People Share The Moment They Realized Their Friends Were Actually A-Holes

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An important contributor to our overall health and happiness is the quality of our friendships.

We may not have a lot of friends, but the more important factor is the depth of those relationships.

But we've all had one of those friends who turned out not to be a very good friend at all.

Redditor Both-Support-7110 asked:

"When did you realize your 'friends' were just a**holes?"

Putting Them Down

"After I realized that other people don't s**t on each other on every possible occasion in their circle."

"And that it isn't right when a 'friend' uses every known insecurity as an argument against you when you do not behave the way he/she would want you to."

- fobopi9445

"I luckily made a couple of friends that would just be supportive about stuff. So I slowly started talking to them more than my older friends as I saw the disparity between their responses."

"One side purely would be purely judgmental and try and bring me down, and the other would just be excited for me or be there to listen or whatever. Who wants to talk to the former when you have the latter?"

- Universeintheflesh

Using Them as a Convenience

"They only bothered with me when it suited them. I'd rather have nobody than have to deal with that."

- fobopi9445

Trying to Keep Them Small

"When they were nice at first but then cut me out of conversations, telling me not to 'butt in.' A friend doesn't dictate when you're allowed to speak."

- leatherwolf89

"Total a**hole move to have conversations in front of you only to tell you it doesn’t concern you and mean it. . . Like making plans and giving details about how someone like you could be included but specifically telling you not to invite yourself; making plans in front of someone and not inviting them is awful."

- dearlysacredherosoul

Using Them as Entertainment

"She got a boyfriend and would let him listen to our phone calls and not tell me, even if I was crying about personal stuff that I would only ever tell her."

"Then they both started lying to me about my crush liking me back, forcing both him and me into awkward positions (telling everyone we liked each other so they'd play along, swapping places constantly to make us sit next to each other, pressuring him into giving me a lap dance, making him kiss the prettiest girl in the room, etc), and encouraged me to shoot my shot more and more."

"All the while they knew he didn't like me, he had told them both directly. One night, I was crying on the phone because I was so confused why my advances weren't working, and they just kept explaining it away, blaming some other bulls**t reason and telling me to try again."

"The next day, they told me they were laughing throughout the whole call because I didn't get it and I was so upset. I should add I had no dating experience at all and nobody had ever liked me at this point."

- vixayib976

Using Them to Feel Superior

"I didn't have many friends in grade school, but the times the kids actually gave me the time of day, it was to make me 'it' when we'd play tag. That's what I was there for. To continuously be 'it' so they could run away and feel superior. Because they knew I would agree to it no matter what."

- lunayoshi

Having Questionable Morals

"I had a friend that was a very promiscuous girl, I had no issue with that, until I found out she was using me and my innocent personality then, to distract her mom and make her think she was like me."

"Then she used my house as a literal hotel once, with my family here and everything... I knew that was it."

- luffve

Making Fun of Them

"When I made new friends and realized that it's not normal for friends to constantly beat on me and make fun of me."

- vatonef494

Prioritizing Money Over Them

"When they stopped being my friends after I went through a rough financial patch."

- fobopi9445

Becoming Flaky

"I had a group that I was in from 2019-2021. They became a**holes over time, and it took me longer to see that. It was when I failed my psych 101 class (I'm not the best with online classes and tried the best I could) and when they heard about that, they laughed to my face, called me stupid and a failure."

"Early 2022, I met up with them again thinking it would just be a 'listen to this concert for someone we all know and go on our ways' thing."

"My one closer friend offered to drive me and I accepted, and then afterward she joined the group, made eye contact after the concert was done and said, 'bye,' and left with them to the doors. They doubled back and said, 'You can come with us to another town to a friend's place or I can get my mom to drive you home.'"

"I was so overwhelmed and embarrassed that I just went with them to the other town. I called my brother to come to pick me up after an hour, and when he was on his way out, everyone else left. Haven't been into contact with them again after that."

- shortedgyasain

Disappearing When It Counts

"They pretty much abandoned me in a time of pretty intense need. It solidified my decision to leave the area and go do something worthwhile."

- verisimilitu

No Reciprocation Allowed

"When he does s**t to me and acts like it’s no big deal, but then I do the same back, and he gets offended."

- vatonef494

Excluding Them From Plans

"I've got two examples here. One from childhood and one from adulthood. Pick your favorite."

"Childhood: Kid I knew when I was 8 or so. We used to hang out a lot of the time and often played together, doing the usual kid stuff. Then one day, he has to move away because of a change in his parent's financial situation and I was pretty bummed out about it."

"On the last day we were supposed to see each other, he hung out with someone else instead and when tried to join them, he physically shoved me away and told me I wasn't welcome. That one stung."

"Adulthood: When they keep telling me about plans they made and things they did together or wanted to do together, but never bother to invite or include me in any of it. There's one of them I get along with and he'll invite me to things as long as it's just with him, but when he's with the group, he excludes me."

"I remember one example in particular where they were discussing a new site to do some photography and they fell short a man. One of them looks at me like I'm the spare tire in his car and goes: 'I guess you can come with us this one time.', to which another replies: 'Nah, he doesn't want to go. He doesn't like photography.'"

"I told him I was perfectly capable of answering for myself and didn't need him to act as my answering machine, but it lost a lot of impact because he was right. I don't like photography and didn't want to go. I just didn't like being talked about that way."

"Good luck making that clear to them, though. All they heard was: 'If he was right anyway, then why are you b*tching about it?'"

"I no longer hang out with them. I eventually got sick of being treated like the spare guy they can use in case none of the 'main crew' was attending, so I dropped them."

- Kuliari

Terrible Priorities

"In 2006, my then-best friend wanted to go to a big German metal festival. I did not want to go because my Dad had end-stage cancer."

"Dad died on August 8th, a couple of days after my friend returned from the festival. I called him because I needed someone to talk to."

"He very bluntly stated that he had no interest in my Dad's passing but wanted to tell me how great the festival was."

"You can't imagine how disappointed I was. For years, I'd been there for him whenever he got dumped, and the one time I needed a friend, he wasn't there for me. I told him to shut my door from the outside and lose my number."

- fobopi9445

Undesirable Behaviors

"I was 15, we were hanging out in the alleyway behind my friend’s house as we did almost every day after school."

"One girl was there from the year above us and they started prank calling the child protective services emergency line, pretending to be a child in distress, and they all laughed."

"After a few rounds of this, I felt queasy and left. Never hung out with them again. I still feel bad for not saying something or putting a stop to it, but the girl was older and 'cool.'"

- Brasscogs

Taking Advantage of Them

"I've been posting on him recently, he was my former neighbor and friend. We didn't immediately hit it off but after a while, we became good friends."

"I tried helping him out (he's an unemployed single dad of two special needs kids). He eventually saw my kindness as something to take advantage of, so late last fall, he either broke into my house (or enabled someone else to do it for him) and stole money from me."

"When I confronted him about this, he physically attacked me."

"I can't say it doesn't hurt."

- llcucf80

Friendships are incredibly important, but we're unfortunately not meant to be friends with everyone. Some people simply do not turn out to be the friends we thought they were.

We may know that this happens, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.

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