People Explain Which Modern Slang Terms Make Them Feel Old

People Explain Which Modern Slang Terms Make Them Feel Old
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Dear parents born in the 80s/90s :

Your child is probably (we never really know for sure) not a weed dealer.


So if you hear them talking about "mids" - they're not talking about average grade or potency cannabis. They are, in fact, probably talking about your lame old self and/or something you own or tried to give them.

Reddit user Kengriffinspimp asked:

"What slang word did you hear that let you know you are no longer young?"

Now, the reason I can give you this lesson is that my 15-year-old looked me dead in the face and told me I needed to stop buying mids because it was bumming her out.

So I'm all:

"First of all, how did you get into my lockbox? Secondly, my cannabis is medical grade, prescription, and grown on a small batch boutique farm and probably blessed by the rains down in Africa or whatever, thank you very much. And third of all, when did you become a budtender???"

... You know those moments where you're blankly staring and the other person is blankly staring and then you suddenly realize you two are absolutely not talking about the same thing?


Turns out my teenager was bummed that we had purchased some non-Eggo waffles and, while they were chocolate chip so not TOTALLY unacceptable, the quality was "meh" and she wanted her high-grade waffles back.

Waffles. Not Weed. Just waffles.

"Mid" is just what the young people now call anything of mediocre/average quality now.

Turns out I'm old, and also that my children are bougie and need name-brand waffles.


" 'Oof.' All the Roblox players thought they invented it."

- theoptionexplicit

"Oh. My. God. My partner and I can't work out why her 11 year old niece says oof all the time. But she is a Roblox player - we know that. Is that where it's from?!?"

- J321J

"This whole time I thought 'oof' as a Reddit thing."

- 8B3B383B

Is There A Fire?

bart simpson dancing GIFGiphy

"Lit has changed meaning from when I was young. Couldn't understand the context when I started hearing it again."

- pmpmd

"Is something on fire??"

- merelycheerful

"Lit af bro"

- SleepyBear3366911

"We used to use it a lot in Counter Strike to indicate the amount of damage someone took."

"An example would be , 'he’s lit 90'."

- SmokeSatan_HailMeth

"Bonfire lit?"


Negative Visor

"For me it was 'no cap'."

- Kengriffinspimp

"you bussin'."

"...actually I have no idea wtf that means either..."

- future_sport_pilot

"Was going to say this exact thing. What does it mean?"

- letsmoseyagain

"Even knowing what it means immediately based on the context, the phrase just irrationally irritates me."

"Idk what it is. I just have a small urge to smack whoever says it."

- User Deleted

"I went to ask a coworker if he had left some product in my designated loading area (forklift certified). "

"He told me 'that's cap'. I had to look over to a buddy and asked if that meant it was true or not true. I'm only 28 and this happened last year to me..."

- galax667

Pogs Are Back?

90s pogs GIFGiphy

"When my son is impressed by something, he says it is 'poggers' which I guess means "pinnacle of gaming' according to him."

"This is true and gets used even if the impressive thing has nothing at all to do with video games."

- HawaiianShirtsOR

"It's not actually an acronym (people always think it's 'play of the game' as well)."

"There was this twitch streamer who was actually playing pogs - like that chip game thing from the 90s? He got excited and made a goofy face, which got turned into a meme/twitch emote. So like, a zoomer meme that is built off a millennial game? I dunno."

"But yeah you basically got the actual meaning down."

- awfulrunner43434

"Omg I thought poggers was a joke? They actually say it? Lol well here’s my answer!"

- TreClaire

"It's like proclaiming "f*ck yes", being very impressed, whatever they saw is awesome."

- Kirkonvaki

Who Has A Mop?

" 'Drip.' "

"My kids explained it is akin to the 'bling ' or 'swag' of my youth."

- solipsisticfantasy

"Drip is swag"

- yesbutlikeno

"I first encountered 'Drip' watching WWE wrestling a year or two ago."

