People Share The Best Modern Examples Of The Phrase 'Not Everything Legal Is Moral'


The laws of the land and society were made by people and so people are made to adhere to them. Moral ideals, while also conjured by human beings, are ideals we gesture towards though give a pass for falling short.

Thus, there is a gap between the legal and the moral. And we're stunned by how vast that gap can actually be.

One Reddit list asked people to offer up the best examples of things we technically allow by law, but shouldn't be striving for on the whole ethics front. The list makes you feel that sliminess is all around us, and that the pillars of human goodness tend to be forgotten when the price is right.

It's a list that will not leave you feeling stoked on humanity, sorry to say. But you will know a little bit more about the world around and people.

white_rose_of_york asked, " 'Not everything legal is moral.' What is the best contemporary example of this?"

Legal Attacks

"War on drugs"

"The money spent by our government to criminalize people who need help. Our tax payer money going to a lost cause. The D.A.R.E community. The war on drugs is propaganda."

"The amount of actually dangerous drugs that are prescribed to us. The opiate epidemic? Big pharmacy. The war on drugs is a complete and total failure."

-- smallPguy55

Depends Where You Are

"Cheating on your SO" -- oldschool_ness

"In South Dakota you have a right to sue as the spouse cheated on. Interesting law." -- Mundane_Advertising

"Same in Japan. Having your spouse cheat can be financially very profitable." -- anticistamines

Laws on the Side of Capitalism

"Insurance companies denying full coverage or the highest standard of care to cancer patients, especially pediatric cancer patients." -- ligamentary

"Insurance companies' entire business model is to gain money and pay back as little as possible. The surprising part is expecting anything other than that."

"And since your example is about healthcare, I can say with confidence that your healthcare system, based on insurance, is deeply f***ed up." -- not_better

Structural Marital Problems

"In 27 states, the law does not specify any minimum age below which a child cannot marry, according to Unchained At Last." -- D34thebySnooSnoo

"The fact that ANYONE under the age of 18 can marry in the United States is a problem." -- CoffeeAndCorpses

"This is both exceedingly creepy and more complex than most people realize. Many groups claim that marriage is a fundamental human right, not to be universally limited by age. While I can rarely say this about them, I was rather disturbed to find out that the ACLU was among such groups in opposition."

"A less hard-line, more practical approach to this problem would be investigating why so many courts routinely grant marriage licences to minors without investigation & mandating the presence of a social worker prior to issuance, with periodic check-ins afterwards if it is decided that one can legally and ethically be issued." -- MemeScrollingMaths

Not THAT Goat

"You can marry a goat in some midwestern states, but not your neighbors goat" -- M4gnu5342

"So apparently Americans are projecting every time they say Muslims f** goats or animals. Bestiality isn't a thing among Muslims, but apparently among Americans it is." -- akunkelimaku

"Thou shall not covet thy neighbors goat." -- Llama_Mia


"Hiding billions of dollars in offshore accounts so as not to be taxed" -- PillowWorldDreams

"Would hiding your assets to avoid paying taxes to an immoral government be immoral?" -- Gorf_the_Magnificent

"so THIS IS WHY EVERY CRIMINAL HAS OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS. excuse my (long standing) stupidity and carry on with your day" -- dream-on-rae

A Crushing RoutineĀ 

"Private equity firms that buy successful companies, load them with debt, bankrupt them, and sell off the assets, leaving communities destroyed and destroying the livelihood of thousands to make a few million bucks." -- diiejso

"This one! I've seen this happen to quite a few companies I was close to. This would have been my answer, thank you for not making me formulate the sentence. This needs to be legislated away asap" -- skeprafrimpa

All the Bad, None of the Good

"You can hire someone at 25 hours a week and not give them any benefits, but demand full availability so they can't get another job." -- Ashleysmashley42

"I worked full time at McDonald's when the Affordable Care Act was passed. They dropped my hours to part time to avoid paying for increased benefits. So, for the last years of my degree, I was forced to work two part time jobs AND go to school to make ends meet." -- TheASCIItype

Not Playing Their Part

"Refusing to vaccinate your children" -- dry_elbows

"Anti-vaxxers shouldn't have to use car seats for their children either. If they and everyone else are safe drivers, then why should they worry about their children being restrained in the car?"

"Yeah same argument about vaccines."

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