Military People and Civilians Share How They Felt About The Area 51 Raid


Who knows what is really out there? Tell us.

Area 51 has long been sort of a wonder of the world. Legend has it, Area 51 is the past, present and future hotbed of alien activity and that only the highest of the higher ups in government know for sure what the truth is. Recently "the people" had enough of waiting for answers and decided to just try to go ahead and knock on the military's door at Area 51. And we all still await the outcome.

Redditor u/XeLLerus wanted the military and witnesses to spill some tea by asking.... Military People of Reddit, Area 51 guards, how do you feel about the September 20th Raid?

Arid Waste.


My uncle is attending with his search and rescue squad just to be ready. Some dumb people with no food or water are going to get lost and need help.


This comment is wildly underrated. A lot of people will forget that area 51 is surrounded by miles of hot, crappy desert.


Red Alert. 

In all seriousness, I'm wondering if other bases are on alert in case this thing really goes down?


Yes, it's created a lot of headaches and a lot of briefings. Nothing is gonna happen except a lot of people are gonna end up sun burned, thirsty, and stranded because there is nothing in the desert.


Secret 52. 

If the military/government had secrets, what fun would it be to hide them at the most publicized "secret" facility?


All the actual secrets were moved to Area 52.


The Dew. 

I don't think people realize how much desert there is to the actual base. There's nothing out there for a reason. I'd imagine any SF people would just let them run as far as they can and then just drive over to them and offer a Mt dew to get in the back of the truck.


Full Coverage.


Wouldn't hurt to have some real live news coverage here. How many people are queued up at local hotels? Any info would be worth reading.


I know Vox sent someone. I follow the author on Twitter. Her tweets have been pretty good. Apparently, she's at a rave where they're playing some music mixed with news reports on the raid.



Raiders "hey, imma find the Alien probes."

Sargent Allen a few hours later "Sir please bend over, we need to do a cavity search."


Once upon a time, not very long ago....

Once upon a time, not very long ago, a young man and woman joined the military. They then went to basic and were accepted as Security Forces, base police. They were excited! They were told they would be keeping the perimeter secure! High hopes for action. Then they receive orders to a base in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. They find out that being a SP is sitting on the flight line at 2am watching a jet or standing at a gate in the heat. Their amazing skills go to waste! Then a herd of fools come loping towards their fence. This is what they've been dreaming of. It will definitely be interesting.



Resident here. I hope this guy make it inside. We have been living in here for several decades and I honestly want to stretch my tentacles and finally roam the world. See the sights, splorthch the splortchts.


I'm rooting for you, friend.



My cousin flies the drones. Be careful out there!

Literally logged out after posting this comment, wasn't expecting this much on it haha

How did the raid go, boys?


The raiders have drones too. Some bought the $150$ Amazon ones you can control with a phone. Level playing field.


Forces at the Border.


I worked security forces down the way at Nellis for a few years. I would say good luck getting in first of all, it's just crappy desert for miles.

Second, when you cross into a restricted area which is clearly denoted by many posted signs or painted on the ground (when not dirt), lethal force is authorized no questions asked. But I would imagine that you would have to get in pretty far before lethal force is actually used.

I think people might actually show up but no one will actually do anything and it will be guards at the border of the restricted area talking to neck beards all night long.



Anyone else salivating about some hidden info?

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