice of roast beef." -- badmangoodguy

"Just order a double quarter and ask them to make it like a Big Mac. It's more expensive but the quality goes up."

"I work at McDonalds." -- GrizzlyEagleScout

Geographic Monopolies

"Cable/ Internet providers. Oh yes sorry your trial period was over, your bill went up 200 dollars. Oh no we didn't promise you 200mb/s download speed constantly, we said UP TO. read the fine print :D" -- demonardvark

"A good way to get back at them is to cut a service when they raise the price. If they double down and raise that too claiming you had a bundle then cancel and go to another cable provider. That's the only way these f***ers learn." -- nachoz05

Just Terrible Timing

"My university education, specifically this year. They are raising tuition AND fall semester has no in-person sessions." -- BlueKnightBrownHorse

"I don't envy college students during this crisis. I would be pissed, especially if I had a major dependant on university facilities (labs, etc.). I honestly would highly consider a gap year (or two)." -- Benjammn

"Just as a note - I'm a professor and putting together an online class is SO MUCH MORE WORK. Trying to figure out how to have a discussion, how to get students to pay attention when you're competing with ESPN, shopping and porn."

"We all hate it." -- wishfuldancer

Mourning the Slabs

"Ice cream with fudge in it. Used to get massive slabs of fudge now they just have tiny nuggets." -- ThatFinnishGu

"I can pretty much only stand to buy Ben and Jerry's these days. It ruined other 'frozen dairy desserts' for me." -- marvlyn

"RIP Moose Tracks" -- neo1piv014

The Colonel is Slippin'

"I'm sure this will get overlooked but KFC. I remember growing up a whole family could eat there and it was great! Now it's just garbage, super greasy, and will cost you an arm and a leg for a dang bucket of chicken."

"They have gotten way worse and the price has went up."

-- rprider1a1a2435

Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

"Certain house appliances."

"My grandma has had the same fridge for 40 years. My parents recently had to replace theirs. It's their third in 20 years."

-- I_hate_traveling

A Painful Trend

"Face razors. They had it perfected with double edge blades in a metal razor. Cheap and incredible shaves. Modern plastic disposable razors are worse on your skin, give a worse shave, and grotesquely expensive."

"They are nothing more than monopolies controlling the availability and accessibility. When you go to the razor section at the store you can only choose from their garbage."

"I give double edged metal razors to men and women loves ones as gifts and universally their minds are blown realizing how much better and less expensive they are."

-- ssshield

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