People Reveal The Craziest Million-To-One Odds They've Witnessed


"What are the odds," you asked after that crazy unlikely thing happened, like having your plane fly past the space shuttle... or receiving the same text you sent at the exact same moment you sent it.

Balls_On_A_Grinder: What million-to-one odds have you witnessed?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

These chance encounters.

Years ago, long before GPS was available to the general public, I was travelling for work. I was 4 states away from home in a city I had never been to before. I had to be at a location my company was in the process of building. I needed to hit an ATM so I'd have some cash in my pocket and found a bank in the parking lot of a small mall. While standing on line at the ATM, I turned around and asked the guy behind me if he knew how to get to <my destination>. He looked at me and yelled <my name>!!! It was someone I had worked with for a few years at a previous job, about 5 years earlier and 1,000 miles away.

We went to lunch, agreed to keep in touch, then never did.


When you inadvertently become a case study.

I went to South Africa in 1988 with my father who was a research cardiologist at the time. The trip was for a symposium on the side effects of a blood thinning drug on which he had just completed a large study. During one of the breaks, we drove about 2-3 hours out of Johannesburg to a wine region to tour a winery. Joining our party were the two other cardiologists currently conducting research on the drug.

One of the doctors was from Italy, and one was from Venezuela. At lunch, an older woman at the table next to ours passed out and fell on the floor hitting her head fairly soundly. It was lucky that she happened to be sitting next to three doctors who could attend her while we waited for the ambulance. What was crazy was that when they were talking to her about her medical history, she was taking the medicine they were studying. It turns out the dosage she had been prescribed was dangerously high which could cause black outs and unconsciousness. I'm not sure what the odds are off passing out in rural Africa while sitting next to the three foremost medical experts in the world (and those experts having come from three other continents) on your blood thinner's side effects, but I'd imagine the odds are pretty low.


Similar: My buddy was working as a rigger at an arena in the US. The arena happened to be hosting an event for surgeons and there was a large group of specialized hand surgeons there. Well one of his coworkers somehow got his hand mangled in a forklift. Two of the doctors came down and got his hand free. They cleaned it and practically prepped it for surgery. One of the doctors even went to the hospital with him for the emergency surgery. I don't know if that doctor performed it or if he just advised. The guy made almost a complete recovery on what could of been a severe loss of dexterity.


I want this level of confidence.

I have dwarfism, and a third nipple.

I like to think I'm the only 3-nippled dwarf in the world.

Edit: Sorry, I have been informed that the correct terminology is a Triple-Nippled Little Person, or a Trip-Nip Pipsqueak, or an Itty Bitty Triple Titty.


Which one is your super power and which one is the curse?


Being a dwarf is definitely a super power.

My sister is the only person who has seen my third nipple, and her reaction tells me it's a curse.


What are the odds of this exchange?

This happened last night: at a dive bar in Brooklyn , the bartender and I were bored so we invented a game that involved throwing a nerf football from one end of the bar in attempt to hit the back wall (it was dead so nobody was in harms way). After an awful throw , the bartender runs to retrieve the football, and out of the blue yells "go deep", then proceeds to fire a 100mph spiral directly at me. I dodge out of pure fear and the football crashes into my pint of beer and shot glass. Both items go flying at full speed off the bar into the ground making a very loud shattering sound. We both go "omg" and he walks up to clean the mess when he holds his hands over his mouth in pure terror, looks me in the eyes and says "I killed a mouse!"

Sure as sh!t under the broken pint glass, dead middle of the floor laid the fresh corpse of a mouse who just so happen to be running from one side of the bar to another and the pint glass landed exactly, directly on him when it flew off the bar.

We are convinced this was a mouse "final destination moment". We're still in disbelief.


Hi, I am the bartender. I figure that was a 1 in 750,000,000 throw.

Things we do on a dead night at a local Brooklyn dive bar. It can't get better from here after a throw like that...


I can confirm he is indeed the bartender with the rocket speed, mouse killing throw.


Do you think RBG enjoys RPGs?

