People Explain Which Minor Inconveniences Aggravate Them The Most When Eating
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Enjoying a meal is one of life's simple pleasures.

In fact, food is a universal passion, with many food bloggers and foodies sharing their best recommendations on where to eat on various social media accounts.

And while the act of dining is always glorified in a positive light, not everyone talks about some of the most unpleasant things that happen when sitting down with fork and knife.

Until now.

Redditor Suspicious_Block7385 asked:
"What pisses you off when eating?"
Strangers on the internet had plenty to say about the not-so-pleasant experiences no one ever talks about.

A pleasant eating experience can go awry when the body doesn't cooperate.

The Painful Bite

"crunching my cheek."


"Sucks even more when you bite them more than once in the same spot."


One Bad Sip Can Ruin Everything

"Choking on my drink. And I'm talking about those really bad ones where I'm coughing for a minute or two straight."


"Dont forget the people who keeps asking ''Are you ok? Are you OK? Drink some water, breathe, are you ok now?'''

"Swear to god it always goes away faster when people don't realize that I'm trying to make a decision between choking to death or making a noise and attracting unnecessary attention."


Tooth Extractor

"I accidentally pulled a loose tooth out with starburst. I was chewing and the tooth got stuck in a starburst and pulled right out."


Lol, first time I broke a tooth I was eating a piece of duck a neighbor had brought over. Chomped right down in a piece of steel shot. That's been 17 years ago, still won't eat duck.

No More Duck

"Outside dining can be romantic, or a complete disaster, depending on the situation. "


Too Much Atmosphere

"When eating outside, bugs, and wind blowing away napkins and wrappers."


Unwelcome Guests

"Insects buzzing around you."

-- ghasiatakataka

"My workplace has developed a fruit fly problem. After killing 3 by hand I packed up my lunch smh."


There are things like these instances you can never plan for.

Devilish Chips

"When you are eating tortilla chips and one breaks in half and goes sideways as you're chomping down and gouges the roof of your mouth."


The One That Refused To Go Down

"I had a chip get stuck in my throat like this."

"I didn't choke, I could still breathe, but it was not fun to have a perfect triangle wedge stabbing into my esophagus haha."


Unappetizing Intruder

"Feeling a crunch where it shouldn't be."


"Really any surprise texture where it shouldn't be. Like eating something with shrimp and biting into a mushy one. Or finding something stringy in chicken."


A Bone To Pick

"Last time I had homemade fish a bone almost got stuck in my teeth, like it was sitting straight up and down."


Both Terrible Options

"Either burning or biting my tongue."


The one unpleasant thing that happens is when I'm eating with someone who wants to try something on my plate.

"That looks so good, can I try it?"

Normally, I'm not opposed to sharing my food. But when a person reaches across the table before I can give an answer, even though it will be a 'yes,' and takes a morsel of food off my plate and directly into their mouth, it absolutely infuriates me.

The audacity!

Here's a tip, wait for the affirmative response before assuming, please. Geesh.

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