People Break Down The Moment They Realized 'I'm Old'
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Absolutely none of us are getting any younger - and Reddit is here to make sure we don't forget that fact.

Which, ya know, is nice and not at all a bummer that's contributing to my existential crisis.

*eye twitch*

Reddit user AtopTaniquetil asked:

"What was that moment when you realized 'Well, it's official, I'm old.' ?"

And ... uhhh ... yeah.

I'm exponentially old, fam.

The Classics

"When the classic rock station started playing Black Hole Sun. That hurt my heart."

- Cheezslap

"I'm only 35 and when they play 90's music I just scream at the radio in my car 'NOOOOOO. NO. NO. NO. That is NOT classic music!' "

- Tchefy

"That's akin to them playing 60s music in the 90s, so it makes sense and all. But it does feel weird for sure."

- appleparkfive

"On a related note, when TV ads for homeowners insurance and heart medicine started using songs that were hits when I was a kid. See: that Geico commercial with 'Whoop There It Is.' "

- notfromvenus42

Look It Up

"When I had to look up common slang terms."

- EspressoBooksCats

"Well, I'm 20 and I have the same problem. I don't know how I should feel about that."

- TigerTygris

"My 9 year old niece recently explained 'yeet' to me."

- Thirty_Helens_Agree

"The lord yeeteth and the lord yoinketh away."

- JaZoray

The Great Divide

"When my friends started getting pregnant on purpose."

- HabitualEnthusiast

"The age divide between 'oh, you’re pregnant…what are you going to do?' and 'oh, you’re pregnant, that’s so great!' is weird."

- timesuck897

"There's two ends to that divide."

"When the friends are in their 40s it goes back to 'are we happy about that?' - that's when you're officially old old."

- deagh

The Ancient Stories

"I was teaching a virtual class to 2nd graders about different types of wildlife. Got to the topic of coyotes and asked the class:"

" 'Who has seen Looney Tunes, with Wile E. Coyote and the roadrunner?' "

"Only like 3 kids knew anything about it."

- QueenoftheSundance

"Was just reading an AITA the other day when Teddy Ruxpin was brought up in the comments."

"There were way too many people thinking it was a real person and 'never heard of him.' "

"I felt sad."

- LadyBug_0570

"I’m an elementary school counselor. None of the kids I work with have ever heard of Barney the dinosaur. So wild to me as that was a core part of my childhood."

- emshlaf

Friday Night

"It's 20:20 on a Friday night. I've been in bed watching a documentary whilst eating pringles for an hour now."

- Reasonable_Tax5325

"This is it for me. I knew I was old when I was relieved to come home and quietly play video games on a Friday night."

"I still go out, but pick and choose my battles now."

- webtwopointno

"It's 18:46 here and I just did errands and am in for the night. I need to go to the post office tomorrow. Wheee!"

- auntiepink

In Bed

"I pulled a muscle in bed ... while sleeping."

- benny86

"My sympathies."

"Last year I did something while sleeping to my knee. Went to bed OK, woke up and could barely walk."

"I was out of action for three weeks - had to hobble around, couldn't drive. So old."

- mittens11111

"This happened to me twice this week. Two different muscles."

- Whatwhyohhh

Stranger Danger

"Whenever I went to family gatherings and the older people there would talk to me and I’d be like 'Who are you?' ”

"Well, now I’ve gotten to the point where I go say hi to the kids and ask them how they’re doing and they look at me like I’m a complete stranger."

- Punny-Aggron

"When I was younger, my parents' friends (complete strangers to me), would always come up to me like:"

" 'Oh, you're so grown, I remember when you were a baby and I used to babysit you all the time...' or whatever memory they had of me."

"I'd stand there, uncomfortably smiling like 'Uh-huh... okay.' "

"A few years back my old roommate from college had a birthday party. Her oldest daughter was there."

"I found myself doing the 'OMG, you're so grown. I remember when your mother told me she was pregnant with you!' thing.
And damned if that girl didn't give me the same uncomfortable smile and 'Uh-huh... okay.' "

- LadyBug_0570

Too Young

"I was on a train with my mom once when I was a teenager. The train stopped at a naval base and the train was immediately filled with young sailors on leave."

"My mom said 'Well, I know I’m old because I don’t see guys, I see sons.' ”

"Fast forward to now. I was at an event recently and there was a shot girl/waitress walking around selling shots."

"I thought 'Welp, I know I'm old because I don’t see a babe, I see my nieces’ friends.' ”

- Thirty_Helens_Agree

"All the time. Cops, doctors, engineers, they’re all starting to look like kids."

"Also a bunch of my friends are grandparents now."

- Coupeonzs

"I saw a UPS driver and my first thought was that he looked too young to drive."

- StabbyPants


"When I realized how much I hate teenagers and how I perceive them to ruin pretty much everything they touch for everyone else."

- Timbhead

"I’m 23 and I hate teenagers"

- JustCallMeJinx

"I'm 14 and hate teenagers"

- powerMastR24

"I've felt that way since I was a teen myself."

- Mad_Aeric


"Went to a Royals game in 1985 and saw George Brett hit a home run."

"Went back to Kauffman Field in 2010 and George Brett is a statue in front of the stadium."

- phil_mccrotch

As for me - I know I'm old because I had to get up and stretch 3 times while writing this article so I don't get stiff. If I do, my right leg tends to dislocate.


Bodies are fun.

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