People Share The Minor Nuisances That Are Worse Than Wearing Wet Socks


Although our thoughts and mental capabilities may suggest otherwise, humans interact with the world on a sensory level. For all of those abstract conclusions and internal musings, there are countless more immediate experiences, each with a knee-jerk response.

So it's no surprise that something as minor as a wet sock or a slight pain in a particular, tiny area can create a GIANT amount of annoyance. It appears like a disproportionate reaction.

But a recent Reddit thread reminds how common, and apparently how human, those sudden waves of anger are. We are touching, smelling, tasting creatures.

And when those senses pick up something unwanted, our annoyance is sudden, involuntary, and comes with the full strength of our whole bodies.

themenwithnone asked, "What other minor nuisance can top wearing wet socks?"

Nostril Struggles

"This may be classified as a major nuisance, idk, but not being able to breathe through one nostril is pretty horrible." -- squawk_kwauqs

"When you're lying in bed and one of your nostrils whistles when you breathe." -- NotTheDamsel

Fitted Things Not Fitting

"A fitted sheet that won't stay the f*** on! You had one job! Also a sock that won't stay on.. same principle." -- flyawaysweetbird

"When your shoes pull down your sock so they slip inside the shoes." -- Saiyawinchester

Explosions in the Tender Spots

"A pimple on the inside of your nose." -- SausageOnToast

"Dear lord I even feel it when it's growing...." -- Intense_mildness

"Ahhh, you mean "The Sneeze Initiator Button" Yeah, they're pretty awful." -- Aluzionz

"Yeah but they are one of the best pimples to pop. Hurts like a bitch, but you can usually feel the pressure release. Usually hits the mirror to." -- bsully43

Too Close to Home

"Biting your tongue or the inside of your cheeks." -- SexDeity

"And whenever you do it for the first time, it's like your teeth suddenly act like homing missiles for that spot and chomp down on it again and again." -- [deleted]

"I bit my lip sometime last week and have continued to bite it everyday since then. It's infuriating." -- Jubjub0527

Encounters With Wildlife

"I once stepped on a slug with bare feet. That feeling isn't one that easily goes away." -- Octosquagle

"I stepped on a dead mouse (in my basement) barefoot once. I will never forget that feeling." -- 4ninawells

"I opened a door once and a lizard fell on my head. Felt like being hit by a squishy piece of rubber." -- MiniPlebo

Sandwich Struggles

"When a sandwich has something spilled on it. Wet bread can make you gag." -- GallicPontiff

"Wanting to make a sandwich and seeing there's only one piece of sliced bread left. Intra-family wars have begun for lesser crimes." -- I_hate_traveling

"Also when you're making more than one sandwich at a time and can't remember which side of the bread you designated as the insides of the sandwich half way through." -- 4rclyte

Calamaties Beneath a Shirt

"Getting stabbed in the boob by your bra at the start of your day." -- akemicat88

"I had this happen right in the middle of a meeting -full of men- at work. I was sitting there and SNAP. I winced a little, everyone looked at me and I had to go on like I hadn't just been betrayed by one of my most expensive friends." -- bexannh

Tiny and Pervasive

"That one piece of food stuck in your teeth for the remainder of the day." -- TheRealDannySugar

"Pulled pork/chicken and roast always do that crap to me. Also popcorn gets stuck in my teeth easily so I don't eat it because it's not worth it." --4rclyte

"Corn on the cob should always be sold with floss." -- JayGold

Problematic Wetness

"Getting your sleeves wet when washing your hands." -- jacob_cathey

"How about getting your pants wet at the sink so it looks and feels like you pissed yourself a little?" -- F***-Gold-PM-me-Tits

"Or when you roll your sleeves up, and while you're soaping you're hands one of the sleeves fall down. You can't touch it with the soapy hands, so you try and rinse very carefully but you know it doesn't matter. It's getting wet." -- rxyola

Horrible Little Magicians

"A mosquito buzzing in your ear when you're trying to sleep, only to F***ING DISAPPEAR when you turn the light on." -- ChickenInASuit

"zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz" -- SixDigitCode

"And then waking up with a big juicy bite on your cheek." -- Yserem

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