"One of the characters was calling himself the 'Drip King' and the announcers kept going on about it, and I was wondering if they were talking about his long, wet hair or if I was now too old. "

"It was the latter, of course. Not a surprise, though - I've been a regular Internet user for 25 years and have been made to feel old on pretty much a weekly basis for 15-20 of them."

- Chris_Buttcrouch

When Did Public Transport Get Cool?

"Listening to my 10 year old son talk: 'Mom, this food is BUSSIN GOD ON GOD'."

".. What?"

- Halloween_Barbie

"Did you learn what the hell bussin means?"

- Kaiser93

"Watched Joshua Weisman on YouTube for a bit, he uses this term now. First time I heard it was a year ago from an ex inmate cooking prison food on Facebook."

- coolcrushkilla

"I work in the industry."

"Bussin' is something you do to tables."

- jayemadd

"I'm broke. Bussin' is something you do when you don't have a car."

"Why is it popular? When did public transportation get cool?"

- [Reddit]

Yeet Stays

" 'Yeet' - meaning to throw something hard/far."

"I like the word, but I still feel weird whenever I use it. My 6 year old plays lacrosse and I instantly regretted when I yelled 'Yeet it'" at a game ... cringe moment for me, honestly."

- MiaMae

"My five year old has never known a world without "yeet." When talking to old people he uses the formal word throw.

- DarrenEdwards

"I'm team 'yeet' for sure!! In my mid 30s and as a coach I love it. I'm young enough to impress with my skills (experience) yet old enough to make them cringe when I say it. It's a dad's perfect storm."

- BigTurnin

"As a 30-year-old, yeet is the perfect word I didn't know I needed until I found it. There wasn't anything nearly as snappy to shout that meant "I'm throwing something" before. We had "think fast" back in my day, but yeet is so much better."

- kore_nametooshort

"I'm 43, but I'm all in on yeet. It's a great word. Past tense is yote."

- Crunchycarrots79

"Of all these, I kind of like yeet. It’s almost onomatopoeia. When something gets thrown unexpectedly or absurdly far, describing it as “getting yeeted” cracks me up."

- DMala

Context Clues

"Fam. I understood what it meant by context, but that's when I realized I'm no longer part of the youngsters."

"Went directly to the mall and bought me a tweed jacket."

- ImInJeopardy

"Did you tell the shopkeeper that tweed apparel was sick?"

- Strain128

"I feel like this word will get integrated into the middle class lexicon in about a decade, my Dad is as white as they come but now says 'Where you at?'."

- LochBodminMothFoot

It's A Fight?

Ultimate Warrior Wrestling GIF by WWEGiphy

" 'Slaps'. Took me so long to figure out if it meant good or bad so I had to look on urban dictionary"

- ClassyJacket

"Back in my day, and in my country/city, 'slaps' used to mean someone was about to get a beating"

- dnc_1981

"This is so far down. First time I really truly felt my age, also the urge to become the one who slaps."

- TarryBuckwell



"I still don't get what it means"

- Luna_17134

"Yah saw that somewhere recently in that Pam meme and inspired this post haha"

- Kengriffinspimp

"To say something is mid, is just like saying it's mediocre."

- yoiliketopramen

"It's an insult, it's saying its medium, middle, or medicore, but mainly used to describe things/people that people dislike. I think it got popular after everyone hated jellybean"

- AIex-Shaw

What's The Wager

betting season 20 GIFGiphy

"First time someone said bet, I waited for their wager.."

- DCJustSomeone

"For some reason bet really irks me"

- DirtMeat_Supreme

"But what DOES it mean?? I hear it and cannot figure it out!"

- [Reddit]

"It means wholeheartedly affirmative."

- Kirkonvaki

"I thought it was more like 'you bet!' also some people say 'you betcha' which is short for 'you bet your _____'."

"You want some fries? You bet your a** I want some fries."

