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Every time we leave our bed, exit our house, and join daily life out in the world, we incur countless risks to our health. If we think hard enough, it's a wonder we don't get hurt--or even die--way more often.

Thankfully, we don't. We've made it this far, and, for the most part, we'll make it many more years.

But just in case you were ready to forget all those dangers, a recent Reddit thread reminded just which specific threats we avoid regularly.

The list isn't to merely spook you, however. Instead, think of it as a guidebook on the dangers you forgot to take into account.

Redditor Ok-Lingonberry-2079 asked:

"What's more dangerous than it appears it be?"

Many discussed the dangers that may not necessarily lurk in every day life, depending where you live. The natural world is full of threats and sudden terrors.

Don't Take the Ocean for Granted

"The beach."

"If you don't know the signs of a rip current and what to do if caught in one, it can be easy to panic and drown."

"If you're getting pulled out to sea, swim parallel (thanks, person who spotted that wrong word) to the shoreline. You'll get out of the current. Then swim towards shore."

-- The_Tell_Tale_Heart

Hooking the Big One

"Deep sea fishing. Know of guy who was strapped to the fishing rod, before being harnessed to the seat. He got a big bite and the fish pulled him over the side of the boat and under. His body was never recovered."

-- Age-Zealousideal

Stubby Legs That HAUL

"Hippos" -- the_Unterstrich_

"The only animal Steve Irwin ever admitted to being afraid of" -- xandrenia

"Up to 30km/hour on land baby" -- HyperSoniic

"Bro FU** hippos" -- Xaosia

Nooooo But They're So Cute

"The platypus. They have a stinger. Full of venom. Platypuses are venomous" -- Global_Box_7935

"Curse you Perry the Venomous Platypus!" -- EmpoleonDynamite

"It's only the male Platypus who has the venomous spur on their foot but that's just a fun fact. Still don't touch wild animals." -- quietmedium-

A Misleading Grace

"Swans. All of that fluffy, nice stuff about them is misleading. They are vicious little bastard's." -- Scallywagstv2

"I don't know why art has romanticized swans. They are one oar with geese as horrible avian bastards." -- BurnTheOrange

Others chose to highlight the very common daily actions we do. These examples are sure to make you a bit more paranoid, unfortunately.

Forced to Trust So Many Other Drivers

"riding in a car..." -- Williams84000

"Just wanted to say the same, you beat me to it. Cars in general, I would even say. These machines are objectively driving death penalties, but we love them, so - yay?" -- Esist1996

"Breaks went out my car today 1 minute before I got on the Thruway, this comment is too relatable" -- polarbearik

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Happens Fast

"pools, especially with no supervision from someone who's been trained. I'm a lifeguard, and someone actually nearly drowned at my pool this week maybe 6 feet away from the lifeguard stand because her parents looked away to chat with some other parents for just a few minutes."

"Drowning isn't what it looks like in the movies: it's often silent."

-- -flymetothemoon-


"Sugar. Addictive as fu**, added to every meal and drink. Responsible for so many health issues but so anchored in our eating habits we give it to kids as a reward."

-- MrAskone

Others chose to talk about machinery and hardware that plenty of people might work with despite having minimal knowledge.

Their examples warn us to be a little more open to hiring an expert.

Grind, Buff, Zing

"A bench grinder with a buffing wheel. That machine will grab anything and make it into a missile if you aren't careful."

-- House_of_Mirrors


"GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS!!!!" -- plazzman

"Omg of my springs broke as I opened it. Holy f**k it sounded like a cannon shot off. I'm so lucky it didn't hit me or my dogs. We would have not survived that. Scares me to this day." -- AtonalPiano

"For real. I try do DIY everything I can around the house, but garage door springs are on my list of stuff I'll never mess with." -- cparks1

Complicated and Charged

"Electrical currents. Unless you're trained, just hire someone else. Those few hundred dollars to fix your wires are far cheaper than the few thousand to fix your heart."

-- MaskedNavajo

The Poison We Choose

"Alcohol. It's portrayed as something fun and easy going but you can honestly lose control so fast, it's scary."

-- the_red_empress

Momentum is Key

"Cutting off 18 wheelers. 80,000 pounds isn't going to stop on a dime." -- Knightraiderdewd

"And if you zip in front of a truck like that, the driver can't see you over the hood. Give trucks a lot of space on the road." -- Guvnuh_T_Boggs

Groove Hazards

"Dancing in socks on a hardwood floor."

"That's how I tore my ACL, and I needed immediate surgery. 3 months later and I'm still learning how to walk again."

-- highpreistess666

Neglecting the Body

"Sleep deprivation" -- Kanguin

"I used to deal with involuntary sleep deprivation when I was in college. Had to work Nights and get up at 5 am to leave at 6.. AWFUL time that was." -- MonkeyDParry

So just in case you were looking for a legitimate reason to never leave your bed in the morning, now you have one.

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