Morbid People Admit What They'd Ask The Grim Reaper If They Ever Met Him

Only two things in life are inevitable: death and taxes. With tax time approaching, let's address the other thing, death.

Reddit user sweetestdeth asked "Other than begging him not to take your life, what is one thing you'd ask the Grim Reaper?"

Here are the last questions people wanted to posit when faced with the embodiment of death.

An Interesting Proposition

I'm not begging, that has to have been tried a million times before.

I'm not fighting him either, sure that's been done.

I'm asking him on a date and halfway trough, tell him I feel we're the real deal and I want to have his babies.

Ask the Deep Questions

Is there life with civilizations on other planets/was there? Are you their grim reaper of is there another one for that planet?

I'd have so many questions


Are you looking for an intern or anything?

This Sounds Oddly Familiar...

Challenge and defeat him in a game of Battleship, then Clue, then Twister at which point he will be forced to take me to heaven so I can meet God.

Then after I recite some Poison lyrics to prove I know the meaning of life God will introduce me to the most brilliant scientist in the Universe, who will assist me in building a good robot version of myself to fight an evil robot version of myself and save my girlfriend from being blown up on stage at the battle of the bands.

Self-care is Vital

How are you? Like, overall?

I'm sure being death itself has a mental toll similar to being an ER doctor.

She's only 96

"What deal did you make with Betty White?"

Cheeseburger Bribe

"Before we go, how about we get a cheeseburger and a beer? I'm buying."

Who Reaps the Reaper?

"Eventually, will something have to reap you?"

Family Time

I'd ask him what my grandpa was like. He died before I was born. My dad loves him fiercely, but he misses him so much that he can't talk about him. He was well known in our homeland, both famous and infamous in his career, but I'm so far away and the people who knew him are either dead or dying or senile. I feel like I was robbed, never having met the man who decided my father's destiny, and in turn mine. And even though I've never met him, I miss him.


How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?

That should keep him busy (trying to figure out what I'm babbling about).

Mean Guy

Can ya claim that mean bus driver who shouted at me because my ticket was crumpled?

Not Flying Solo

Can I bring a friend?

Celebrity Deadpool

Grim Reaper, why do you keep taking all of our beloved celebrities and leave the garbage ones to die of extreme old age?

Points for Creativity

What was the weirdest way you've taken somebody?

Saying Farewell

Before you take me, can I see my loved ones one last time?

Unsolved Mysteries

Since they (the Grim Reaper) were there, who killed Biggie and Tupac?

Buy You a Drink?

For some reason I think of the Grim Reaper as a lady.

I'd love to take her out for drinks. I'm sure she has billions of stories and nobody to share them with.

One Last Instagram Selfie

Can I take a picture with your scythe?

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