"Want some fries? Bet."

- DesignerGrocery6540

Based, Not Basic.

" 'Based.' Whenever I fucking hear that I fucking yell to the person 'Based on WHAT!?.'

- wkrhireh

"What is based…."

- Kengriffinspimp

"F*ck if I know. I have yet for somebody to actually tell me what it's based on."

- wkrhireh

"I looked it up and google told me it meant something like 'being yourself without caring what others think'."

"I have to look up slang on google... I AM old."

- letsmoseyagain

Glizzies Bears

hot dogs GIFGiphy

"Calling hot dogs glizzies"

- iuytrefdgh436yujhe2

"Wtf!?!?!? Lol"

- Kengriffinspimp

"Hmm a glizzy typically refers to a Glock."

"Some peoples kids.."

- darealJimTom

"Calling anything a glizzy"

"Whether it's a hot dog"

"Or a gun"

"Or your genitals"

"That term is just ugh"

- yoiliketopramen

"It sounds like a poor man’s jaunt"

- Kengriffinspimp

Brrrt Or Brrrr

"I don't really get the "[something] go brrrrr" thing."

"I used to get memes but now I'm like "huh" with some of the latest ones."

- rainbow_bro_bot

"Blank go brrr comes from awesome abilities of the A10 warthog in combat. Watch a vid. Then you'll understand."

- Vast_Advantage_7913

"I used to live basically right next to an A10 fighter wing. Those things are so understated and absolutely insane. Hearing them train was impressive."

- [Reddit]

"Yeah, you are correct, except. It's supposed to be BRRRRRT the sound of the Warthog's God Mode cannon. I only know because I'm an aviation nerd & have seen about a thousand Warthog BRRRRRT memes"

- MysticalEmpiricist

"Just know most memes don't take themselves seriously"

- GEMO224

Wait, GigaChad?

"Chad. Like when did it change to be a good term? It's been around since the 80s, and the term has changed, but it was always derogatory."

- RagingAnemone

"It's not good though. It's used mostly ironically. Like self-deprecatingly or jokingly"

- DelightfullyUnusual7

"Not really. Chad is generally used for anyone respectable. For example, Zelensky is often referred to as a gigachad; I’ve heard it used no other way than positive, including unironic use."

- DelightfullyUnusual7

"Chad and gigachad are different though."

"A Chad is some one who tries to portray himself as an ubermasculine specimen of maleness, but is generally viewed by others as a self absorbed douche."

"A gigachad succeeds in the same attempt without even trying."

- Bud_the_Spud

"This wasn't the case in 2016 when I first joined Reddit. Chad was code for the biggest douchebag ever back then."

- Just-Call-Me-J

Pop Off

"Popping off."

"Apparently it doesn't mean talking sh*t anymore. It's like, when you are showing off, or something .... I'm not even that old yet."

- Orionishi

" 'Popping off at the mouth' is talking sh*t, but when shit is about to 'pop off', it means the event in question will soon start in earnest."

- joombaga

"The only meaning I know is from videogames. When someone is suddenly doing very well, you say the person is 'popping/popped off'."

"All these other words.. no idea."

- ColaDeTigre

Fixing to

what we not finna ready to do tamar braxton GIF by VH1Giphy

"For me it's finna"

" 'Gonna' is the same amount of letters and sounds more appropriate with basic sentence structure."

" 'I'm gonna go to the mall' 'I'm finna go to the mall'."

"The f*ck?"

- aboxofGoldfish

"AAVE for 'i'm fixing to' which is a variation of 'i'm going to'."

- nutshells1

"No clue where it comes from but after I heard it the first time it just fell into place. I don't even think about it"


"Fixing too (finna) is a very southern saying. I I'm starting to doubt myself."

- onedemtwodem

Welp, now that I'm nearly 40, it's very probable that I will never again understand the majority of what gets talked about when this question comes up.

I need to go sit with that and feel my e-mortality now.

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