People Share Which Minor Inconveniences Drive Them Nuts


"We apologize for the inconvenience."

Even if it's minor, sometimes, that inconvenience can be the most annoying, awful, grating moment of your entire life.

Such as when you're sitting on the subway and you stop in the tunnel for over a minute with no cell service and you want to rip your own skin off with a serrated knife.

Those are the inconveniences that destroy us.

u/Tutlessss asked:

What is a minor inconvenience that absolutely destroys you?

Here were those answers.

Girl, Interrupted


A few years ago I was in a conversation with a friend of mine and his friend, and I'm a bit of a "wallflower" so I don't mind listening and not talking much but after a long story told by my friend's friend and an audible pause I started to say something I really wanted to share. Couple words in I get blatantly interupted by that same person. My friend is really nice and asked me later what I was going to say but that really upset me, especially because I barely said a word at that point... sorry I just really needed to share this haha


Jedi Mind Tricks

When I plop down on the couch and put my feet up only to find I left my drink in the kitchen.


Then you try to use the force, then curse the world for not being a Jedi. You are then found dehydrated to death weeks later.


Hungry But Sad

Sticky hands or fingers. When my hands get messy at work I have to stop immediately and wash


Yeah, this is a weird one for me. I don't mind being dirty, spent nearly every weekend camping as a kid, etc. But for some reason, if my hands are sticky/covered in something, I have to wash it off. I avoid big burgers at restaurants for this reason, because I just know the juices are gonna run all down my hand and it's THE worst. I love burgers, but I just can't bring myself to get them that often. I end up eating it as fast as I can and running to the bathroom to wash my hands/face/forearms. My wife, on the other hand, just sorta rubs it off with a napkin and it's no big deal and carries on with her day and I don't understand it.



When the flush sensor on the toilet doesn't function properly. It goes off before I've achieved an acceptable distance from it or it doesn't go off at all.


The Password Is....Sod Off

"Also, the passwords for our site that you will visit once every two years have to be exactly 16 characters long and must include an *, the word 'bun,' and an emoji of a kind of fruit. Also, we will not tell you these rules until you've given up and asked to reset your password. Obviously, you can't re-use a password that you've used in the past 35 years, since the consequences of someone fraudulently looking at our collection of Angry Birds fan art are too horrible to contemplate."


Stop 'N' Shop

When two people in a grocery stop, trolleys side by side and block the entire aisle just to have a conversation.


Especially when you're working there. God some customers are the worst


Time Warp

Having to wake up earlier than you are used to, it can really alter your day.


Did that earlier today and I'm still waiting at the doctors office. This is one of my only days off and I'm not amused. Also I'm pretty sure the lady next to me keeps ripping them.


Simple Tasks

- People that finish something, like toilet paper, and donĀ“t replace it for a new one.

- The feeling that something got into my eye in a public area, I found a little gross to touch my eyes knowing I have them dirty.

- People that walk slowly or stand in the middle of the street only to read their phones. Come on, have a little bit of consideration!


Just A Wait

Selfish drivers that hurry up and pull out in front of you only to go slow but clearly could have waited a couple more seconds because nobody is behind me!!!


Holding Up The Line


When you go to the corner store and you are 2nd in line for the cash... but person in front of you has 37 lotto tickets to check, 17 scratch tickets to trade in and spends 5 minutes evaluating potential winners before meticulously picking them out. Don't forget the "break-open" tickets too.

But don't worry... there is only 9 people standing in line behind you while you take your time.


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