As unfortunate as it is, we all know relationships end. This can be for a variety of reasons.

When it comes to romantic relationships, sometimes the reason is as simple as falling out of love with the person you used to be in love with.

This may be because you both changed, and don’t love the people you’ve become.

Or maybe one of you changed, and the compatibility was lost.

It may even be because you realized the person you were with wasn’t who you thought they were.

Whatever the reason, it’s never easy to come to terms with, and it almost always hurts.

Curious about what caused people to fall out love, Redditor Pringlespliitzyy asked:

"What killed your feelings for someone you were madly in love with?"

Nothing Doing

"that no matter what i did, how much i helped, how much i tried to be there for them, i was a second option and never a priority, never reciprocated"

"the feelings are still there, just slowly withering away as i face reality day by day"

"EDIT: for all who support and are in the same boat, hopefully time will help and i wish you all the best in your endeavours ^^"

– FstMario

That'll Do It

"When i found she was madly in love with my best friend"

– Own-Salt5457

"Better off alone. F*ck that noise."

– Deleted User

A Special Kind Of Laziness

"Lack of effort. In all areas, not just the relationship directly. Like refusing to clean the bathrooms even though that was one of "his" chores. It was always "I'll get to it when I get to it.""

"One final "big" moment I was late from work one day and called asking him to start dinner (literally pre-heat the oven and toss the chicken wings in). He argued on the phone and instead of doing that went out to the restaurant nearby for their wing night and ate there. Didn't bring me anything back either."

"At the time I was teaching high school full time, directing a school show, and finishing my Master's thesis. I had no time for his sh*t. Driving to school one morning I was thinking about the dedication page of my thesis and I realized I didn't want to put his name on my thank yous because I realized this relationship wasn't going to last."

– somethingclever1712

Crimes and MegaDemeanors

"She stole my car."

– otcconan

"I once had an ex steal my identity"

– idrownedmyfish77

When Someone Tells You Who They Are...

"Didn't kill my feelings, but did make me nuts and do/say things out of character because of reactive abuse. I don't lose feelings easily."

"Word of advice - if someone tells you they're a narcissist, believe them. You'll save yourself a lot of wasted time and heartache."

– 8 days ago

"Oh boy. Seconded on the word of advice. They won’t always say it outright. They will talk about how broken they are, have every sob story practiced to a T, and call their parent/parents narcissists. That’s who they learned it from."

"Additional word of advice: If someone’s actions don’t match words, they are the problem, not you, no matter how they try to spin it."

– whattodo1216


"He tells me a story about his ex and a dog, and how he “took care of that” by driving the dog out to nowhere and leaving him."

– billygoat2017

"I guess that means it’s time to “take care of ‘him.'"

– Arusht

High, High Horse

"This is gonna sound really weird. He became a classist."

"When we met, he had a decent job, he was making twice my salary. He was very generous, kind, and loving. Never looked down on me for making less than him."

"Over the course of 10 years, he job hopped a couple times. I stayed at the same job and slowly worked my way up the ladder. Still not making close to what he was."

"Then he got a fabulous job that throws money at him constantly. He started making quarterly bonuses equal to my yearly salary! I was happy for him. He worked his @ss off. Basically 13 to 15 hour days for months with no time off."

"The new job cut deeply into our time together. He was always working, taking business trips out of state at a moment's notice. Still, I was happy for him because he really loved the job."

"I moved to a new apartment without roommates. It was small but I was so excited to finally have a place completely to myself. Then he comes to visit and proceeds to sh*t all over my new place."

"Sure, the decor was stuck in the 90s but who cares? It was a safe area with controlled access close to my job and very quiet."

"Immediately he starts talking sh*t about my new neighborhood. "Are you sure it's safe?" "Do people do drugs here? It looks like a place where people do drugs."

"(A friend had lived at this complex and told me how great it was. Affordable, quiet, safe neighborhood, etc)"

"I thought maybe he was just being protective."

"Nope. He proceeded to joke about how small it was. Then he mentioned he was afraid his car would get stolen from the parking lot!!! Dude was driving a 2010 Jeep in 2018, not a freaking Rolls Royce."

"That was the one and only time he ever visited my apartment. We went to his place all the time, a fairly new rental home in an upscale neighborhood."

"Long story short, he's only gotten worse the more his salary increases. I can't handle it anymore! I came from abject poverty. I shouldn't take it personally when he dismisses things that are "not up to his standards". But maybe I'm not up to his standards anymore. I'm seeing him on Tuesday and I intend to break it off. It sucks! We've been together almost 15 years. I just can't be with someone who thinks they are better than everyone else."

– Tiny_Teach_5466

Completely Messed Up

"Insulting my body while I was pregnant with his child... specifically called me deformed and how repulsive my belly was"

– Adept_Network6455

"I may get some flak for saying this, but I hope you haven't let your child meet that man... Wish you and your child all the best for the future...."

– Ok-Drama-1474

Makes Me Cringe

"After 6.5 years together, house, pet; getting cheated on. Then forgiving him. Then us working on it. Then him saying, “no you’re feeling better, do you think I could talk to her again?” He picked himself and put himself in the bin just like that. Was kind of amazing."

– cryintomydiary

Nothing Worse Than This Kind Of Dad

"Found out he was a dead beat dad. He had 2 kids and never told me about them. He completely refused to pay any child support or be part of their lives. When we first got together, I told him kids were a deal breaker, so he never told me. Fast forward 1 year later, I come over and his baby momma is around, yelling at him."

"My dad went without paying his bills to pick us up every other weekend and drive 360 miles to spend time with us. It was the end for me."

– BullRidininBoobies


"I was a pizza delivery guy at the time. We had been seeing each other for a few months at that point. It was her birthday and I planned a surprise party. All her friends showed up. We all went out to eat (15 of us) and I paid for everything plus the tip. Night was winding down and I asked her to be my gf. She says “no offense but you deliver pizzas for a living”. Immediately turned off and we never spoke again."

– Automatic_Office_358

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