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People do weird things for clout these days. And social media doesn't help at all: “Do it for the Vine" seems to be making a resurgence, despite the fact that Vine no longer exists (RIP). The fact of the matter is, some social trends are just infuriating.

Here are a few of the most annoying social trends that currently exist. I'm sure you all will find them relatable as hell.

U/jimjoe1 asked:

What modern social trend pisses you off the most?

​Honestly, most of the time social media is the culprit to these weird phenomena.

Looking at you, family vlogs.

Posting your kids' entire lives online.


I massively fail to understand why people are comfortable sharing their intimate family moments with strangers, saw a clickbait title for a YouTube video of one of those generic blonde clone woman telling her fella she was pregnant. It's depressing.


​We stan.

little mix fangirl GIF Giphy

Glorifying celebrities and treating them like gods. Like, I understand being a fan of someone, but you don't have to create an entire livelihood around them or try to emulate them. This is also how people get into positions of power when they shouldn't be.


These get to be old.

The reaction that provokes on me is more cringe than pissing me off but I am SICK of the "XXXX reacts to YYYY" videos.

It´s just so embarrassing to see these people acting out a reaction just to satisfy the actual consumers of the product that is being reacted upon.


These trends can genuinely hurt large groups of people, whether by them acting on the stupidity they see online, or just making them dumber.

​Don’t be the villain.

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The celebration of bad attitudes, habits and toxic traits.

People would rather be praised for being a villain than to be obscure.

People would rather give praise to a villain than to spend a moment not entertained.


​This was disgusting.

I'm just so glad the "licking things at the store" trend is over. It is over, right? Please tell me that's finally done.


The idiot who started it got caught and arrested. I think she went to jail.

I'm pretty sure it's over. Haven't seen anything like it popping up.


​Children do not need Facebook.

Letting little kids have social media (unsupervised). They are not equipped to handle any of it. So many conflicts spawn out of it.

And the parents refuse to deal with it so often teacher are stuck handling conflicts that started outside school.


​Unfortunately, some social trends just lead to complete rudeness. When did this become the norm?

This makes me so angry.​

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This obviously hasn't been as big a deal for the last year or so, but the lack of basic etiquette around invitations or even just making plans.

People feel absolutely free to not respond until the last minute while waiting for something better to come along, and they don't think it's rude to cancel last minute or just not show up without letting you know.


I learned that if you respond positively to invitations and then show up on time, you get invited to a lot more things. It's a pretty good strategy if you like getting invited to things.


This is disturbing.​

Advertising slowly taking over every single aspect of our lives. I'm not really exaggerating when I say over 90% of the mail and phone calls I get are junk or scams. Data we generate simply by being online being sold to the highest bidder without any real way of stopping it, which in turn fuels more ads. Went shopping more than once at a larger grocery store? Congrats, you now get suspiciously tailored coupons mailed and emailed to you even though you don't remember ever giving them your addresses, meaning it's probably linked to your credit card and banking info.

The internet is great for knowledge if you look in the right places and allows discovery of fascinating things, but it does sometimes feel like we sold our souls to somebody for it.


​Don’t call and drive.

Driving while on a cell phone.

Driving has always been a little frustrating but now it's gotten insane. My girlfriend and I can call out with at least 90% accuracy who is on their phone.

Abrupt Lane changes, 20mph under the speed limit, swerving, looking at phone and missing a green light for 5+ seconds, and - my personal pet peeve - stopping 50' short of a light in a busy intersection during rush hour.

Not only is the use common, but the entitlement that comes with it is across the board. Someone waiting at a green light 5+ seconds, I do a short honk to alert them - they give me middle finger. Like, yeah, I'm the idiot here (I can see you playing on your phone through your back windshield).

The other day I had a girl pull across two rows of parked cars in a lot and had to slam on my brakes to not smash into her. Instead of saying sorry, she got out of the car (still in the middle of the lane) while still on FaceTime to film me.


When did it become so trendy to be an a**hole? That's what I'm gathering after reading all of this. I don't want to sound cynical, but it is depressing to see all of the harm that these trends cause. Hopefully, society progresses beyond this.

Also, stop doing things for social media clout. You're gonna get burned.

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No one wants war.

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