Millennials Reveal How They Want To Mock The Next Generation As They Age


It's natural for the older generation to question and mock the next generation and the changing times, and millennials have had their fill. Now that they're older there is a new generation to pick on.

u/Wonton64 asks:

Fellow millennials, how do we mock the next generation, now that we're no longer the youths?

In my day everything was better


I think we should start a huge inside joke where we're all like "D*** kids these days-" then angrily mention something that's improved since we were kids.


Youtube stars


Clickbait Youtubers being the celebrities of this generation


The battle plan


A guerrilla style campaign of 90's and 00's clickbate articles, with an emphasis on things they won't remember. That should keep them busy while we quietly remind Baby Boomers that Gen Z is a thing. Then we wait. Inevitably the Baby Boomers will start attacking, thats when we come to the aid of Gen Z. In doing so, we make Baby Boomers look irrational and hostile while painting ourselves as the heroes.


Taking advantage


We buy all the available housing and property and then ask. "Why are you throwing your money away on rent? Why don't you just buy your own house?"


Because rapping is cool...


Something something mumble rap...


The sensitive material....


I am gen z and I can guarantee you that if you bring up anything about tide pods, we will get annoyed.


True and true


I was the surprise baby my parents had when they were very young. They spilt and both went on to have more children several years after me. So all of my brothers and sisters are in the younger generation. Mocking is frankly for their age to be doing, not ours. We need to be there as a support system, with understanding.

That being said their favorite youtubers are trash. Love you, sorry, it's true.


Their name alone...


What does Z even stand for? Zylophone? Bunch of dummies, that'll show em'


When you just feel old


I always felt the previous generation is just mocking the next generation because the previous are old and the next are young.

Lets stop imo


We are a more inclusive generation


We don't. Old people do that.


They want our help


As a super early Gen Z, early 2002, I just want to say I'm genuinely happy to see that millennials actually want to support us. Best team ever. Also, dabbing is a dead meme that people do ironically. The people who do it unironically are extremely out of touch.


The Millennial bashing continues...


Millennials are barely having children, so that's a pretty damn effective way to ruin the next generation.


Learning from mistakes


We don't.

We were the scapegoats for Baby Boomers. Why should we treat younger generations the same way?


Maybe there's something to learn from them


If anything I've seen the younger generation way more balanced in its use of technology, so there's that. Probably because they were raised by tech savvy gen Xers and not clueless boomers or near-boomers.




I'd rather team up with Gen Z to mock the baby boomers instead.


Mocking the memes


Am millennial. I do have a side question. Did gen X just get really lucky with the timing? They became adults when the world was still playing by our grandparents' rules and late enough to still understand all of the cool modern technology. They also narrowly avoided the whole social media identity thing and they seem to actually use social media to catch up with old friends instead of trying to get famous or as a political platform.

And let's face it, their internet humor is way better than ours. They also put in way more effort. All we do is put text on a picture. Every now and then someone will revive the old ways, but they are few and far between.

But as for the question, we'll be making fun of Gen Z for putting those stupid emojis on pictures and calling that a meme.


Thee are things that cannot be overlooked


I'm never gonna mock them the way that older generations mock millennials. But there's no way I'm letting my little brother forget this current era of dabbing, flossing, and other Fortnite BS... I'm going to bring it up and embarrass him every chance I get when he's old enough to look back on it and cringe lol.


Straight from the source


Gen Z here. Lemme make it easy for you.

  1. Tease us for not watching cartoons that we've probably watched anyways.
  2. Get mad at us for using technology that is objectively better than the technology you used. (Computers, phones, consoles, etc)
  3. Act like the whole tide pods thing was a challenge lots of people took part in and not just a meme that only a couple of people were stupid enough to actually try


The reality of the situation...


Millennials should be the generation that kills the whole "older generations mock the younger ones" thing. After all, the younger generations are nothing more than the product of the world the older generations helped to build.


Their games and cartoons are just not the same


They get really hung up on kids these days and their fancy phones and how they'll never know what it was like to have to use a black and white game boy and blah blah blah. Really some millennials are already such video game snobs. Because kids today don't play the same games we played in the 90s they're somehow inferior or something.

That and cartoons. Cartoons these days apparently suck compared to what existed in the 90s. 90s kids had the best everything, every thing kids enjoy today is trash. They don't seem to realize that life goes on and kids today enjoy different stuff than we did. It really baffles me to see 25-35 year olds acting like old people.


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