Millennials Share The Most Annoying Things That People Blame On Them

Millennials Share The Most Annoying Things That People Blame On Them

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Millennials, as the next silly generational title down on the totem pole, have gotten a lot of flack in the public eye. If we're not spending all our time online, we're spending too much time outdoors playing Pokémon GO. If we're not involving ourselves in politics or the world at large enough, then we're too involved when we get out and march for change. But, one thing millennials are really good at is killing industries. Just ask diamonds and napkins. We're cold blooded. But for some reason, the avocado industry is doing really well...

Reddit user, r/BoiBoiMcBoiBoi, wanted to find out what else we'd been blamed for when they asked:

Millennial's of reddit, whats the stupidest "The problem with your generation is" you have ever heard?

Who Ever Heard Of A Woods Party?

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The problem with your generation is... "You kids don't know how to get in trouble anymore. When I was your age we'd have someone buy us beer and we'd sneak off to the woods or the lake and have a good time. Someone always got caught of course. Then you'd get grounded and have no tv for a week. Kids just don't do that anymore."

Umm okay but I'm 30.


Who Pays For Cable Anymore?

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I was touring an apartment and the landlord apologized that there was no cable hookup. I told him that was no problem - I don't really watch tv anyway.

His whole demeanor changed and he just grumbled "guess that's another thing you millennials don't do."

And on that day I learned that people will complain about literally anything.


It's Our Fault For War?

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One I heard from a Vietnam Vet was that we "never had a mandatory military draft to weed out the weak ones and the whiners" and that "a war would do us Millennials all a little good"


It's Our Fault Meeting's Get Cancelled

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I was walking down the hallway at work and overheard "The thing with [Millennials] is they come and go whenever they want. How are we supposed to schedule a meeting when they refuse to have set hours?"

As a [Millennial], I still work 8-5 like everyone else in the office. It was oddly specific, but generally incorrect. Maybe he was talking about an intern that's still in school?


We Caused The Knick-Knack Business To Fail

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That we don't buy silver flatware because we're too lazy to polish it, don't want to buy the stupid knick-knacks that they/their parents bought, etc. I work in the antiques field so I hear that a lot. They always quote that statistic that we want to spend our money on experiences rather than things and I fail to see how that is a bad thing.


Who'd Want To Clean All That Glassware?

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Well not quite answering the question, my friends grandma made a comment yesterday about how millennials don't have china because we can't put it in the dishwasher and we don't like to hand wash dishes. I made a comment under my breath about how it's because china is expensive and not worth splurging on.


I got married a few years back. With a wedding comes a wedding registry. Well, my wife and I talked for about 30 seconds and decided we didn't need or want China. It's expensive, it takes up a lot of space, it's delicate and otherwise we didn't put it on our registry. No less than 5 different relatives asked why we didn't have it on there. Apparently thinking that the money was better spent on more useful things was shortsighted of us.


Good-Bye, Ronald

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That we're "killing" the chain restaurant industry. My boyfriend and I don't eat out that much so, if we are going to spend the money to sit down somewhere and eat, we want to go somewhere that has good, original food.

Also, isn't it the industry's fault for not keeping up with their new market?


We Ask For Everything

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"Millennials think the world owes them something and are always expecting a handout!"

I work in social media for a food company. The only people who message and email us asking for free samples and products are firmly aged 40+.


How Dare We Not Make Enough Babies?

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Millenials aren't having enough children or consuming enough?


I thought we would have f---ing been happy about the slowing of population grown and materialism.


It's Our Fault The Fancy Car Industry Is Failing

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I was talking to my boss about HQ and the 50,000$ prize they were giving out, and he was saying how he'd go on a grand vacation and buy a big shiny car if he won. I told him I'd pay off my school and car loans and start a savings account. He laughed and proceeded to make fun of stupid millennials for not knowing how to handle money...



It's Our Fault Laws Don't Work?

