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Life is sneaky sometimes.

You go about with your day-to-day routine, expecting you will generally feel the same way you felt a day, month, or even a year ago.

We are often occupied with working, meeting deadlines, and keeping all our ducks in a row. Then suddenly, BOOM, the realization that we are physically or mentally not the same as when we were in our 20s cruelly slaps us in the face.

These reality checks can come in the form of random comments about our looks, or how our bodies feel the moment we get up out of bed.

Curious to hear about these rude awakenings from strangers on the internet, Redditor spp25 asked:
"When did you realise that you are officially "not young" anymore?"

Age is just a number. Sure, but let's not talk about that.

Mutually Offended

"I was in my late 20s, at work talking with one of our new interns. I can't remember why but she asked how old someone was and I was like, 'I dunno, about our age?' She gasped and asked 'How old do you think I am??' Then I gasped and asked, 'HOW OLD DO YOU THINK I AM?!'"

"Anyway, that's when I realized I was 'not young' anymore."


The Fear Is Real

"I'm scared of teenagers now."


"Just don't look them directly in the eyes."


Nightclubbing is a thing of the past for these "old folk."

Club Patrons

"When I went to a nightclub last weekend and everyone looks like children..."


Checking IDs

"We went to a bar recently and the bouncer didn't check our IDs -- just us out of everyone going in. Fine. Then as we were leaving, the place was totally packed and I was outside waiting for my husband to come out and thought, 'We're the oldest people here by ten years at least.'"

"Then, to my relief, I saw an old guy in the crowd."

"Then, to my horror, I realized the old guy was my husband."


Scolded By Teens

"Was told over 40s shouldn't be allowed by a few 19 year Olds"


Reactions to pop culture references can give away your age.

The Not-So-Familiar Tune

"When a song I loved as a teenager appeared as an oldie on the radio."


Listenin' To The Oldies

"My 17-year old nephew has a girlfriend who's into 'the oldies' - you know, like Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins. That made me feel old, lol."


Hey, Mr. DJ

"I DJ'd a wedding a year ago and the groom asked me if I could play that one oldie…'Get Low' from Lil Jon."


Random injuries are a clear indicator our bodies are headed six feet under sooner than we think.

Getting Unhinged

"When I dislocated my jaw lying in bed yawning. Didn't even think it was even possible."


Sleeping Injury

"Similar, except I woke up with a sprained ankle. No sleepwalking, no weird sleep Olympics, just held it or twisted it weird while sleeping and sprained it."

"I have done this 3 times after turning 40."

"Don't turn 40, kids, stay in your 20's and 30's."


No More Yawning

"It was free day, Sunday, bad weather outside, I was in bed lying on the side, chilling, reading a book when mid yawn I heard weird noise. I was never out of the bed so fast. By the time I got to the mirror I heard another snap and jaw went on it's proper place, but I had swollen left lower side of the face for another 3 days. Talked to my doctor next day and he said, I should not eat hard or any food that needs a lot of chewing for a week or 2 and not to open mouth too much. I am reminded of this every single time I yawn."


As a Broadway dancer, I still frequented auditions to get me to the next gig.

That was pretty routine for me. Lining up in the hall, waiting for my group to be called in to learn the choreography and be judged on the spot to determine if I was good enough to make it to the next round.

I was so used to being focused on making a good impression while in the audition. But one day, I had a moment and noticed I was the only dancer among a group of college-aged kids.

That was when I realized I was being aged out from the business, at least as a dancer.

If my weak joints and lower back pain weren't clear indications, seeing all those spring chickens kicking their legs for Jesus was the biggest clue that my time was up.

Well, I had a good run. Speaking of which, I should go ice that knee after tripping on the treadmill the other day. Oops.

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