In 2006 when I was 19 I lived in Lynchburg, Virginia, and I went to Connecticut with a buddy to meet a girl he had been dating online.

I stopped in a Gamestop for a game to play on the drive back, and had just gotten a job at one back home a few months prior and was really into helping people find new games to play. I saw this cute little old lady browsing games and I randomly asked her if she needed help, thinking it was for a relative, and she divulged to me how she loved turn-based RPGs (Which I also loved) and I recommended Disgaea to her for the PS2. We left and life went on.

A couple years later I was still working at Gamestop in Virginia and a little old lady came in and was expressing her excitement for Disgaea 3 for the PS3 and I mentioned that I had met a lady just like her in Connecticut a few years prior, what are the odds.

She says that she used to live in Connecticut and that a young man in a game store turned her onto the Disagaea series a few years prior. She moved to Virginia to be closer to her daughter who lived in my hometown.

I suppose I can't say 100% that this is the woman I met previously, but I'll be damned if it didn't seem like it.

Edit: because someone took issue with me recommending Disgaea, a turn-based strategy RPG, because she liked traditional turn-based RPGs. This lady knew her sh*t, she had played almost everything I could name and competently discussed them with me. She didn't say she liked Apples and I handed her a Tomato because she liked red round things. She made an informed decision and loved the game.


Lucky fall.

ME! Falling nearly 70 feet out of a tree to land at the feet of a retired cardiologist that was out for a jog. He was doing CPR within seconds of me hitting the ground. Of all the doctors in the world that could have been out for a jog, I fell in front of the one that worked on hearts and retired just a few short weeks prior to my wreck.


Im sorry but this made me chuckle. The poor man wants to retire, goes out for a nice jog and flying body comes out to put him back to work.


He was just like "I GUESS."


He was like" this isn't covered by your health insurance I'm sorry" then continues jogging.


Putting those weird wings to use.

I saw a gargoyle fall from the perimeter of a lofty steeple.

Instead of smashing on the sidewalk or hurting someone walking below, it "miraculously" landed in dense shrubbery in the churchyard - completely unscathed.


Because it's alive dude.


This rare reunion.

I was in downtown San Francisco once when I saw a guy across the street that looked very much like a guy named Bennet that lived in my dorm, Yosemite Hall, back in college, 10 years before and 100s of miles away. But I couldn't quite be sure if it was him. Then, out of no where, a girl came running across the street and straight up to the guy and said, "Hey Bennet, remember me? I used to live upstairs from you in Yosemite Hall!"


So all 3 of you lived in Yosemite Hall at the same time. I need to see the end of this 2000s romantic film.


I did nothing. I kept walking. I was very rattled. I was walking with my girlfriend and a few friends and all of this happened very quickly. I didn't even mention it to the people I was with until we got to where we were going. I had this irrational sense that if I went over there, something in the fabric of space and time would have ripped. Sorry if I've let you down. But I just posted another story that I just remembered that freaked me out even more.


I know it's irrational, but I am actually furious at you for this.

We're still cool though.


I get it. I've been kicking myself for years. Wondering how life would have been different if I'd said something. One of those "would you kill baby Hitler" moments.


Thanks for not ripping up spacetime.


Have had this happen, it's spooky af.

I once texted my workout buddy "shoulders today?" And right when I sent it my phone spontaneously spat out the text right back to me as if he had sent it. Thought that was weird but then my buddy told me it was him. Like we legit texted the same exact text to each other letter for letter at the exact same time.

And yes we did do shoulders that day.


Reminds me of the time my dad picked up the phone to dial only to hear the person he wanted to talk to on the other end.


Same thing happend to me. Super weird moment. Almost as if my brain was malfunctioning.


How cool is this?

Was on a commercial flight that flew right past the space shuttle when it was taking off. Had a perfect view out the window.


Oh wow. I've seen photos of this but couldn't really understand how it felt/that it was real.


What's funny is that I had no idea there was even a launch that day, so I was caught totally off guard when the pilot announced what was about to happen.


What unlikely event have you experienced?

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