People Are Disgusted By Viral Photo Of 'Monster' Energy Ham—But Don't Freak Out Just Yet

On October 30, 2018, a photo featuring what appeared to be caffeinated Monster Energy Drink-branded ham went viral on Twitter, and not because it looked delicious. Monster Energy Drink is considered by many to be a lackluster beverage, which pummels your body with huge amounts of sugar without much nutritional value to speak of. The idea that the people behind that product would go on to produce a tasty ham was both hilarious and terrifying.

The sight of "Monster Energy Ham" had many people reacting in a similar way:

What fresh horrors has mankind released upon the world?

There's simply no escaping the Monster Ham.

The only thing more frightening than Monster Energy Ham is what might come next...

To be fair, however, gamers (who often drink Monster) might love to drop some of this ham onto their lunches.

There was even one Twitter user who seemed genuinely interested in picking some up at the supermarket.

Unfortunately for Brendon Hope, an investigation by revealed that the picture was a joke created by graphic designer Adam Padilla, aka Adam.The.Creator. On his original version of the photo, you can even see the watermark for the online meme-studio he used to manipulate an ordinary picture of ham into this monstrosity:

Twitter was immensely relieved!

In hindsight, we probably should have known the images weren't real when we saw the Gerber "Hard Baby Fuel" by Monster. Some things are just beyond believing.

H/T - Snopes, Buzzfeed

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