People Share Facts That Blow Their Mind Every Time They Think Of Them
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We'll never know everything. No matter how much studying and observation is done by the world's leading scientists and philosophers, there's a limit to the knowledge we'll gain as humans in our lifetime. That's okay, though, because there are already some facts around us that'll blow your mind once you learn about them.

Reddit user, u/thatdude46777, wanted to know what blows your mind when they asked:

What fact amazes you everytime you think about it?

Bigger Than We Can Comprehend


All the planets can fit in the space between Earth and Moon


Come On, Be Honest. Have YOU Ever Thought About How They Work?

My friend once commented on how he's amazed by printers. My first thought was, "Out of every piece of technology you could be amazed by, it's PRINTERS who push you over that edge?" But the more I've thought about it, the more I've come to realize... he's right! I don't know how or why, but something about that specific technology is just mindblowing...!


It's Deceptive, Right?

How a door knob turns "The part of a doorknob that you grasp with your hand connects to a rod that extends though the door to the knob on the other side. The rod passes through a spring-loaded mechanism that connects it to the barrel, and when you turn the handle, the rod turns the mechanism which retracts the bolt."



If you fold a piece of paper 100 times it's thickness will be bigger than the universe.

It doesn't sound true, but it is.


Certainly A Lot Of Space

The fact that a surprising amount of countries can fit in Texas.


And We Feel None Of It. SPACE!

Just how ridiculously fast we're going at any given second. The surface of the planet is moving at about 1600km an hour due to the earth's spin. The earth orbits the sun at a speed of around 30km a second. The sun is orbiting the centre of the galaxy at 280km per second. The galaxy itself moves through the universe at nearly 2.1 million km per hour - that's 580km per second.

I'm laying here in my bed moving at 580km/second.


Seriously. Space.

The fact that position and size of the moon and sun are perfectly able to eclipse each other from our perspective. It makes me question reality completely.


I read the other day that the moon is approximately 400 times smaller than the sun, but it's also 400 times closer, meaning to the human eye they look the same size. Earth is the only known planet for which this perfect ratio exists.



The Eiffel Tower is 6 inches shorter in the wintertime!

We know that molecules compact in the cold, but the fact that they compact so much that there is a measurable difference in this massive structure is insane!


Such Power

The main gun of a A-10 Warthog produces so much recoil it could theoretically propel the plane by itself.


If you were to put the gun on a car roof, put the car in neutral, and start firing, you would be breaking the speed limit on the highway within a matter of seconds. And also breaking a lot of other laws too.


The Timeline Of The Internet

Netflix was founded before Google


And Nintendo was founded before Ford


Nintendo has been around for over 130 years, and was originally started as a playing card company, and later into its existence it expanded to various other ventures, most of which didn't last long. These ventures included such wonders as a taxi service, toys, and even a love hotel chain, however only the toys really saw enough success to carry forward for a long time, which eventually led to the video game consoles we know them for today.


Wibbly Wobbly...


Mammoths were still around when the pyramid of Giza were being built.


Also that Cleopatra lived closer to when Taco Bell first opened than when the Pyramids were being built. Time is something else.


The pyramids are as old to the Romans as the Romans are to us.

That fact just blows my f-cking balls through my nose.

Also the TRex existed closer to us than it did to Stegosaurus.


I had a serious life changing moment when I went to the Met. I was in the ancient Roman and Greek section and there was this couch thing. Just a couch. But it was thousands of years old. But the fact that people that long ago sat on the same kind of thing I did just blew my mind.

Made me realise that my life was just a tiny blip jn the scheme of things. Ended up just staring at that couch for about half an hour whilst my brain tried to comprehend it all.

And this is why i prefer to go to museums on my own. No need to feel like you are holding up the group if you want to have an existential moment.


Map Trivia!

Florida is further west than all of [South America]

Bat Time To Be A Pilot

The number of planes that were destroyed in World War 2 is more than the number of working planes today.


SPF 1,000,000

The star MV Canis Majoris is bigger than our entire solar system.

And our solar system is pretty damn big.


It Doesn't Sound Like It Should Make Sense...Until It Does

The Achilles paradox, also called Zeno's paradox.

A logic and physics puzzle that said: If Achilles and a turtle were in a footrace, and you gave the slow-moving turtle a head start of any length, Achilles can never catch up to the turtle. Because the turtle moves a certain length, and Achilles at some point gets to half that distance. Then half the remaining distance. Then half that, then half, half, half.. basically, it demonstrates pretty clearly that motion is impossible.

It's insane.


This One Still Makes No Sense

Suicide Squad has won more Academy Awards than The Shawshank Redemption.


How Fast Technology Moves

How quickly technology improved during the 20th century


My own grandmother grew up on a farm without electricity. She survived the Flu of 1918. It's only 100 years later and I write this on a device no one could have imagined then but I'm doing it while in a pandemic quarantine.


My great-great grandpa's memoirs include the first time he saw a vehicle that wasn't horse-drawn. He was in his late teens/early 20's, sometime before WWI; it was his town's shiny new firetruck, and nobody believed that complicated machines like that could replace horse power anywhere but the biggest cities.

He lived long enough to watch Apollo-11 land on the moon.


The First And Only

If you throw a rock into the water, you can be the last person to touch it ever


I like the opposite. Touching the fresh surface of a recently split rock gave knowing I'm the first human to ever see or touch it.


At Some Point, We'll Run Out Of Our Knowledge

We don't know everything there is to know and one day we will seem primitive in our ways to others.


At some point in history between a primitive and a modern human, there was the last person ever to know all things a human could comprehend and learn trough his lifetime.


...Timey Wimey.

Forever. It never started it was just there. And everything has to expire eventually. When will forever expire? How does it even work? It can't right? Because forever is forever. But how could it end if it never began? The idea of forever boggles me. The more you think about it the weirder it becomes.


The universe has a start point though. Well time has. But since without time nothing happens there is no point in trying to imagine what was before the "big bang". Because the answer is both simple and mind blowing: everything but also nothing. And all at once but also never.


How. Are We. Alive. At All?


The fact that I'm alive. Like this clump of cells functions, idk how but it does and it baffles me that tiny cells work together and neurons fire and I function.


& that your cells are constantly working, making mini explosions enough to heat you, rebuilding and dying all the time, constantly creating different things you need from the food you eat including energy, building materials, storage... all without you really knowing. lol and let's not forget the many, many, many bacteria that live on and in you in symbiosis!!