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A lot of baby boomers seem to think a lot of things are our fault, never mind that they've been the primary voting bloc for as long as we've been alive and then some.


What Do You Mean You 'Work From Home'?

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My mom has this weird attitude that just because my work involves being in front of a computer all day somehow means that it's not a "real job." Like, geez, just because you chose a line of work that requires you to be on your feet for at least half the day doesn't mean that people don't do pure mental work while sitting down.


We Should Complain More?

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I had an older customer at my restaurant tell me that millenials were ruining customer service, because we're so laid back we don't complain enough and pretty soon "the customer is always right" won't mean anything anymore. So, what you're saying is that entitled baby boomer snowflakes are dying out and being replaced with chill customers?

I'm failing to see the problem here, Linda.


Just A Bunch Of Lazy Millennials

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A coworker from a different department resigned, and a group of managers was trashing the decision, "that generation has no loyalty, just a bunch of lazy millennials." I spoke up and said I was part of that generation, I was in fact a bit younger, and that it was kind of dumb to make generalizations based on age alone. One said something about how the former employee had seniority over me, so it was probably a matter of time for me. I pointed out that I had more seniority than the employee AND that manager combined. She didn't believe me but asked the director later to confirm.

She hopped jobs every three years (and actually was working there when I first started and left for eight years), yet blamed age and perceived laziness, and didn't want to be challenged on her mindset.


Millennial Trainers

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When I was in college, like 2-3 years ago, we had an alumni come in that worked in sales for Fox. He started talking about how Fox has been struggling mightily to attract Millennial viewers and that they're completely stumped on how to get us to watch them.

Not 5 minutes later, he starts talking about how Fox has specialized workshops to teach employees how to work with Millennials in the office because we're "lazy and stupid" and how we're the first generation that just "doesn't want to work". Typical eye-rolling sh-t.

So yeah. I have no idea why Fox isn't attracting Millennial viewers. Couldn't possibly be that they think so little of us that they think they need specialized trainers to work with us or anything.


It's Our Fault Houses Are Literally Falling Down

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Also that we don't want to buy houses. Many Millennials grew up during the housing crisis. Houses aren't a great investment, they mean taking more loans, and the average salary of a 30 year old hasn't increased in thirty years, while everything else has.

It's not as if no one can buy homes, a few of my friends do, but it's not a matter of not wanting something.


No Problem

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I think the worst one was a post where an older lady was saying that we were so impolite to say "No problem" when someone says thank you. Instead of saying " You're Welcome".


How Dare We Not Buy Enough Toys?

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Not a millennial but Toys R Us / Bain Capital blaming their bankruptcy on millennials not having children is absurd.


It's Our Fault Colleges Are Failing?

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"You should just work through school, like I did."

Here's a fun exercise (for U.S. folks): Look up the "cost of attendance" at your nearest public university. Then, multiply your local minimum wage by (40 x 52). I'm guessing the university cost of attendance is higher.


Which Generation Are We Talking About?

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Somewhat related-my wife went to a generational differences seminar (ain't that some PC sounding sh-t?) where they discussed basically how to co-exist with your co-workers decades older or younger than you to work effectively.

The presenter read an article and it said "the current work force fears the incoming generation will enter the work force feeling entitled, demanding a higher wage, with a work life balance." The presenter then went on to ask "can anyone guess which generation they were referring to?" Pretty much the entire room said "millennials" with much disdain.

The presenter corrected them and said "actually the article I just read was from 1948".

Turns out people will always hate the incoming generation, forever, guaranteed.


We Never Asked For Them

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The God d-mn participation trophies.

We didn't ask for them, that was our parents idea, and yet somehow that makes it our fault for doing entitled, irrational things like wanting to be able to buy a home with a middle class income.


How Dare We Ask To Live?

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"Millennials and their obsession with free healthcare. Back in my day, we just died!"


H/T: Reddit

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